slot machine payback

Introduction: Slot Machine Payback Percentages

You may often see ads that claim, “Our casino slots pay 99%”. Don’t make a confusion between the casino payout and the house edge. These ads only pertain to a very small number of machines, not the overall casino itself. Today, all slots machines make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is a means of providing accurate odds for both the player and the house. Before a machine gets a spot on the casino gaming floor, it is thoroughly tested to ensure, that no matter how many times you might win, the house will always have the edge in the long run.

The House Edge at Slots

There are no states where you can just roll up and set up some gaming machines and then sit back and collect the money. No, each and every machine manufacturer or supplier must first submit for registering and testing. They will need to supply the math charts that prove the house edge. This is a duty of the various state gaming control boards. And they take their jobs very seriously. Most states require a minimum payout of 86%, though most casinos are a lot more generous to the player. In Nevada for example, penny slots have a house edge of 90% and dollar slots come in at 99%.

slot machine payback
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Slot Machine Payback Percentages: Ignore the Ads

Now, just because a machine might state a payback of 99%, doesn’t mean you’ll get 99 cents back for each and every dollar you stuff into it. It’s all about the average. Over a long period of time. So, tonight you might win $500 or lose $50, but that’s short term. Over a couple of months or more, the casino will always win as the house edge is quietly making sure that the total sum of results will always go the way of the house. Your only chance s if you follow one of the best jackpot strategies.

It’s Average Over Time

Gambling, like investing always has some small print which states that the value of your investment can go up or down. With gambling it’s the same principle, you can sometimes win and other times lose money. So the 99% house edge, in practical terms means that you will eventually hit that number, but it’ll take a while. If you play a slot machine and shove in $3 per spin and spin 10 times each hour, then you’re going to spend a total of $3 x 10 x 6, which equals $1,800 in action. At a 99% house edge, it means that you spent $18 to play.

Play Within Your Means

OK…here’s something to keep in mind as you stroll over to the slots machines.The higher the denomination of the machine, the greater the overall payback will be. So, smaller machines will eat more of your coinage. Now, this is all great and dandy if you have a large bankroll and are a very relaxed person. But as a general rule, only play the machines that offer you the best bang for your buck. Don’t play any games you can’t afford. It sounds so simple and yet many falls into the trap of overspending.

Slot Machine Payback Percentages: Minimum Bet Amounts

Many slots machines will have a minimum bet for winning any of the more serious prizes like jackpots or big cash bonuses. So don’t be surprises if you win the jackpot, only get some extra spins. Either accept that you’re not going home rich or start putting in some more serious amounts of coinage. Of course, if you’re happy sitting there all night and just throwing in nickles, then go ahead and knock yourself out. You will not win much, but conversely, you will not be losing much either. If you would like to see other interesting strategies check out our other guides to win the jackpot.

Your Best Option

Your optimal gaming experience will come from playing the machines you enjoy the most. Yes, enjoyment is why you’re in the casino in the first place. When you first sit down, please make sure to read the Help Screen. All the pertinent information will be written there. You’ll see what you’ll be needing to play with in order to hit any of the progressive jackpots. Whilst you’re playing, keep an eye open for bonuses or Royal Flushes. If you’re a serious player, then the house edge might play a part in your decision making. But if you’re the average punter, visiting the casino once in a while, the house edge has no noticeable effect of your chances of winning. Or more importantly, your chances of having a great time.