AR and VR Gambling
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In this overview, we break down the boundaries of AR and VR gambling and explain what these terms mean in 2024. If you are new to gambling, or interested in how technology is transforming the vary shape of how we gamble online, this article is perfect for you! Continue reading as we explore the terms AR and VR and discover the effect they have on the online gaming industry.

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AR and VR Gambling: An Introduction

Augmented reality and Virtual reality, also known as AR and VR respectively, are applications that are transforming online gambling. These two technology advances are taking online casinos to a whole new level of playing online. In this article, we will cover all you need to know about AR and VR and how they will affect the gambling industry in 2024. To do so, we must first understand what AR, VR and the metaverse is. Read on to find out more about the revolutionary technologies that can elevate online gambling into a new hemisphere.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is a technological advance that allows players to experience a virtual reality from their smartphones. In doing so, the user can access a whole new dimension from their special devices, which allows them to see an artificial environment from their device.

The computer-generated imagery creates a virtual object or digital information that is added to the user’s environment in real-time. AR has been around for a while now, but only recently has been introduced into the world of online gambling. AR was first developed in 1968 on a PhD thesis of human-computer interaction. In the 1970s, AR was used to develop computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

Tom Caudell and David Mizell played a big role in driving AR use forward in the industrial market. In 1990, the duo generated artificial augmented reality to create reading instructions on how to replacement large plywood boards in a construction. Since then, it has expanded into the gaming industry and other markets such as fashion, healthcare and aerospace. One of the most popular mobile games that uses augmented reality is Nintendo’s Pokémon GO app. It shows real life environment backgrounds whilst players have to chase and catch visually generated monsters on their device.

What is VR?

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is slightly different to AR. It is a headset device that the user wears to cover their eyes. Once wearing the headset, the user is taken to a virtual environment. VR is more advanced than AR, as it takes users to a virtual world. The user is surrounded by 3D images, sounds, smells and so on.

AR and VR Gambling
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It has expanded on the augmented reality into several industries including video games, online casino, healthcare and defence. Users of VR wear the headset and are taken to a digital environment.

The Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual universe where people can do a number of different activities. The activities in the metaverse include working, playing, shopping and socializing. In the metaverse, users may have to create an avatar of themselves that can interact in different activities with computer-generated environments and other users. Essentially, the metaverse is the term used to describe a virtual reality.

How AR and VR Compare

Both AR and VR are similar technologies and can get confusing for people that are unfamiliar with the technology. The two technologically advanced devices certainly have a lot of similarities and differences too.

Augmented reality creates an augmented environment on a person’s device that includes virtual objects and sensory experiences. However, it is looked at from a physical reality. AR can add items, characters, audio or an interface to everyday surroundings. It is possible to visualize a virtually created object on your screen. AR is easier to develop because there is no need to create any backgrounds. Instead, the user’s environment is the background.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is more sophisticated. The user uses a VR headset to transport them into a virtual reality. In the virtual reality, they will also find characters, audio and an interface. However, even the background is virtual, thus taking them into a metaverse. It differs from AR as it does not have any resemblance to the real world. Instead, players are taken to a virtual reality.

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How AR and VR affect the Betting Industry

Although it is still early days for VR to leave its footprint on the gaming industry, the technological advances have started transforming the industry bit by bit. There are already several virtual casinos that allow players to enter the metaverse after putting on their VR headset. After doing so, the players can enter the virtual casino and find themselves in an immersive setting. VR users can join a virtual casino, walk through the casino doors, participate in tournaments or simply just enjoy meeting other avatar users on the gaming floor. Two headsets that allow players to join virtual casinos are Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive.

AR, on the other hand, has already been introduced into the gaming industry a long time beforehand. It is seen in live dealer games. The introduction of AR into the gaming industry has already started, with certain applications giving players the chance to make use of digital elements in the real world. Augmented reality has already began making its mark on the online gaming industry. Players can enjoy live dealer games using their smartphones and tablets. Through the AR features, players can interact with elements of the real environment. This is found in live dealer games.

What AR and VR Gambling have in store for 2024

As we head into the new year, it is clear to see that online operators will begin to include immersive virtual reality powered gambling at their sites. VR is still in its infancy as only a few games have been created. However, we can expect 2024 to introduce more VR games to online casinos that offer the virtual experience.

AR and VR Gambling
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Furthermore, AR and VR casinos will also look to introduce more benefits of playing at the virtual casino. This could be in the shape of loyalty rewards, promotions and bonuses and the introduction of more advanced technology to give the user an even more immersive experience. Another benefit that casinos will look to install in 2024 is to reduce the expenses of VR such as the payroll. As technology advances, the online gaming industry will strive forward with it.

One example of this is the metaverse, where players can have a unique casino-like experience. Players that are using a VR headset will be transported to a virtual realm where VR casino games are surrounding them.

A massive contribution towards the steps of AR and VR in online gambling was the introduction of cryptocurrencies. The virtual money has added a level of privacy to online gaming and also increased transaction speeds. The aim of introducing AR and VR to the online gambling sector is to improve the player’s experience. Furthermore, the player can enjoy a true casino-like experience from their device. It is certainly more advanced than just live dealer games.

AR Use at Online Casinos

The introduction of AR at online casinos gives players the chance to place bets and complete against other AR or VR users. Furthermore, players can create an AR environment for certain casino games and play against their friends’ avatar.

AR casinos have not yet taken off, but they are on their way. It is expected that within the next few years, AR will become the norm at online casinos. The infant introduction of AR has already began revolutionizing the gaming industry. Players that have played AR games are amazed at how they can see what it below their cards and enjoy exclusive casino games for AR users.

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VR Use at Online Casinos

Virtual reality is also only taking its baby steps for the time being. However, the assumption is that casinos will begin to integrate the unparalleled experience into their portfolio. The aim of using VR in online gambling is giving players the same experience as if they were at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Once VR casinos hit the ground running, users will be able to play at virtual casinos that are populated by thousands of other VR gamers. VR will give players the added realistic feeling of sitting at a casino. When playing slots, VR users will be able to look around them and interact with the player sitting next to them at the next slot machine. Furthermore, players that are sat at a poker table will be holding the cards in their hands. If they want to look at their cards, they will have to physically reveal them using their hands, much as they would in a real poker room.

Possible Threats

AR and VR has a fantastic future ahead of it, although it certainly has a few obstacles to overcome. Firstly, the technology required is quite expensive, particularly for VR users. The VR headset is not the cheapest and that can lead to not as many VR users in the metaverse.

Furthermore, there are not that many AR and VR casinos. To truly test whether the new advances will become widespread, a lot more players will have to become involved. The online gambling market will only begin to advance once a serious interest is shown towards AR and VR online gaming.

The Bottom Line

AR and VR gambling are likely going to improve the online gaming industry going into 2024. More online casinos are expected to host both augmented and virtual reality games and environment. If you enjoyed reading about AR and VR gambling and how they affect the industry, you may want to try some games out for yourself. Head on over to our jackpot slots to check your options.

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