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What Is An Action Reverse Bet And How Does It Work? 

Gambling is as old as time itself, yet its evolution never stops. You’d be surprised as to how many new jackpot games are simply modified versions of old ones. With the recent adoption of online gambling, as well as esports betting, there are a huge number of gambling options available for all types of players. When a person decides to start gambling, then the majority of people are quite wary in the beginning. This isn’t surprising when you consider that they’re facing new games, with new rules, and all falling under constantly modified laws. In many ways, this helps to make gambling an exciting proposition. After all, today you have many more options to choose from. It’s probably true to say that there is a particular wager out there for everyone. One such bet that has recently become a lot more popular is the action reverse bet.

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Sports Betting In Series

Simply put, these are bets which are related to the “if bets.” This means that all your bets are linked together. If for example, you win your first bet, only then are you able to place a second wager. If you go on to win the second one, now you’re able to place the third one, and so on. But you can also place secondary bets that work in reverse order. Yes, we admit that it’s all rather confusing. And that’s why we thought that we’d explain in greater detail exactly what action reverse bets are, and how they function. Along with any jackpot winning tips and tricks.

What Is An Action Reverse Bet?

Just as it says in the name, the action reverse bet works in reverse order. So you place two wagers. One will work as if it were a normal wager. Now, as you know, your next bet would depend on the fact that you won the first one. But in this case, now the second bet will work in reverse order. In other words, if your third bed wins, then you’re eligible to make your second one. And if your second one wins, then you can move forward to your first bet. And this way there are two types of bets in place at any one time. It goes without saying that the more bets you have in place, then the greater your chances to win the jackpot online

How Do Action Reverse Bets Work?


Let’s imagine you’re based in the US and you want to bet on the Saturday game. You’re going to choose bets across three consecutive games with 22Bet Sportsbook. Now let’s say you put a $50 wager on the New England Patriots that will earn you a total of $83.33. Once that’s done you bet on the Baltimore Ravens with $80 which will allow you to win around $146.67. Then the last wager is on the Chicago Bears. You place a $50 bet which would bring you about $200 in winnings. Let’s assume that all your bets work. This will bag you an accumulated win of $300.

Essentially, the wager on the Patriots to win means your second bet is clear for activation. If then the Ravens go on to win, that automatically activates your bet on the Bears. But in order for the entire winnings to go into your sportsbook account, you will need the Bears to win.

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An Example Of The Action Reverse Bet In Action

Now let’s look at the same scenario in terms of an action reverse bet. In this case, the secondary bet will activate after the Bear’s bet is clear. Then you should try and place the same amount of bets on this round as well. By doing this, even if one bet were to tank, you would not lose an extra amount of money. Let’s say that of the first round of bets, your secondary $50 bet at the Bears wins. This means you’ll start at +300 which, once you’ve won, equals returns of $200. The next bet of the Ravens will activate at -120. Thus allowing you to win $146.67. Lastly, the third and final wager at the Patriots game will activate at about -150. This will give you winnings of around $83.33.

Are They Worth The Bother?


The main point to consider with action reverse bets is that all wagers are directly related to the proceeding one. This means that if any of those bets lose, then you will lose both ways. Here at Jackpot, we recommend that you approach these bets with caution. That’s because betting with this format is a sure-fire way of losing your total betting amount if just one of your teams fails to come through. You should consider that the middle part is the one that ties both your bets together. Of course, you can use parlays to string these bets together in the hope of a big payout. But when using action reverse bets, this isn’t the case. 

In some ways, you can look at action reverse bets as a means of tying your bets together just for the sake of it. And that’s why we consider them not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re the type of bettor who’s looking for a more exotic bet, and who’s happy to take a chance for the thrill of it, then the action of reverse bet is certainly a good choice.

Don’t Bet Without Doing Research

As with all sports betting, it’s very important that you do your research and due diligence before you place any money down. You need to be able to strategize with care. And use all this information in order to make an educated guess. Without proper research, you can quickly fall into huge problems and kiss your bankroll goodbye. Providing you place your bets correctly, then with the action reverse bet, you would be able to turn out a win every time, even if some of them will pay less. If correctly utilised, it’s a great way to increase your jackpot winning chances.  

But one of the main considerations to keep in mind when using exotic bets like the action reverse bet is that your main priority should be to enjoy your game. And not to be so concerned about winning such difficult bets. In other words, don’t take such bets too seriously and remember to have fun! If you head over to 22Bet Sportsbook, they give all new players a tasty welcome bonus to get you started. This will extend your betting enjoyment and hopefully, you’ll walk away with some nice winnings.

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