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If you are new to gambling, you ought to know how your favourite casino games can tell us a lot about you. As an individual, casino games may vary on popularity, depending on how you perceive yourself. To learn more about how each casino game differs and suits personalities and preferences, continue reading.

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An Introduction to Your Favourite Casino Games

Playing casino games at land-based casinos or at online gambling sites does not define who you are. There are a number of reasons why players enjoy their favourite casino games, usually for reasons specific to them. However, on the flip side of it, certain casino games appeal to certain types of people as well.

In this article, we take on a general view of how certain casino games are designed and what sort of players they attract. Whilst all casino games are based on luck, some of them are more about strategy whilst others are simply just about predicting an outcome based on a hunch. Thus, we have selected seven casino games and pointed out what type of person they are more likely to appeal to. Find out more below.


At land-based casinos, craps is one of the most popular games because it is exciting and sociable. At online casino sites, it is just as exciting, but the social sense of fun is dampened. Most craps tables as brick-and-mortar casinos look as though they are having a wild time. There is a lot of dancing, shouting and jumping around.

More notably, most of these players have never met each other before, they are just strangers that have met at the start of that particular game and bonded – or fallen out – over the course of the evening. If a player enjoys craps, chances are, the player is an outgoing individual that enjoys socializing with strangers. It is very rare to find people that keep to themselves at a craps table.


One of the more popular games at casinos is roulette, which in truth, is just as easy to play as craps. In roulette, a wheel of black and red numbers from 1-36 is spun with a white ball to determine the lucky number and colour. It is just as easy to follow as rolling some dice.

Favourite Casino Games
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The difference between craps and roulette is the glamour that is around the game. Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games – it is one of the classiest images at a casino. If a player is a fan of roulette, chances are the player enjoys getting dressed up and looking glamorous to play an easy-to-understand game that has no real strategy involved. Roulette is a social game, but players tend to act more elegantly than craps players.


One of the reasons why baccarat is a fun game is because of its simplicity. The game requires each player to bet on a position to win. That position can be either the Player position or the Banker position. Aside from that, there is not much more strategy involved.

Baccarat may look like an incredibly complicated game to learn. However, it is arguably easier than roulette. If a player enjoys baccarat, chances are they want to appear knowledgeable about the game. In truth, the outcome of each round is completely random, as the player can bet on either position. Another theory is that the player considers themselves to be a real-life James Bond, given that chemin-de-fer (a baccarat variant) was his favourite casino game.


One of the most entertaining yet difficult games to play is Keno. The online casino game is also found at land-based casinos and can be an absolute blast. However, this may come at a cost, given that some keno tables have a massive house advantage. In some versions of the game, the house advantage can be as high as 35%. This figure is astronomically high, especially when comparing the game to other table games such as blackjack or roulette, which have house advantages close to 1%.

Favourite Casino Games
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Keno is a unique casino game because it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. For keno players, there is a strong assumption that they enjoy the thrills of playing, regardless of the high house advantage. It is more likely that keno players gamble for the thrill of winning, rather than strategize how they can make a profit playing table games.


A player that enjoys playing blackjack is more likely going to be inclined towards mathematics and statistics. The game of 21 is more based on skill and luck than it is on merely wagering randomly. Although there is no guarantee that various strategies may work, they certainly do boost your chances of winning when followed correctly.

Blackjack strategy charts are the way to improve your ways of winning. They are mathematically created to advise you on the best decision to take depending on your cards and the dealer’s card. Thus, if you enjoy playing blackjack, it is safe to assume that you have an eye for card counting or following a strategy to try and beat the house. Having a strategical approach certainly boosts the player’s chances of winning.

Sports Betting

Sport punters tend to wager during the weekend on the highlight sporting event. By placing a friendly wager, the sport instantly becomes more enjoyable to watch and exciting. During the Super Bowl, it is known for players around the world to place a minimum wager – such as €10 – on one of the teams winning. Even if they have absolutely no clue of form or chances, it just adds to the excitement.

Other sport bettors will take it more seriously. Players will sometimes bet on sports that they do not enjoy watching as much, just because they have followed a tip. For instance, it is easier to predict the outcome of a tennis match than it is of a football match because of the sport itself. In tennis, there are no draws, and it is an individual sport – rather than a team sport. This makes betting on tennis a good option for punters as they face easier odds to win. Just like in casino games, online bookies have a variety of sports with many games played from the biggest leagues in the world to the most obscure divisions. There is a lot of choice.

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Last but not least, slots tell a very interesting story about the player. Slots do not require any skill or strategies – they are simply based on luck. In truth, there is not a lot to think about, just pressing the spin button and hoping to form a winning combination. However, that does not mean that all slot players enjoy the game for winning purposes only. Slots are a form of escapism, as players can enjoy a variety of games and are hopeful that a minimum stake spin can bring them a life-changing reward.

When looking at slots online, there are a variety of themes to choose from. Those may include adventure, nature, magic, history, sports, fantasy, futuristic and many more. In addition, there are many branded slots, which are based off celebrities, movies, television series or other figures in popular culture. Each slot has its own unique theme and bonus features. Players enjoy slots because of their flashy lights and animations.

Thus, slot players can come from all walks of life. There is no specific way to categorize slot players. The many unique themes and bonus mechanics mean that any player can enjoy them. There is many different types of slot players though. Some players enjoy placing the minimum stake and playing for a good hour or so before quitting. Other players prefer to place the maximum stakes and see if they can win big from higher bets. Essentially, most slot players do not actually believe they will win massive prizes, they just find slots to be an escape from reality and an activity for gaming online which could turn out to be successful. The only real strategy to use for slots is bankroll management. The longer you play, the more chance you have of winning.

The Bottom Line

To conclude on your favourite casino games and what they tell about you, we hope that you are more familiar with how these games vary. If you are seeking a casino game that fits your personality, we hope that you are all the wiser now. To play online, check out our jackpot games for our top picks.

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