broke at the casino
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Introduction: Avoid Going Broke at the Casino

So, though all the publicity and advertising will point to you being a winner, surrounded by pretty babes and chugging on Crystal Champagne and a Cuban cigar, the reality is that you are probably much more likely to walk out of the casino much lighter than you were when you walked into it. But there are some simple, almost common sense, rules and habits which can save you from purgatory and serious debt. Let’s have a look at a few of them. However, if you wild like to find in-depth instructions for gambling check out our guides to win the jackpot.

Know the Games and Terms

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people plonking themselves down at the games table, without a clue of how it all works. Or worse still, only possessing the more rudimentary of knowledge. If you sit down at the blackjack table and the dealer asked if you want to spend on an insurance bet, it’s not a good sign if you look at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

Broke at the Casino: Know The Best Bets

Keep in mind, that not all the casino games have the same odds. Many different bets on may different games can have completely different odds because the house edge is at variance here. For example, the house edge on Keno is 28%. Sure, playing is great fun, but your bankroll will disappear pretty quickly. By comparison, the house edge on baccarat is but a mere 1%. So here your money will go much further. In fact, blackjack players who master the gameplay can bring the odds down even further.

Broke at the Casino: Manage Your Gambling Bankroll

Another common-sense point. A good idea is to implement a rule for yourself. An example is to divide your bankroll into several parts, with each part being used on one game. This way you will not overspend. once you can get a grip on money management, then a trip to the casino is not something that ends with a bad feeling or you being stone-cold broke.

broke at the casino
Even the best hands can lose you a lot of money

Getting Extra Bang For Your Bucks

In a word, “comps”. many players don’t realize that the casino is surprisingly generous when it comes to keeping their players loyal. One of the very first things you should always do on entering the casino is to sign up for a players card. You can use this to track your play. Also, you’ll receive complimentary meals, drinks or even a room for the night, all depending on your spending.There are all sorts of freebies available, but you just gotta ask.

Find the Right Casino for Your Skill Level

This is an important but often overlooked point. Some casinos are the hunting grounds for professional players. If you are not up to scratch, they will be serving your head for dinner! Even if you think you know all the terms and the game-plays, it’s always a good idea to start at a lower level casino. This’ll allow you to find your comfort level. If you’re in Vegas, then we suggest that you steer clear of the Wynn, Caesars and the Belaggio. Going to, say, Bally’s, the Imperial Palace or anywhere downtown will have a lower house limit. It will not be so intimidating for a novice player. It’s an overall more friendly and amenable environment and you’ll have a much better time.

Conclusion: Avoid Going Broke at the Casino

The main take away is that enjoying a trip to the casino need not end in tears. Learn how to control your bankroll. This is the most vital element of the whole evening. gambling is great fun. But don’t use it as a means of paying the rent, as that’ll end badly with you and your belongings out on the street. If you find it hard to control your compulsions, then we suggest that you just take cash with you. Just leave the credit cards at home. The same is true for online gambling, use an e-wallet or something like that. You can find the collection of the best online jackpot sites here.