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What To Do When a Casino Refuses Your Casino Payouts  

Let’s be honest, though the process of gambling is exciting and great fun, in the back of our minds we all want to win. As you watch the numbers roll over on your jackpot slots screen, you start to imagine all the things you could purchase with your new cash prize. From exotic holidays to a new car or house. And though winning at your favourite casino and receiving your payout should be straightforward, unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, after you win the jackpot online, it’s difficult to get your hands on the casino payouts. For some reason, it remains locked in your casino account from where you need to withdraw it. So what can you do if the casino is making life difficult for you in this situation?

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Choose Your Casino Well

Here at, we always insist that you only play on well-known and reputable websites such as Bet365 Casino. It’s not just that a casino like this will offer brilliant games. But also they will have a proper gambling licence. Probably the best licences in the world are those issued by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Be aware that if you insist on playing at small casinos from far-flung jurisdictions, with zero reputation, then there’s a good possibility that you may find that when you come to withdraw your winnings it will be both complicated and maybe even pointless

If your casino choice has no governmental oversight, then it’s very possible that they will impose very convoluted terms and conditions to ensure that it’s as difficult as possible to get your hands on your winnings. Today we thought we would take a look at what to do in these circumstances. And the steps you should take to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you in the first place.

Why Would They Refuse Your Casino Payouts?


Over the last couple of decades, the sheer number of online casino operators has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, this has led to the inclusion of many untrustworthy sites whose sole design is to make money from players without having to pay anything out. Of course, no casino, whether legitimate or illegitimate, wants to lose money. So you’ll find that there are some who simply delay withdrawals. This is done in the hope that whilst you’re waiting for your payout, you will wager your winnings again and then lose everything. At a minimum, these sites would like you to keep recycling your money through their online casino.

Interestingly, a lot of this behaviour, though definitely shady, is not actually illegal. After all, when you sign up to an online casino website, you are agreeing to the site’s terms and conditions. This means there can be a whole load of reasons why a casino may make the payouts as difficult as possible for players or simply refuse to payout altogether. Always read the small print before you actually pay any funds into an online casino account.

The Main Reasons For Refusal Of Casino Payouts 

There’s one thing you should always watch for when signing up for a new online casino. And that’s to recognise that all casinos will impose withdrawal limits of some kind. To that end, if your withdrawal is rejected, then please check first whether the requested amount falls within their stipulated limits. For this, we suggest you go to the casino’s terms and conditions. Keep in mind that withdrawal limits may also be dependent on your chosen banking methods.

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Watch Out For The Wagering Requirements

Be aware that if you happen to win money whilst playing a casino bonus then this will come with wagering requirements. You’ll need to clear these first before you can get your hands on your winnings. The wagering requirements are the number of times you need to wager your winnings before you can withdraw them. We suggest that you don’t play at a casino where the wagering requirement limits are more than 30x. Otherwise, you will need to pay huge sums of money in order to get your hands on, what may turn out to be, a relatively small amount of cash. For example, Bet365 Casino has a very reasonable 20x wagering requirement. They also offer a nice welcome bonus for all new players of 100% up to £25. This will help you get started.

Ensure That You Verify Your Identity


OK, this is a no-brainer. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why players have their withdrawal requests refused. And this is simply because they never provided the casino with the required proof of their identity when they initially signed up to play. This falls under the “know your customer” (KYC) rules. All reputable casinos need to follow as a prerequisite of their licensing agreement. Though it might seem like a pain to the player, these rules are in place to stop money laundering and underage gambling

On the whole, all casinos will ask for some form of valid ID. This needs to be with a photo, such as a passport or driving licence, along with a utility bill as proof of address. As a given, this should take place during the sign-up process. You’ll also need to provide a photo of the card used to make your online banking deposits. Or even a screenshot from an e-wallet account. This is the first step in how to win the jackpot.

How to Get Hold Of Your Casino Payouts

Now if you’ve gone through the above list. Yet still can’t withdraw your winnings and get your hands on your casino payouts. Then it’s time to contact the casino directly. To start with, we suggest you take screenshots of all your online casino activity. It’s important that these show the total balance of your casino account, your winnings and your transaction history. We suggest that you also have proof of any contact you might have made with the casino previously. These can be emails or chat history. Just in case there’s a legal dispute, you will need all of these things at your fingertips.

customer service

Once you have all this information, then it’s time to contact the casino’s customer service department. Simply ask them why there is a block on your withdrawal. You may discover that you have unintentionally violated a rule within the casino’s own terms and conditions. On the whole, most online casinos are determined to keep their customers happy. And you’ll often find that if you have made a genuine mistake then the casino is only too happy to rectify the situation. On the other hand, you find the casino is simply palming you off with excuses. Then it’s time to up the ante and lodge a formal complaint.

Casino Complaints And Gambler Forums 

In the age of social media and social reviews, no business likes to be called out for bad practices in public. This will not only damage their reputation but may also turn potential customers away. Online casinos are no different. So it’s a good idea if customer service is not helping you to go public with your complaint. We suggest that you share your story on the casino’s own social media channels to start with. Also, make use of dedicated online casino and gambling forums. Remember, that though the casino may be the best casino site to play if you can’t access your winnings, then what’s the point of playing there. 

You’ll find a number of casino review websites with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Though these often give out jackpot winning tips and tricks, they are also very helpful with information for all types of casino games and practices. After registering you can lay out your complaint of not being able to access your casino payouts. If the casino is accused of doing something off colour or even unlawful, there’s a very good chance that they will pay out very quickly. They know that any unresolved issues, especially doing the rounds on social media, are going to be problematic. 

Casino Payouts: Use a Complaint Tool


So if you’re a UK player experiencing a problem with online casino payouts, then you can also use a complaint tool. Probably the best known of these is called Resolver and it will help you to make a formal complaint. This tool will tell you exactly what documents you’ll need to provide proof of your complaint. They will also point you in the right direction so you can resolve the matter as quickly as possible. The great thing about Resolver is that it’s an independent service and is totally free to use. Keep in mind that it doesn’t serve as an intermediary between the casino and yourself. Its sole purpose is to help you craft a complaint in a properly structured way. They also will inform you of the type of action you might need to take. Also, the time factor involved and the possible outcome.

Contact the Gambling Commission

For the final step, especially if you’re based in the UK and gambling on a website with a UK licence, then you should get in contact with the UK Gambling Commission. Provided that you can prove your complaint to the UKGC, then you are more than halfway there to have your complaint resolved. Assuming that the casino holds a UKGC licence, then they will do everything in their power to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Because the UKGC has real teeth, the last thing any online casino wants is to have their licence questioned or even revoked.