Best RTP in Video Slots
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The best value for games can be found in slots with a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage. In a nutshell, this figure suggests how much you stand to make back when playing against the house. In order to win, you’ll want to play games with the best RTP in video slots. That way, you’ve got a better chance of overcoming the house advantage. Let’s take a look.

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The Best RTP in Video Slots: An Introduction

RTP is the version of the house advantage but for slots. The value is given in the form of a percentage and is referred to as the sort of “reverse house advantage”. For instance, many jackpot slots tend to have a high RTP of 96%. If this is the case, then the house advantage will be worth 4%. Thus, the RTP is used to signify how much you stand to win and what house advantage you’re up against.

In a nutshell, the best way to describe RTP is as such. If you place $100 on a slot with an RTP of 96%, you stand to claim $96 back after one-hundred $1 spins. Sure, that means that you’re going to be slightly in the minus and are going to lose $4. However, the RTP only suggests the return to the player. As we all know, it doesn’t define it.

So, in this instance, you’ve got to one-hundred spins of $1. You’re more likely to land a big win along the way and claim a significantly higher prize than just $96. Thus, you can still rest assured that there’s a good chance you’ll make more than just $96.

We’d like to remind you at this point that RTP is only used as a theoretical percentage value of each and every slot. The percentage doesn’t define the outcome. If it did, there’d be no point in wagering. This value is calculated over a long period of time.

Best RTP in Video Slots
Video slots are super entertaining

Ranking Slots

Next up, we take a look at how you can determine which slots are worth playing. RTP is an interesting thing. It gives you an idea of how profitable various video slots are. Here’s the approach we’d like you to follow.

When playing a slot with an RTP of 95-99.99%, the RTP is considered to be high A-class quality. These slots have the first-class return to the player.

The next division is the mid-range or average RTP slots. Namely, those games which are between 90% to 94.99%. These slots still pay off rather decently but are obviously not going to be as profitable as the former ones. However, you can still find some fairly decent games in this section.

And finally, last on our list is the low-valued RTP video slots. These are the ones which are anything short of 90%. Although you can find some pretty fun games here, the RTP is too off-putting to really be taken seriously. We’d recommend you’d probably do best to try and avoid these slots altogether. It’s quite sad, considering there are many brilliant games here. Unfortunately, if they’re not profitable, it pretty much eliminates the main point of playing.

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Best RTP in Video Slots: Titles and Providers

The biggest game with an RTP of 99.99% is one of the video poker options. However, if we’re strictly looking at video slots, it’s none other than Ugga Bugga from Playtech.

Best RTP in Video Slots
Mostly, the best looking machines are not the best slots available

Ugga Bugga

The video slot takes on a jungle theme and was released in 2006. If you’re curious to try out this title, it has got a staggering RTP percentage of 99.07%. And, with 3-reels on 10 rows, the slots 10 paylines can be very profitable.

Rainbow Riches Play ‘n’ Mix

Next up is the video slot by Barcrest. The game has an astonishing RTP of 98%. This is one of the most standard slots you’re ever going to see. There are card symbols like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Moreover, you’ve got Leprechauns, Mushrooms and Pots o’ Gold.

Mega Joker

Another popular opinion is Mega Joker by NetEnt. This slot has been around ever since 2013 and is ranked with a high RTP of 99%. The game has got 3-reels, 3-rows, and 5-paylines to it. Plus, the video slot is amazing as it also has a progressive jackpot to it. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a jackpot amount which keeps on growing until it is won. You can find out more about the different types of jackpots through our online jackpot dictionary.

Jackpot 6000

It seems that NetEnt and high RTP video slots go hand-in-hand. The 5×3 game has got an in-game jackpot as well! In fact, you can even receive 6,000x your stake on a maximum bet. However, this is done when you land two Jokers in a single combination spin. These actually go on to reveal a mystery prize. Anyhoo, the video slot has got a high RTP of 98.86%. Feel free to head on over to a NetEnt Casino and play today!

The Catfather

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong playing The Catfather by Pragmatic Play. This quirky slot brings out the coolness in kitty cats and has a high RTP of 98.10%. Moreover, the slot is full of free spins, win multipliers, and stacked wilds.

The Bottom Line

Thus, in order to find the best RTP in video slots, your safest bet is to try out one of the games above. You can do so at any one of our online jackpot sites. Feel free to try out these slots with the best RTP ratings and percentages. Remember to avoid the games without a high RTP as they are not as profitable as other slots

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Best RTP in Video Slots