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Bonuses At US vs Canada Online Casinos

Over the years, casino gambling has become increasingly popular throughout North America. So you might imagine that the English-speaking countries of the US and Canada might share the same outlook towards casino gaming. But it’s not so. There are in fact, many differences between US and Canadian online casinos. Today we thought we discuss the different approaches that each country has toward online casino gaming. This will include all the important factors, including the types of jackpot games, online bonuses available, as well as your tax situation should you score some winnings.

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The Types Of Bonuses

Let’s compare the types of bonuses available in both American and Canadian online casinos. In truth, you won’t see too many differences. When you start browsing through an American online casino, or Canadian one, you’ll see they offer all the bonuses that you used to see. These include such things as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, and loyalty bonuses. In truth, you won’t find many casinos anywhere in the world where they continue to offer no deposit bonuses. But the rest of them are going to be commonly found in both countries.

The Quality OF Bonus Offers

Though the types of bonuses on offer in both US and Canadian online casinos are going to be very similar, there is a huge difference when it comes to quality. The truth of the matter is that you’re going to be better off playing at Canadian online casinos. Here you’ll find many operators competing for new and existing clients across the Canadian marketplace. As a result, they have to up the ante when it comes to the quality of their casino bonuses and other incentives. Because the bonuses are such an important aspect of online gambling we tend to stick with the best Canadian casinos like Bodog Casino.

US Casinos Are A Monopoly

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You might imagine that online casinos in the US have exactly the same pressures and desires to find new players. And keep existing ones happy. Yet the bonuses are simply not as competitive as those found across the border in Canada. The main issue here is that there’s virtually zero competition from offshore casinos. This means that American online casino entities like are, to all intents and purposes, running a monopoly. Because they control the market completely, there’s no need for them to be that generous. As a result, when you compare the bonuses from each of these two countries, you’ll find the Canadians are head and shoulders above the US ones in all aspects.

The US And Canadian Online Casinos Vs Gambling Taxes

If you happen to win the jackpot online playing the progressive slots or beating the blackjack dealer in a Canadian online casino, then your winnings are not subject to taxes. Of course, the government would love to be able to change this. But at the moment there are no legal grounds on which to base a tax. So if you’re gambling in a Canadian-based online casino, then all your winnings belong to you.

Sorry But You Lose 30% To US Tax 

Unfortunately, it’s not the same case in the US. The government will take an automatic 30% from you. The fact that you’re taxed more has another unfortunate consequence. It’s that the game selection in American online casinos is not as good as you’d find at any online Canadian casino website.

Just Stick With Canadian Online Casinos

It’s a given that the game selection in online casinos across North America will all feature your favourite games such as blackjack, jackpot slots , poker, roulette, and baccarat. You might be searching for anything slightly different other than the typical casino games. Yet you’re going to be out of luck if you’re playing at an online American casino. If you are the type of player who’s looking to practice your jackpot winning strategies on something interesting, along with excellent bonuses, then we suggest you stick with Canadian online casinos. We recommend casinos like the amazing Bodog Casino.

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