Lottery Glossary: Learn the Lingo to Hit the Jackpot

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Undoubtedly, the lottery is among the top gambling games where players can try out their luck to win amazing prizes. Consequently, players around the world jumping at the chance claim their share of life-changing money playing the lottery. Fortunately, we’ve provided players with an up-to-date lottery glossary to increase their chances of hitting the jackpot. 

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Advertised Jackpot: This refers to the minimum prize amount which a lottery estimates it will pay to the winner of a specific draw.

Annuity: An option for winners of larger jackpots to collect their winnings in installments over an extended period of time (20 or more years).

Any Order: When a lotto player’s numbers match the winning numbers in any order.


Bonus Ball:

Bonus Number: A number drawn in addition to the regularly-drawn set of numbers. 

Box: This refers to bet players can make on a combination of numbers. 

Boxing: In some lottery games, players have the option to play more numbers than they can normally play in a three or four-digit game. 

Box Bet: A betting option in which players can win by matching winning numbers in any order instead of the common exact order. 


Cash Option: An option for a player to receive a one-time single payment of their jackpot prize amount instead of taking an annuity option. 

Cold Numbers: Numbers which are rarely selected over a particular period of time.

Lottery Glossary
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Daily Game: This refers to lottery games which have at least one drawing a day. 

Double: A three-or-four digit number which contains a pair of the same number.

Double-Double: A four-digit number which contains two pairs of the same number, or two doubles.

Draw: This refers to the lottery results. 


Exact Order: A betting option in which player’s numbers must match those of the winning numbers in the exact order chosen. 

Exotic Numbers: This refers to number combinations which are considered uncommon or strange.


Fixed Jackpot: This refers to jackpots which don’t change or grow in size.

Fixed Payout: This refers to the number and amount of prizes established for a game regardless of how many tickets are sold. 


Hot Numbers: Numbers which are frequently drawn over a particular period of time.


Instant Games: Lotto games where players can instantly know their results. 


Jackpot: The top prize up for grabs in a lottery game.


Lottery: A game of chance where numbers are drawn at random for a variety of prizes for different amounts of the winning numbers.

Lotto: This a lottery game in which players usually stand a chance of winning large sums of money. 


Multiplier: An extra feature for where an extra number is drawn is added to a player’s ticket to increase the payout if the ticket is a winner. 

Multi-Draw: An option is many lotteries for players to purchase lotto tickets for more than one draw.

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No Match Numbers: A three-or-four digit number which contains no doubles, double-doubles or triples. 


Outstanding Numbers: These are numbers which have not been drawn for a long period of time, which also go by the name of overdue numbers.

Lottery Glossary
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Pari-Mutuel: An feature in letter games in which the total jackpot prize is equally shared among the players holding the same winning tickets. 

Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot which increases in value after no player come forward with a winning ticket. 

Payout: This is the cash prize a player receives for matching a certain combination of numbers. Prize: A valuable award a player can receive for winning the lottery and include both monetary and non-monetary awards.

Prize Pool: The total amount of money available in a lottery game is share among the winners.


Quick Pick: A feature in which a computer terminal randomly generates a player’s lottery ticket numbers. 


Secondary Prize: These are prize divisions under the top prize category or non-jackpot prizes. 

Syndicate: This a group of lottery players who buy lottery tickets and together share the costs of playing and the prizes. 


Triple: A three-or-four digit number in which contains the same number repeated three times.

Hopefully, our Lottery Glossary will give you the confidence to win the jackpot online on top sites such as theLotter. Furthermore, you can boost your lottery confidence with our lottery guide and our guide on how to win a jackpot. Lastly, don’t miss out on the chance to win big with our regularly updated best jackpot deals and best jackpot reviews

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