How to Bet on Esports

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Without a doubt, esports betting is one of the fastest-growing betting segments on the gambling market. Now, betting on esports is among the biggest gambling trends to follow this year. Having said that, gamblers can keep up with the gambling trend with our guide on how to bet on esports. 

How to Bet on Esports: Introduction

There’s never a dull moment in the world of gambling with numerous developments and trends to follow. So far, the 2021 online casino trends to follow have most certainly turned heads. However, the rise in esports betting is one of the biggest trends to hit the gambling market this time around. 

Previously, betting companies and gamblers alike often overlooked esports betting. However, in recent years, esports betting has grown in popularity with 1xBET Sportsbook and more finally warming up to the betting segment. 

What’s more, gamblers have seen the value in esports betting as they can also make a handsome profit from it. Now, more and more players will be looking to fully grasp the trend that’s shaking the gambling industry. 

For that reason, those looking to get in on the betting segment’s action can now do so with our bet on esports guide

How to Bet on Esports: Types of Esports Bets 

The first thing to remember is that esports betting is pretty similar to traditional sports betting. All in all, with esports betting, players bet on the team likely to win the match or tournament. 

Furthermore, gamblers betting on esports on sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook can also wager on a variety of outcomes. These can range from the winners of individual matches to the overall winner of a tournament. 

bet on esports
An exciting esports tournament

However, it is also important to note that in esports betting, every game comes with special wagers unique to its style of gameplay. In this case, players don’t necessarily bet on which individual or team will win an entire match. 

Rather they wager on entirely different outcomes. For instance, in CS:GO, one can bet on the team to win the first Pistol Round of a given match. Overall, with esports betting, players have a variety of exotic betting options to wage.

Bet on esports at 1xBET 

However, let’s start by covering the basics first with basic types of esports bets.

Basic Esports Bets

First, let’s look into the main and basic types of esports available on online sportsbooks such as 1xBET Sportsbook

  • Draw: This is a bet on esports on the outcome of the match resulting in a draw. 
  • Group of Winner: This is a wager on the group containing the overall winner of the entire tournament. 
  • Group Winner: This is a bet on the winning group of a given tournament. 
  • Handicap Bet: A type of bet on esports which involves making the game more even by giving or taking advantage to one of two teams. 
  • Outright Winner: This is a type of bet on esports which involves the result of a whole tournament or even an entire season.
  • Over/Under: This is a type of bet on esports on a number a sportsbook predicts for a statistic in a given game. For instance, players can bet on the combined score of the team or even the total kills. Lastly, players then bet on whether or not the actual number in the game will be higher or lower than the sportsbook’s predicted number.
  • Regional Winner: A bet placed on the specific region the winner is from. 
  • Total Rounds: This is a type of bet on esports on whether the overall match will go over or under a certain number of rounds. 

Special Esports Bets

Now, let’s look at the more exotic types of bets one can place in a game of esports:

  • First Blood: This is a type of bet on esports which involves betting on the team to score the first kill of the match. Furthermore, this type of bet is common on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. 
  • Knife Round: This is a bet placed on the team to score the first kill of the Pistol Round. (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) 
  • Knife Round/Pistol Round: A type of bet on the team to score the first kill of the Knife Round. (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) 
  • Map Winner: This is a type of bet placed on the team to win a specified map. (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), DOTA 2, League of Legends)
bet on esports
So exciting – Image source: Chongkian, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to Bet on Esports: Popular Esports Games to Bet On 

Similarly to traditional sports betting on 1xBET Sportsbook, esports also have popular titles and games to bet on. So far, these are the most popular titles to bet on esports:

  • League of Legends 
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive 
  • DOTA 2
  • Overwatch 
  • Rocket League
  • Call of Duty

Bet on Esports and Win Big! 

Undoubtedly, esports betting is becoming big business and its players continue to reap the benefits of the fast-growing betting segment. Having said that, top sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook continue to shower their players with the best jackpot offers in promotions.

Presently, players can participate in the site’s Angry Birds! Promotion offering a 10% cashback valid until 26 January 2021. Here, better can stream the popular game on the following available markets: 

  • Total Soints (Sum of stars for all maps)
  • Total Stars (Sum of all completed maps)
  • Total Points for a specific map
  • Total Stars for a specif map. 

All in all, betting on esports is slowly becoming one of the popular betting segments to play and win big on. Furthermore, you can extend you knowledge on the trending betting segment with our esports gambling guide and the players to watch this year

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