Powerball jackpot record 

Earlier this fall, Powerball fans were jumping for joy, and rightfully so after the US lottery announced a jackpot offer of $699.8 million. Soon after, millions of players decided to play US Powerball so that they could win hundreds of millions on Powerball. In the end, one lucky player won the Powerball jackpot record, and we’ll show how they did it.

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The Powerball jackpot record soared to new heights 

All in all, it’s no secret that Powerball always brings its A-game when it comes to the best jackpot offers. What’s more, this autumn was by far no exception. It all started at the beginning of the new season when Powerball announced a half a billion-dollar jackpot offer

From there, millions of players rushed to play US Powerball on the sites to win the jackpot, such as theLotter. However, it seemed that no players could match the winning numbers for the exciting Powerball draws. Surprisingly, not even when the Powerball jackpot skyrocketed to $620 million early in October. 

Finally, one lucky US player managed to crack the code by winning a $699.8 million jackpot prize. Now, we’re going to let you in on the details of how they hit the Powerball jackpot record. Later, we’ll show you how you too can win hundreds of millions on Powerball.

Lucky California player wins a $699.8 million 


This fall, there was a lot of buzz around the Powerball, both offline and, on the casinos to win the jackpot. For several weeks, players had the chance to play the US lottery and win hundreds of millions on Powerball. 

However, there was one particular Powerball lottery jackpot that turned a lot of heads on theLotter. This was the $699.8 million jackpot that took place on 4 October 2021. Two days before the draw, players rushed to play US Powerball in hopes of winning the huge jackpot. 

All in all, millions of players purchased tickets for the jaw-dropping draw. However, there was only one winning ticket for the Monday draw. Although the winner of the $699.8 million jackpot has yet to claim their prize, the winner purchased the winning ticket in California. 

Furthermore, the winning numbers for the Monday draw were 12, 22, 54, 66, and 69, and the Powerball number 15. According to the latest lottery news, there were several Powerball jackpot records broken during this draw. The $699.8 million Powerball jackpot is now the seventh-largest in US lottery history. 

At the same time, the Monday night jackpot is now the fifth-biggest Powerball jackpot of all time

Play US Powerball today and win life-changing money 


So far, it’s pretty clear to see that if you play US Powerball -and if the odds are in your favor- you can win big money. What’s more, every year, there are always Powerball jackpot records that you can break. 

However, if you’re new to the US lottery, worry not because the Powerball rules are easy to follow. This means, in no time, you’ll be able to win hundreds of millions on Powerball and other huge Powerball lottery jackpot prizes. 

First, there’s no better place than theLotter, one of the best jackpot sites, to play US Powerball. To play Powerball, you need to pick five main numbers from a range of 1 to 69. Afterward, you will need to select a Powerball number from 1 to 26. 

To win the Powerball jackpot, you will have to match all six numbers to those announced in the draw. For more information on how to play Powerball, be sure to check out our online jackpot guides

Lastly, to learn about the top lottery site to play Powerball online, be sure to read our review about theLotter.

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