horse racing in Australia
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Why is Horse Racing in Australia So Popular? 

Of the many popular sports and jackpot games that take place in Australia, without a doubt, the “king of sports” is horse racing. Not only is this activity deeply seated in the nation’s psyche, but it also goes back many hundreds of years. Today, there’s intense betting interest in the racing of horses. By participating in this, you’ll start to understand the love between the Australian general public and the sport itself. Even though the history of horse racing in Australia stretches back many years, you’ll find there are many varieties of competitions available today. These all add to the enhancement of the popularity of horse racing in Australia.

When it comes to racing 2 and 3-year-old horses, Australia offers the famous Triple Crown races. For thoroughbreds, probably one of the greatest international horse races in the whole world is the Melbourne Cup. If you head over to 22Bet Sportsbook, you can have a flutter on all Australian horse racing events and maybe win the jackpot online. Today, let’s have a look into Australia’s horse racing, both at its current activity and through its colourful history.

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Australian Horse Racing History

Probably the most important lens through which to view horse racing in Australia is to keep in mind that the origins of the country came about as a European colony. Back then, horses were an essential and accepted way of life throughout Europe. This data back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. So when the Europeans, and in particular the British, colonized the antipodeans, amongst other things, they bought horses with them. Coming over long voyages by ships during the mid-nineteenth century, horse breeders came with British equine stock, and started the build up the host horse population.

Today it’s possible to pick any Australian thoroughbred racehorse and trace its history back to its forefathers over 100 years ago. It’s this transparent lineage that adds to the overall interest in modern horse racing. Part of this is the fact that it offers a connection to the past. The first official horse race in Australia took place at Hyde Park in Sydney in 1810. From this point, many races followed, and soon enough Australia had its own blossoming horse racing industry. Since its humble beginnings, over 200 years ago, the popularity of horse racing has only increased. As you can imagine, the same goes for the horse racing betting industry.

Australia’s Most Legendary Horse


Scratch any horse racing punter and they will all start talking about the exploits of a particular famous horse called Phar Lap. Even though Australia has produced many great and famous thoroughbreds, nothing can compare to the performance of this infamous horse. In a career spanning 6 years, beginning in 1927, this gelding produced some of the most famous and impressive streaks in Australian horse racing history. In an amazing career, Phar Lap produced 19 races in a row during one season. Then during another period, Phar Lap would go on to win 32 out of 35 races. It’s worth keeping in mind these races are what are known as “Group Races.” They represent, by far away, the toughest classification possible in all Australian horse racing.

Phar Lap even raced in Tijuana toward the end of his professional career. He was due to race on the West Coast to America. But unfortunately, he died before he had the chance. It’s true to say that no other Australian horse has had such an influence over the whole industry as this very special and much-loved race winner.

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Weight-For-Age Thoroughbred Racing

On whole, when horses are classified for a race almost anywhere in the world, the race officials try to keep them all as evenly as possible so that they are well-matched together. This is the general standard around the world. But with horse racing in Australia, they take things a step further. Here officials have weight-for-age race restrictions in place. This means that, depending on a number of various factors, certain horses will be handicapped. To that end, weight is added to some horses. Whilst others do not have the same burden. Obviously, the idea is to make the horses as equal as possible for any particular horse race. To level the playing field, if you’ll excuse the pun.

For punters, this means that there are no sure winners. As you can imagine, this certainly ups the ante when it comes to excitement as results can be very unpredictable. If you think about it, the weight-for-age handicaps mean that all the horses in the race are technically on an equal footing. In other words, there are no dominant favourites. In some ways, this offers much better value for those betting on the sport. With the right bets, you can increase your jackpot winning chances.

Horse Racing In Australia: The Triple Crowns

horse racing

When it comes to horse racing in Australia, you’ll find there are two Triple Crown races taking place. One of these is similar to many races found across the world in that it’s open to 3-year-olds. The other is for two-year-old horses. The most important races are below.

2-Year-Old Triple Crown Races

  • Golden Slipper Stakes
  • Inglis’ Sires Stakes
  • Champagne Stakes

3-Year-Old Triple Crown Races

  • Randwick Guineas
  • Rosehill Guineas
  • Australian Derby

In both of the above classes, the Triple Crown race’s distance covered gets progressively longer. These races take place during the months of March and April. This is a relatively short time span in the Spring months. Both these factors ensure that the Australian Triple Crown is very difficult to win. Throughout its history, there have been just 6 three- year old winners, and 5 two-year-old winners. before you think about having a flutter, we suggest you look for some jackpot winning tips and tricks to help you.

Horse Racing In Australia: The Melbourne Cup

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about horse racing in Australia without mentioning the famous Melbourne Cup. Even though the previously mentioned Triple Crown races are incredibly popular, nothing can beat the Melbourne Cup when it comes to the number of spectators and overall betting interest from Sportsbooks like 22Bet Sportsbook. The race takes part every November and has been held since 1861. So famous is the race, that it’s called the “Race that Stops a Nation.” The home track of the Melbourne Cup is the Flemington Race Course, and it offers a turf race track that is 5.5 miles long.

Take note that the Melbourne Cup is also a weight-for-age race. All participating horses must qualify in preliminary rounds in order to take part. As far as the age goes, the race is open to all horses of any age, though they must be at least 3 years old. The great thing about this rule is that it means that previous winners can always have another stab. Or simply race to defend their original Melbourne Cup title.

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