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What Attributes Make Up Your Poker Style

There are probably three different elements that all go towards making up an individual’s poker style at the games table or at the online jackpot sites:

Aggression vs. Caution
Sneaky vs. Straightforward
Risk vs. Reward

We believe that every player falls either into or between one of these categories. But these are not simply cut and dried categories. They’ve more likely a 1 – 10 scale of grading. So, maybe a playing scores a 7 in aggressiveness and a 2 in sneakiness. Let’s have a better look at each of these factors in turn.

Aggression vs. Caution

As far as poker style goes, this means how aggressively or cautiously they spend their chips to stay in the game. So the more aggressive will wager more chips, unlike a tighter player who’ll be more considerate in their approach.

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Sneaky vs. Straightforward

This is really a measure of how well the player can “trick” the table. A sneaky player is more likely to bluff, semi-bluff, and runs gambits. A straight player does not do any of these things in order to get ahead.

Risk Vs. Reward

If you’re a risk player then you don’t mind taking chances on a big pot or a bad hand. Conversely, a rewarding player is more likely to calculate exactly what they’re going to do. On the whole, we pair risk with aggression. Risk is about what you’ll be willing to do in order to stay in the game. So a risk player can maintain their seat at the games table, but without using any real thought but a rewarding player can only do so by thinking through the odds.

How to Find Your Poker Style

Well, to start with you’re going to have to find yourself a game of poker! Then you need to be able to look at yourself through the lens of a third party. That means turning off your natural internal narrative about who you are and what you can do. Sometimes you can actually witness this at the games table. A normally timid player will suddenly jump in and take a massive risk. It’s not “them” who’s making that choice, but the fact that they saw a YouTube poker tutorial last night and found an opportunity to put the lesson into practice at today’s game.

Analyze The Why And The Where

So, when you receive your cards…ask yourself, do you want to bet often? Is staying in the game the most important aspect of gameplay? If so, then you’re leaning towards being an aggressive player. But if you’re fine mucking on a borderline hand, then your erring towards caution. It doesn’t mean you’ll always play this way…but it does point to a certain style. On the other hand, if you take pleasure in bluffing or value betting, then that points to a sneaky person. But you might be the guy who’s just straight and likes to play that way. You’re a straightforwards guy playing straightforwards poker.

If your name happens to be “YOLO” then you’re automatically going to have a higher risk score. For those that don’t know, it means “You only live once”. Driving fast and jumping from planes spring to mind. But if you’re more cerebral, then you’ll be wanting to know the numbers before proceeding. You play a tight game. Funnily enough, that’s our own poker style.

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So What’s Your Poker Style?

So where about’s do you lie on this spectrum of traits? Whatever you are and wherever you rank, doesn’t really have any huge implications on your abilities to win or lose at poker. They certainly will not stop you from enjoying a game. It’s actually when you’re playing against your preferences, that you reduce the chances of coming out on top. Now, once you’re self-aware enough to know your own poker style, then why not check out the other players seated at your elbows. Because playing a certain style against another can help win hands. For example, you can probably trap an aggressive player, but you can’t bluff them.

poker style
It’s hard to find your own sites

Sneaky Can Be A Problem

It’s a lot more difficult to find sneaky or straightforward players without seeing the cards from which they make their selection. But when they do show their hands, use the information to de-construct their play up to that point. You’ll see whether they bluffed or made a value bet. Remember that the more sneaky a player is, the less you can trust their read. So keep that in mind.

Play The Risk Player At His Own Game

Risk player, with there all or nothing gameplay, always have a good possibility of flaming out early on. Let them be on their merry way. Reward players need to watch carefully. Their nature leaves them open to be suckered. The most important poker style to know is your own. Then you’ll finally understand how other players perceive you. And from that point, you can start to make the changes that help make improvements your gameplay

Discover Your Own Poker Style

To that degree, style does matter. One other way of learning about your style of play is to examine how you like to behave whilst playing video games. Some hold back and wait for the enemy. Others like to rush in with the hope that surprise will do half the job for them. With poker, it’s kinda similar. You need to play a lot and after every episode, take a break and self analyze exactly what and why you did what you did. Once you find your poker style, you’ll really be able to enjoy the game even more.

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