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Introduction: Meeting a Casino Host

In every casino, there’s a marketing manager. His job is to try and think of ways to bring first-time customers into the casino, and then turn them into repeat customers. This is where the casino host comes into the picture. She works for the marketing manager and is tasked with ensuring every guest has all their needs and wants meeting whilst they’re gaming at the casino. On the whole, the casino host will try her hardest to think of reasonable comps and freebies to give to her patrons. Even if you don’t qualify for a particular comp, then she will speak with the marketing manager to find you a solution. To that end, all casino host has not only impeccable manners but also a savvy business head on their shoulders.

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Contact the Host

Many people feel shy about asking for comps and freebies. Nut you don’t need to be feeling bad at all. Remember that the casino wants you there, on the gaming floor, having a great time. Part of their business plan is allowing for the costs of comps as a simple cost of doing business. To actually meet a casino host, just phone ahead and make an appointment. Say what your plans involve, the type of games you like, and what you imagine your overall spend will be. You’ll almost instantly be rewarded with either a better room rate or what is called “casino rates” on a load of other things. Make sure you get the name of the host you’re speaking with, as casinos tend to employ a lot of them.

Casino Host: Join The Players Club

As soon as you meet your host at the actual casino, one of the very first things you’ll do is be invited to join the casino’s players club. You’ll be given a casino card for use in all the machines and on the table games as well. This card is your key to getting rated. Being rated is the way the casino sees what type of customer you are, especially in terms of the time you spend gambling. Obviously, they are not going to give you freebies for anything. With a rating, they can see where you fit on the spectrum of paying punters. Oh, one other thing, when you’re playing at the card tables, you’ll need to ask the pit boss to rate you.

How to Get What You Want

Once you’ve met the casino host and have both introduced yourselves, you should cut straight to the chase and ask, there and then, what comps you might be entitled to. This is not rude in any way. The casino hosts prefer this upfront way of doing things. this is because it can get rather awkward at the end of the evening when the guest asks for comps but haven’t yet reached the qualifying level. So doing it before you start the evening can spare everyone’s blushes.

casino host
Always be respectful with the casino staff


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Planning on staying overnight at the casino resort? Then it’s super important that you are in contact with the casino host before you book. You may be pleasantly surprised that you have enough play points to qualify for either free nights or reduced rates. You would also be surprised by the number of players who simply don’t ask. This is because they don’t feel they qualify when in actual fact, they would do so with ease. If you don’t ask, how on earth would you know!

Be Nice

Please remember that your host is just that, your host, and not a servant. Please be kind and well mannered at all times. They are trying their hardest to find you the best deals possible and keep you happy. But also note that they have a boss. There’s only so much they can do for you within the parameters laid down by the casino. Also, don’t view an invitation to the restaurant as an excuse to order everything on the menu. Not just because this behavior is low and uncultured. But because if you behave like a pig, then the next time you visit, there will be no comps waiting for you. Anyhow, if you can’t follow the rules of etiquette just stay on the online jackpot sites.

Your Casino Host: Be Kind

Finally, when the evening is done, don’t forget to make the effort and search out your host. Thank them for their efforts and for the casino hospitality. All service workers like to be appreciated. It’s a really sweet gesture if you send them a note of thanks as well after you have returned home. This is a great long term strategy for building a lasting relationship with the establishment. Like good karma, what goes around, comes around!

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