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Introduction: Casino Comps

Most people are under the impression that comps are given out only to those high rollers who spend a lot in the casino. But this simply isn’t true. There are as many forms of comps as there are reasons for giving them out. Of course, the different levels are going to roughly correspond to your overall spend. After all, the casino is a business, not a charity. But most players can expect to get something for free. Maybe just a silly hat, or some pens for promotional purposes. But free is free. It’s still a comp. Then we can go all the way up to free five-star hotel rooms, along with free food and drinks.

Casino Comps: Free Drinks

Free drinks are pretty much given out to all players at the casino. It’s probably the most universal of all comps. If you’re sat at the games table playing poker or any other game, you’ll be served free drinks. What’s known as “casino rate” is another form of comp. If you’re playing and having a good time, then obviously the casino wants you to stay. To that end, they can offer you a discount on a room for the night. Or buffet dinner. Or a show. In fact whatever they have in their arsenal to keep you from leaving. If you play enough, then these go from being discounts to being outright freebies.

Get Casino Rated

So how do you qualify for comps? Well, you’ll be needing two things. First of all, you have to be what’s called, “play rated”. This simply means that you sign up for whatever player program the casino is offering. You’ll be given a card and should use it whenever you play the slots. If you happen to be playing at a table, with a dealer or croupier, then you should ask the pit boss to rate your play. But probably the most important thing you can do is simply ask.

Casino Comps: Just Ask

So the second way to get comps is to ask for them. When you’re gambling, no one will come to bother you. If you want something, then just ask for it. If your spending qualifies you for the comp you asked for, then you’ll receive it. It’s really that simple. If you’re told that you don’t or haven’t qualified, then ask what more you need to do in order to do so. Many people are shy and feel awkward about asking for comps. As if they are somehow begging or asking for alms. This is silly. The casino wants you to stay put and they’re happy to give you what you want. Remember that the comp is wholesale to them, but retail to you. In other words, it doesn’t cost them the price you normally might pay.

Some Casino Comp Tips

Some tips to help you in your quest for comps? If you’re gonna ask for food, then always do so whilst you’re playing. Because at that moment you are actually spending money. They don’t know when you’re going to stop, so they’re bound to offer you something. If you’re on the machines, you’ll need to speak with the casino host. Simply tell the slot attendant this and they will call the host for you. If you’re at the gaming tables, then you need to speak with the pit boss.

Speak With The Casino Host

Now to get a room comp, you really need to speak with the casino host before you check out with your winnings. You should tell them you’re thinking of checking out….and do they have a free or reduced rate room for you? If you’re not quite in the comp zone, then the host will tell you what more you need to do in order to qualify. So many people leave the casino without realizing that they actually would qualify for so much free stuff.

casino comps
Just ask

Be Kind and Respectful

A good practice is to speak with a casino host before you start playing. Let them know what comp you’re after. They will then spend time helping you to achieve your goal. They will let you know how you can reach the casino targets set with every comp. As we said earlier, there’s no embarrassment about asking for freebies. It’s part of the casino experience and it’s all been carefully priced into the day to day running. It goes without saying that you should always ask politely and be gracious at all times. Always thank the casino host for the comp. If you would like to learn more about how should you act in the casinos check out our best jackpot guides.