Let It Ride Poker Glossary: Master the Poker Game

Let It Ride Poker Glossary 

Let It Ride Poker is a fun and easy table game to learn and follow based on five-card stud poker. Fortunately, players can familiarise themselves with the table game’s terms and lingo with our Let It Ride Poker Glossary. 

Additionally, players can also try their hand at the table game with our Let it Ride Poker Guide

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10s or Better: A winning hand containing a minimum of a pair of 10s. 


Action: According to our Let It Ride Glossary, this refers to the current money in play on the table.

Ante: This refers to the initial wager of a particular hand made in a game of Let It Ride Poker. 


Bankroll: The money that players bring with them to the table to wager in the game.  


Community Cards: The cards dealt to players facing up on the Let It Ride Poker table for all players to use. 


Dealer: The casino employee responsible for dealing the cards and managing the game. 

Full House: A hand consisting of a three-of-a-kind plus a pair. 


Let It Ride: A phrase used to when a player leaves their first and second bets out on the Let in Ride Poker table to remain in play. 

Loss: This result when a player doesn’t get a pair of 10s or better with their fice card hand. 

Let It Ride Poker Glossary
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Outs: These refer to the specific cards required to make a winning hand in Let It Ride when players are on a draw. 

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Pair: Two cards of the same value. In Let It Ride Poker, and hand of a pair of 10s is required to win the game. 

Pull Back: An option in Let It Ride Poker for players to pull back a bet after the dealer has dealt the cards. 


Royal Flush: The best hand in Let It Ride Poker. Five particular cards of the same suit complete a Royal Flush.


Side Bet: A bet that players can make separately from their main bet in a game in Let It Ride Poker.

Straight: A hand in poker of five consecutive cards which are sequentially ordered. 

Straight Flush: A hand of five cards which are sequentially ordered and follow the same suit. 


Three-of-a-Kind: A hand in which all three cards are of the same value. 

Two Pair: A hand with two sets of pair. 

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