Video Slots Guide
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In this article, we look at all you need to know about video slots. Our very own video slots guide is here to give you an insight on how they work. This includes a comparison between classic slots and video slots, plus an extent of how features may work. Find out all you need to know below.

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Video Slots Guide: An Introduction

Video slots are the most popular games in the iGaming industry. They cover the largest portfolio of games and come with many bonuses and themes. In this video slots guide, we take a look at all you need to know about these games before you start playing them.

There will always be video slots in a casino. These games rule the gaming market thanks to their vibrant lighting, imaginative designs, and variety of additional features. Today, we explain how video slots function and why they have grown to be the most well-liked gambling games online.

An Introduction to Slots

The most well-liked type of online gaming is video slots. These days, high quality, aesthetically pleasing slots are available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We cover everything in this post, from the fundamentals like the number of winning combinations every spin to the likelihood of winning. Let’s begin by reviewing some slot history.

Slot History

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You should all be familiar with the Liberty Bell’s history by this point. The original slot machine, created by Charles Fay between 1887 and 1891, had three reels, a single row, and a single payline. From traditional slot machines, we now have video slots. While you may still play traditional slots online, video slots are the most common at gambling sites like Queenplay Casino.

The first video slots were introduced in the 1980s, while the reel marker was first introduced in 1996 with the debut of the “Reel ‘Em” second screen bonus round by WMS Industries Inc. The introduction of the bonus round, which deviated from the conventional set of reels, was the first step in the development of video slots. The video slots are known for having many bonus features included in them.

Comparing Classic and Video Slots

Classic slots are video games that are modeled after the slot machines that can be seen in physical casinos. They normally have three reels, one row, and one payline, and a lever. Additionally, you can find classic slots with 5 reels and 3 paylines, which automatically offer more paylines. However, they are devoid of any extra features or bonus rounds.

On the other hand, video slots are an upgraded version of traditional slots. They are more technologically advanced and possess greater innovation. In general, you’ll discover that video slots have better themes and more reels, rows, and paylines. With extra bonus elements like free spins and many more symbols, the gameplay is also more distinct. Additionally, the creation of special symbols and additional game features like cluster payouts are important. On that, however, later.

How Video Slots Work

The operation of video slots is identical to that of classic slots. You have your standard horizontally arranged reels, and the number of symbols that may fit on a reel is determined by the number of rows. Once this is decided, the number of paylines you have affects how many different methods there are to generate a winner. It goes without saying that the more paylines, the better.

A 5×3 grid is the most typical layout for slot machines. These games typically have between 10 and 25 paylines, with winning combinations generating from left to right, beginning with the first reel. The good news is that compared to classic slots, video slots have a lot more paylines and additional features.

A random number generator is used in video slots to guarantee the fairness of every game. This makes sure that games spin entirely at random and do not exhibit any form of pattern.

Why Play Video Slots

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If the fact that this is the most played and well-liked online gambling activity hasn’t convinced you, let us explain why video slots are the best option in more detail. When compared to traditional slots, these games offer a lot more entertainment and benefits.

Each video slot has its own characteristics in addition to having more paylines and a better overall look.

Special Symbols

The addition of unique symbols was one of the changes from traditional to video slots. In particular, the wild sign. The wild symbol is an icon that might appear at any time on the reels and would take the place of all other regular symbols. In other words, it aids you in your efforts to put together a potent combo. Wilds are renowned to increase your chances of winning while also having huge payouts.

A huge reward is frequently associated with the scatter symbol, which is a complement to the wild. In a slot machine game, bonus rounds are launched by the scatter. Depending on the video slot you choose to play, scatters may offer a variety of features.

Bonus Features

In fact, there are more advantages to playing video slots besides special symbols. They also have added bonuses. The most common of these bonus features—free spins—can come in a variety of forms.

You normally get a number of spins during the free spins bonus round without having to make any bets. The free spins round typically includes additional interesting features. Just a few of the modes that video slots can include in their gameplay are as follows:

  • Cascading Wins: After every win, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels and make way for new symbols to drop into the empty positions. This can lead to additional pay outs from potential new winning formations.
  • Multipliers: It is very common for video slots to include multipliers into their gameplay. This can be through activating special bonus features or simply by attaching multipliers to certain symbols.
  • Sticky Symbols: A popular video slot bonus feature is sticky symbols, which sees strong symbols – such as wilds – stay in their position for a number of spins. This will ensure that you have the symbol present on your screen whilst you continue spinning for more wins.

These are only three examples of a whole portfolio full of video slot features.

Placing the right bet

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The betting range a slot machine offers is one thing you’ll want to pay close attention to. You can bet a certain amount on each game based on this. Video slots typically have a stake range of €/£0.10 to €/£100 per spin.

Video Slots Guide: Return To Player

Additionally, you’ll want to be alert for words like RTP and volatility. Return To Player, or RTP, is essentially a proportion of how much you stand to earn over a long period of time. RTP can also be used to determine the house advantage.

A slot machine with a 96 percent RTP has a 4 percent house advantage. The calculation is performed in the manner listed below. If you wager $1 per spin for 100 spins, you should finish up with a total of about $96. Naturally, this is but one illustration of how RTP reflects a slot’s house advantage.

High and Low Volatility

You can divide the volatility section into two pieces. There are slots with low volatility and ones with high volatility. Low volatility symbols are those with lesser payouts. They typically have a large number of wild symbols, several scatter payouts, and numerous winning combos made up of lower-valued symbols. resulting in ongoing minor rewards payments.

On the other side, high volatility slots are much riskier but also far more profitable, especially when it comes to hitting large jackpots or winnings. The slots with high volatility have the potential to deplete your cash without even lighting the world on fire. Greater danger and greater profit accompany them. It simply depends on your luck that particular day.

The Bottom Line

2021 will be the year of video slots. Visit our casino games page at JackpotFinder to select from a wide variety of games. Video slots predominate at both our casino and the majority of other casinos. These games have cutting-edge graphics, several distinctive features, and creative gameplay environments.

We hope that you have enjoyed the informative video slots guide and have learnt a thing or two that you did not know before. If you want to test out various games and see for yourself, feel free to try out our jackpot slots. This includes games with the biggest prizes.

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