Learn How to Play Big Six

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Without a doubt, Big Six is one of the most simple yet fun casino games to try your hand at. Fortunately, new players can get in on the game’s action with our guide on how to play Big Six. 

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How to Play Big Six: Introduction

Big six is a casino game that also goes by the names of The Big Six, the Wheel of Fortune, or Big Six Wheel. Overall, the goal of big six is to bet on the number or symbol that the wheel will stop on. 

However, it is important to note that variations of the game follow different formats with more or fewer segments. Generally, the casino wheel game has six different payouts available from 54 total segments. 

Additionally, 52 of the segments are labelled by numbers. Whilst the two other segments are marked by either a joker or another wildcard spot depending on the game’s variant. Although big six is a relatively easy game to follow, the game is infamous for its high house edge. 

However, its payouts make it one of the most profitable casino games to play. 

How to Play Big Six: Rules 

First, in a game of big six, there are generally 54 total segments that the wheel can stop on. The dealer spins the wheel once for every round, and where the wheel stops determine the winning bet. 

Furthermore, the wheel offers a player six segments that they can bet on with different payouts. Additionally, each of these segments appears at a different frequency giving players different odds to wager on. For instance, the joker or other wildcard spot are the segments least likely to come up. 

As a result, they offer the best payouts in a game of big six.  However, those looking to learn how to play big six need to mindful of the game’s house edge. Unfortunately, big six has a notoriously high house edge compared to most casino games such as baccarat and craps.

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Big Six Payouts 

As mentioned previously, the variations of big six in terms of format and payouts differ from casino to casino. However, when learning how to play big six, it’s important to address the standard big six payouts first. 

For instance, the common North American wheel features the following 54 spaces to bet on:

Bet  Bet on Number of Spaces Pays
$1 24 1:1
$2 15 2:2
$5 7 5:1
$10 4 10:1
$20 2 20:1
Joker  2 40:1
Other Wildcard 2 40:1

However, it is again important to take big six’s high house edge into consideration. Unfortunately, big six has a reputation of being a risky casino game to wager on. All in all, all of the big six variations give the casino a large advantage. 

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For instance, this is the advantage the house has on the standard North American wheel.

Bet House Edge
$1 11.11%
$2 16.67%
$5 22.22%
$10 18.52%
$20 22.22%
Joker  24.07%
Other Wildcard 24.07%

How to Play Big Six: Strategy 

Lastly, those looking to learn how to play big six will also be looking for the best strategies to win. However, big six is a casino game of pure luck rather than of skill. 

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to aim for bets with a lower house edge even though it pays they pay the least at your wager. Without a doubt, players won’t get rich from betting of these segments because of their low payout. 

Consequently, some players will opt for the game’s risky joker or wildcard for their higher payouts. Another key point is to play big six at casinos that offer the best odds. For instance, the house edge found on the Macau wheel is more favourable at: 

Bet House Edge
Orange ($1) 7.69%
Purple ($3) 7.69%
Green ($5) 7.69%
Blue ($10) 15.38%
Yellow ($20) 19.23%
Other Wildcard/Symbol ($45) 11.54%

Overall, the Macau wheel and other casinos offering the best odds gives players a better and long-term chance to win. 

All in all, the game of chance is pretty easy to follow and fun to play at the same time. Even though big six’s house edge is pretty unfavourable, there’s no dyeing that some of its payouts are hard to ignore. 

For more information on how to play big six and more casino games, be sure to check out our online jackpot rules.

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