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Optimal Betting – Mathematics For Casino Games 

So just what is this optimal betting all about? Many gamblers will tell you that it’s very difficult to turn a negative expectation into a positive one. This is especially true if you’re using money manipulation. That’s simply because all casinos will have a maximum and minimum bet requirement. Often referred to as the “table limits.” You may well find that many efficient money management systems will inform players that there are certain situations when they simply should not bet at all.

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To put it another way, here at Jackpotfinder.com, we don’t recommend that a player should ever bet on a game that offers them a negative expectancy. If you are going to play this type of game, then it’s best if you place significantly lower bets. Understand that such games should just be for entertainment purposes. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that you can experience very large losses. Why not try your hand at Bet365 Casino. You’re guaranteed a great time as they have every variety of casino games under the sun. Even better, they offer all new players a great welcome bonus of 100% up to £25!

Contrary to this, we would like to think that all players are looking to discover wagering situations that are going to be more favourable to them. The problem with this situation is that once they find a suitable game, then they will face the problem of how best to divide up their limited financial resources in order to play. This is what we refer to as “Optimal Betting.” On the whole, this will only function providing it’s made under certain conditions.

The Main Aspects of Optimal Betting

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If you’re taking part in gambling activities, then when making a bet, you should always consider your own limitations. Yes we know, it’s a very common saying. But it’s absolutely true. That a player should only gamble with as much as they are able to lose comfortably. It’s important that betting doesn’t cost you too much. Either literally or figuratively. Having said that, it’s also important that, for optimal betting, you calculate any expected values that your winnings may generate. So if you find that the expected values are too low, then we suggest you walk away from such games. Don’t waste your money or time on making such wagers and trying to win the jackpot online. The rewards are too small for the risk or even the effort. 

There is another consideration at play here. For example, if a gambler puts his whole bankroll on a single bet, then the expected game would be much larger, than if they split up their bankroll into many small amounts. You can see the danger here. It’s possible to boost the expected gain of any casino game by upping the betting amounts. But this doesn’t necessarily equal one of the wisest jackpot winning strategies.

Split Up Your Bankroll

Another thing that it’s important to consider is that you need to keep in mind that when placing a bet on certain casino jackpot games then both the probability and the payoff will stay the same for each bet. That’s why we recommend the most reasonable course of action and the best betting strategy. This is going to involve placing a bet of exactly the same fraction of your bankroll each time. On the whole, for optimal betting, we recommend a 4% fraction for a single bet over an entire game. This is what’s known as the “Optimal Geometric Growth Portfolio.” And it’s considered the best optimal betting strategy for managing your bankroll when playing virtually all casino games.


OK…so you’re probably going to want to ask the question as to why this strategy is more effective than others?. The bottom line is that you’re not risking too much. But at the same time, you’re able to bet enough that it might bring in a worthwhile prize. We suggest that you make this percentage your minimum wager. Then it’s going to be much easier to calculate how long your bankroll will last. This type of money management system will also give you the possibility of increasing your bankroll through winnings a bit faster than any other betting strategy. Another point to consider is that by dividing up your bankroll into smaller increments, then you have a much higher chance to increase your jackpot winning chances within a certain time limit.

Optimal Betting Equals Good Money Management

But gambling at the casino, whether online or offline, it’s not just about financial profit. You go to the casino for many reasons. The primary ones are to have fun whilst at the same time having the possibility of taking home some winnings. If you’re going to place your entire bankroll down on a single bet then your evening in the casino is going to be very short-lived.  The longer you are there, the greater the entertainment value you’ll experience. If you consider that optimal betting is going to be safer than many other money management options, that’s always a good starting point as well. It will allow you to implement this system with a huge variety of casino games.

As well as giving you the possibility of generating much larger profits in a much shorter time. But more importantly than any of that, optimal betting will ensure that you don’t lose too much money by placing foolish or reckless bets. As a starting point, we at Jackpotfinder.com recommend that you always use an optimal betting system when playing either blackjack or roulette. The optimal betting systems can be implemented into the gameplay of both of these games in a very efficient manner. In so doing, this offers you some of the best possibilities of lining your pockets as the evening proceeds. We suggest that you head over to Bet365 Casino to practice what we’ve preached here. 

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