Using a College Football Betting Strategy

Betting on college football is popular throughout the year at online sportsbooks, such as Bwin, but the bowl game season draws the average joe like no other time in the sport. While a greater pool of bettors playing – including a majority simply betting on their alma mater, local university or current school – means good news for the serious punter, betting on Bowl Season games presents unique challenges. In this guide, we dive into our very own college football betting strategy and how to go about it. 

An Introduction

One simple rule of thumb in recent years has been to cover any underdog getting seven or more points. One estimate claimed this bet wins over 70% of the time. Certainly much of which can be attributed to the neutral turf of the bowl games and the sheer element of surprise when two teams meet for the first time in decades – or ever.

college football betting strategy
Betting on college football can be rewarding

Proven College Football Betting Strategy

With nothing much to go on in terms of head-to-head meetings between two bowl teams, a simple statistical comparison often works. However, this cannot account for the sometimes dramatic style differences in types of play between college teams. On the other hand, a passing game is a passing game.

Irregardless of what sort of shotgun spreads, hurry-up offenses, and wildcat formations are employed. Does defense win championships? It sure does, even if the opposing offense is revolutionary.

Coaches Come Last

Finally, the head coach. Some have argued that the perception of the head coach’s importance in football is blown out of proportion. Others suggest the amount of influence the leader can have in the college game increases. And in the bowls, games are frequently won or lost on the sidelines. Consider the coaches as the last factor in deciding on whom to bet.


Thus, the statement proves true. Looking for a college football betting strategy would certainly be a wise decision, especially when considering the boosted odds.

Unlike the NFL, the college league has got more about it. And, instead of placing bets on your local or favorite team, use a blank-sheet. Analyzing statistics and choosing favorites in mis-matches works almost all of the time.

We suggest that you read up on all aspects of sports betting before making your first punt. We have a basic Sports Betting For Dummies Guide. Then we take a look at the Most Popular Wagering Types in NFL Betting, along with our own Basic NFL Betting Strategies.

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