Martingale and Paroli Systems
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In this article, we take a look at the Martingale and Paroli systems. Both betting systems can be used in a variety of online casino table games but are most dominantly found in roulette. To use the betting systems, players must find odds that have nearly 50%. Thus, for roulette players, those include outside bets. In this article, we look at both betting systems and compare how to use them.

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Martingale and Paroli Systems: An Introduction

The Martingale and Paroli betting strategies are the two most used at casino tables. Both of them demand that the gambler wager on odds that are close to 50%. Thus, a roulette table is the most typical location for each of these betting methods. Both the Martingale and the Paroli are incredibly simple to understand and utilize. In actuality, the Paroli is also referred to as the Reverse Martingale.

The basic concept is to double your wager following a successful or unsuccessful round. In this article, we examine both the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these betting methods, as well as everything you need to know.


There have long been Paroli and Martingale systems. The origins of betting systems can be found in Blaise Pascal, who lived from 1623 to 1662. The games of chance and potential fascinated the French mathematician and philosopher. According to rumors, he was the one who first discovered the roulette wheel by looking at several possible results on a wheel. Pierre de Fermat, who has also emerged as a significant character in the history of gaming theories and concepts, was a close friend of Pascal’s. The two frequently corresponded in private letters, exchanging ideas about the chances and results of various games of chance. John von Neumann, a different mathematician, is regarded as the originator of contemporary game theory concepts.

How to use the Martingale and Paroli Systems


We must first state the general rule for both systems before examining them separately. Both methods are frequently employed at a roulette table. They can, however, also be used for baccarat, blackjack, and casino poker. The goal of each of these games is to place a wager on an outcome that pays even money.

The Martingale and Paroli systems, for instance, work on any outside bets with approximately a 50% chance of winning if you were playing roulette. This covers wagers on red or black, odd or even, and the numbers 1-18 or 19-36. All of these wagers pay out at even money, however the odds of winning are not even. The green 0 and 00 are the reason for this. Black has a 48.6% chance of winning in both European and French roulette. Given that there is a green 0 and a 00 in American Roulette, all Black numbers have a 47.2 percent probability of winning. The Paroli and Martingale can also be applied to Baccarat with equal ease. All you have to do is place a wager on which side will prevail, the Player or the Banker.

The crucial thing to understand about both betting strategies is that a sizable bankroll is necessary. Depending on the system being used, the player must double their bet after each victory or loss. Immediately after winning or losing, depending on the system, the participant goes back to their initial wager.

For Instance

If you place a starting bet of €1, the wager will grow in size as follows:

1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024 – 2048 – 4096 – 8192 – 16284

That means that after a win or loss streak of 15, you should be able to cover a wager worth €16,284. To clarify this more, we look at the betting systems individually.

The Martingale Betting System


We start with the Martingale and examine both betting strategies. The Martingale betting technique is the most widely used roulette strategy, as all seasoned players are aware. Every time a player loses a round in the Martingale system, they must double their wager. As a result, it is regarded as a negative progression system that generates a small profit while recovering lost funds.


We present two possible outcomes for the Martingale system in this illustration:

A gambler applies the Martingale strategy while seated at an online roulette table. With a $1 starting bet and about €520 in total, they can play. The player suffers nine straight defeats. The player will need to gamble €512 in order to win after losing nine rounds in a row. In the event that the player triumphs, they will recover all prior losses and earn a profit of €1. The player has €520 to play with in the second scenario, but this time they lose 10 consecutive games. In this case, the gambler has already used up all of their cash.


The Martingale is the most often used roulette strategy since it is simple to understand and demands that the player win in order to stop playing. Although the method is efficient at recovering losses from unsuccessful rounds, the profit margin is low, therefore a larger profit can only be realized after a longer gaming session.


Many casinos impose limits on tables because they are aware of the Martingale strategy. Be careful while utilizing the Martingale strategy if you are playing at a roulette or baccarat table with a maximum betting limit. The approach only works if you can double your wager after a loss, therefore any prospect of success will be eliminated by betting restrictions. The strategy requires a sizable bankroll, yet the reward is meager, which is another glaringly obvious disadvantage.

The Paroli Betting System

casino chips

The Paroli, also referred to as the Reverse Martingale, has its roots in Italy and dates back to the 16th century. After each victory, you want to double your wager. This is an example of a system that uses positive progression to try to take advantage of any winning streak. So, providing the winning streak continues, you maximize your profits when you eventually have a winning streak.


Once more, we provide you with two instances of the Paroli system in action:

  1. A player starts their game at a €1 initial bet at an online baccarat table. After a 10-run winning streak, the player decides to abandon the game. In this case, the player has profited €1024 after only investing €1.
  2. A different player also begins playing baccarat with €1 and goes on a 10-win streak. However, in this instance, the player chooses to use the Paroli for one more round and loses. Despite having €1024 to take home, the player decided to keep trying their luck and lost. From their bankroll, they have only spent one euro.


When compared to the Martingale, the Paroli has a significantly smaller negative impact on your bankroll. Since you only contributed €1 in the second situation, this system is cost-effective. If you know when to walk, using the Paroli is ultimately beneficial. Additionally, it is more adaptable than the Martingale because you can decide to start over after a three- or five-win streak.


You won’t benefit from the Paroli if you don’t know when to leave a winning position. In the second scenario, the player chose to bet €1024 of their ‘rightfully won’ profits from the prior 10 rounds in addition to just €1 from their bankroll. Again, betting limitations can stop the Paroli, but they do not have the same devastating effects on this strategy as they do on the Martingale.

The Martingale and Paroli Systems: Comparison

Martingale and Paroli Systems

The Martingale and Paroli betting systems demand players to have a greater bankroll and double their stake in both circumstances. The house advantage you encounter in games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack won’t be lessened by using these strategies. However, players use them to assist them maintain control over their bankroll and adhere to a plan for managing their funds.

The Paroli approach has one distinct benefit over the Martingale method: it is more adaptable. When using the Paroli system, you can reset your stake to the starting bet after three wins, five wins, or any other number of wins that you desire. Another choice is to double your wager if you win, or by 50%. As a result, each time you win, you set aside some money while still raising your wager.

The Bottom Line

Thus, to conclude this article on the Martingale and Paroli systems, we hope that you have a better idea of what they are and how to use them. Remember, you will be able to use these systems whilst playing our jackpot games. In addition, these betting systems will help you manage your bankroll better in the future and follow a strict strategy to increase your chances of winning at the latest jackpot ratings.

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