Ronnie Music jr
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The Ronnie Music Jr Story 

This is the crazy story of a 46-year-old man called Ronnie Music Jr who managed to win $3 million from the lottery which he then used to create his own crystal meth distribution network. it’s hard not to compare this story with that of Water White in Breaking Bad.

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Ronnie Music Jr Before The Lottery Win

We don’t know much about his early life, though we do know his date of birth was 1972. He was born and raised in Waycross which is in Southeast Georgia. Over the years most of his felonies were committed in that same state. From his youth, he was well known to local police and correction officers at the Wilcox State Prison. In fact, before his lottery win, he’d already been in prison on several occasions. Below you can find his arrest warrants and rap sheet.

  • 2003 – Convicted of terrorist threats and possession of a prohibited weapon
  • 2007 – Convicted for possession of illegal firearms
  • 2009 – Convicted for running a meth lab and possession of illegal firearms
  • 2015 – Busted with 5 grams of amphetamines with the intent to distribute them

A Life Of Crime

As you can see, in 2009, Ronnie Music jr was convicted for running a meth lab as well as possession of an illegal firearm. For this, he received a 10-year jail sentence. Because this was his third official case, he went down for 10 years in Wilcox State Prison. This was under the Clinton three strikes and you’re out program. Knowing now that he won the lottery in 2015, you might be asking yourself how could that be possible if he was still under incarceration? Well in truth, he didn’t serve his complete sentence. He was in fact on release with parole in 2012. And 3 years later he got to land the Georgia State Lottery with $3 million in prize money.

Now we come to the most interesting part of the whole story. We’re not certain if we would class this as a comedy or a tragedy. But one thing is certain. And that is career criminals find it hard to change their ways. And even long prison sentences can not help with their rehabilitation. Maybe they actually do the very opposite of the desired result. Certainly, in this case, they did.

From Convict to Millionaire & Back


It’s true that Ronnie Music jr wasn’t a saint by any means. But in 2015, when he hit the 100x The Money Jackpot of $3 million, many saw this as a divine second chance. Of course, it goes without saying that everybody who plays the lottery has a fantasy that they too could win the major prize. But it’s an uncommon event and even if you play other popular American interstate lotteries you still only belong to a handful of people as a progressive jackpot winner and lottery jackpot millionaire. Probably the online website with the largest number of lottery tickets from lotteries around the globe is TheLotter. You can see the size of the prizes you could win from some of the other American Interstate lotteries below.

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After accepting his winnings, he explained to reporters from lotto news, that he enjoyed buying lottery tickets every once in a while in order to try his luck. Rather than go to casinos to win the jackpot, his preferred type of gambling was scratch lottery tickets where you use a coin or your fingernail to scratch off an opaque covering the numbers below. He said that when he first laid eyes on the numbers he couldn’t believe them. He honestly believed his luck had changed for the better. Nevertheless, when interviewed by the media, later on, he said that he and his wife were going to save part of the money and live with a smaller portion of it. At the time of winning, Ronnie Music jr was working as a maintenance supervisor.

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Remember To Pay Taxes On Your Winnings

It’s important to remember that when you win a lottery prize in most American states, you’re required to pay taxes. This means that the amount won will not be the amount you take home at the end of the day. In the state of Georgia, the winnings are subject to local and federal taxes which total almost 30%. That means the total prize money Ronnie Music Jr was able to take home was equivalent to about $2.1 million. Of course, things began in a rather familiar manner. One in which huge sums of money go on expensive cars, jewellery and the ubiquitous huge new house.


But lurking underneath all this glamour and glitz was the problem that he’d always moved in criminal circles. He found it difficult to escape his darker past. As you can imagine it wasn’t long before some of his old acquaintances were in contact with him. Just a few months later these same acquaintances were arrested by local police forces who found them to be in possession of 7 kilos of crystal methamphetamine. We’re guessing it wasn’t Heisenburg’s finest blue. At the time, the market value was over half a million US dollars. This series of events eventually led to Ronnie’s own arrest. At the time he was in possession of 11 g of crystal meth. Unfortunately, that was the least of his problems. When the police carried out a house search they found 11 illegal weapons as well as over $600,000 in cash.

What Happened to Ronnie Music Jr?

Once Rooney was arrested and interviewed it became clear that he was in the process of organising a huge drug distribution network for crystal methamphetamine which would cover the whole of South-Eastern Georgia. It quickly became apparent that Ronnie Music jr had invested a significant amount of the winnings into his new business venture. Unfortunately for him, the judge then signed fines totalling over $20 million. According to the latest lottery news, because he had previous criminal convictions, he now faced a 21-year prison sentence. It’s a sad indictment that many point to Ronnie Music jr as a typical lost cause when it comes to criminality. 

Yet on a rather oblique note of positivity, compared to many other lottery winners, like the infamous UK National Lottery winner Michael Carroll, Ronnie Music jr didn’t simply fritter away his money. He tried to do something a bit nobler. Which was to set up a business. Unfortunately, the only business he would know is the criminal business. And so setting up a crystal methamphetamine distribution network must have seemed like an excellent business idea, with huge potential profits.

But in reality, even Walter White will tell you there’s no such thing as easy money. Even if you are gambling, full of hope and expectations, at the end of the day, most gamblers will lose all their money well before they’re able to take away any winnings. Now head over to TheLotter and try your lottery luck. Just remember to spend your winnings wisely!

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