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Image source: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Introduction: Finding Loose Slot Machines

Now, your average punter isn’t going to be searching out loose slot machines from all the others on the casino floor. They just come here to play, and any random machine will do the trick. But there are other gamblers, to look over the vast sea of colorful slots machines, trying to identify those which might be loose. It’s a player’s wet dream to find those elusive loose slot machines. After all, it might end up changing his or her fortunes forever. Casino and location are important factors in this search. To have further guidelines you can find plenty of useful information in our guides to win the jackpot.

Location is the Key

A punter coming from Las Vegas, where he gets a 98% payback, would not consider a slots machine in Atlantic City loose if it were paying out 94%. But a player from Atlantic City, where the average payout might be 91%, would certainly consider such a machine as being loose. Also, on the whole, older slots machines are set at a higher payout than newer ones. Because finding loose slot machines is considered the Holy Grail of slots players, it’s not surprising that there are a whole mystic and mythical world that comes hand in hand with these beliefs.

Loose Slot Machines: Fact or Myth

We’ve compiled a list of the various myths that surround the actual physical location of a machine, and how that location can determine whether the machine is more or less likely to be a loose one. Let’s have a deep dive into the bonkers world of loose slot machines and their myths.

Loose machines are surrounded by tight machines

The thinking here is that many players like to play a number of machines at the same time. So, if a loose machine is surrounded by “tight” machines, a player will play the winnings from the loose machine into the machines either side.

Loose slot machines are placed by the entrance

The idea here is that people will see players winning as they’re near the doorway, and therefore will be enticed to come inside themselves. Back in the day, in downtown Las Vegas, yes you could see slots machines being played from the street. But in today’s age of the mega-casino resorts, it’s all a totally different ball game. There are multiple entrances and you can’t really see anything inside the casino from the street.

Machines near the table games are tight

Because when games players get up from the table, they might be tempted to throw some coins into these machines as they pass them on their way to the cashier’s cage. Another idea is that the noise from these machines can be used to distract the table players, thereby increasing their chances of losing.

Machines near the end of the row are loose

This is about having your winning player seen by other players in the casino. As you know, many casino floors are stuffed full of slots machines. So the only way a winner can be seen is if they are at the end of a row of slots machines.

Machines near the showroom and buffet are tight

Often there will be a line of customers waiting to see a show. Just like the sweets at the cashier counter in the supermarket. Loose slot machines are placed there to attract a last-minute purchase from the customer. Well, no surprise that the idea here is the same. Whilst waiting, the punters are more likely to have a flutter on any nearby machines.

Machines near the casino cage are loose

The cashiers’ cage is not just about cashing out your winnings but also is where you “buy-in” your playing chips. So the casino wants you to see people winning whilst you’re waiting in line. Hopefully, that’ll fill you with optimism and encourage you to play more.

Round Carousals of machines are looser than rows of machines

As you can gather from the previous layout ideas, the reasoning is to allow as many people actually see you winning. Loose slot machines should always be placed for maximum visibility. This is to encourage other players to play more.

loose slot machines
Which slots is a looser?

Think Like a Casino Executive

It goes without saying that no two casinos are exactly the same. But each casino will have a guy whose job it is to ensure that the slots machines are placed for both maximum impact and maximum “play-ability”. He’s called the Slots VP and he knows all the psychological tricks about herd instinct and the weaknesses of gamblers. Now, if you’re on the hunt for loose slot machines, then you have to learn to think as he does. For example, would you really put loose slot machines on the aisles? Probably not, as it would be better if they were more buried further down the rows. Simple reverse psychology would tell you to place a tight machine wherever a player expected there to be a loose one.

Loose Slot Machines: Just Be Realistic

Now, back to reality. The chances of finding a loose slot machine are at best, pretty slim. Looking for the Loch Ness Monster? Big Foot? Yeah, you’ve probably more chance of finding them then finding loose slot machines. The way these slots machines are set up, you might have to pay for an awfully long time, before you were able to recognize whether it was tight or loose in the first place. We suggest, that you stop looking for that elusive loose machine. Just play the ones that appeal to you, for whatever reason. If, in your travels, you come across genuine loose slot machines, then all the more power to your elbow!

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