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Introduction: Are Sports Betting Prediction Sites Worth It?

Go on the internet and after a simple search, you’ll see any number of sports betting tipster sites. Judging by their claims, these are sites to win the jackpot.  These make their money by selling predictions to punters. But do they actually work? Are the punters who pay for these tips better off after the game in question? Let’s have a look…

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How Sports Betting Prediction Site Work

These are more commonly called “pick services” and they’ve been with us for decades. On the whole, they appear to cater to the lazy bettor or the bettor who has lost his confidence. These businesses will often claim to use special computer software to be able to make accurate predictions on popular sports. There are other businesses that function around the predictions of a single individual. there’s nothing to stop you from setting up a website and then claiming that you can predict sporting outcomes better than anyone else. And then charging money for the service of providing results to punters.

In many ways, having your own sports betting service will be a lot more profitable than spending your money with another service. On the whole, prediction services make their money by offering a subscription service. These can be for a series of games, for a month or for a whole season. The important thing for the service is to get your money upfront. These sites offer to help novice gamblers, or those without sufficient time, to turn a profit. You’ll quickly notice that the winning percentages on offer at off the scale. That’s because it’s all hot air. The money is made from your subscription, not from any winning bets. Common sense would tell you that if they had such a winning system, then why share it.? Why just not make billions from it?

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Noone can see the future

Proceed with Caution

Let’s look at a really successful sports bettor, Anthony Bloom. He has managed to amass a fortune of over $1 billion over the course of his career. So it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s one of the world’s most successful sports bettors of all time. So why isn’t he selling tips and predictions, along with jackpot winning strategies? The point is, that if you’re really successful at picking winners, then why to bother with all the small fry by selling tips over the internet. See, that’s just a huge red flag. Many of these tout sites claim to have a better win rate than Anthony Bloom himself. Then why don’t they set up shop themselves and reap the rewards? Can you see the general picture that’s emerging here?

Let’s Flip A Coin

You’ll find plenty of these sites offering what they call “free picks”. Now these, as with all bets have a 50/50 chance. The problem is that punters are conditioned to only focus on the ones that win. When one loses, it’s a case of “Oh well, better luck next time”. Then you’ll find certain sites offer a “guaranteed lock”. These choices will be heavily promoted and high-lighted on the web site. They are sold at a premium as they are billed as “can’t lose tips”. But every man and his dog knows that there’s no such thing as a sure bet in sports betting. no one can predict the outcome of a game or match.

The Dirty Truth Behind Prediction Sites’ Business Model

It’s an unfortunate fact that these sites prey on the weak-minded and the naive. If you were to step back from these businesses, you’d see straight away that they are all con jobs. here’s how it works in practice. Let’s say that your tout company signs up to 100 customers in the first week. From each set of picks, half will win and half will lose. So, you’ve just created 50 loyal customers. You can use their experience to promote how successful your picks are. Many of the losers will chalk their loss to bad luck. In the second week, you make the same 50/50 split. So you’ll end up with 25 incredibly happy punters (they’ve won twice now thanks to your picks) and 50 customers who have broken even. Then there are the 25 losers.

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In order to displace any criticism that might be heading your way, simply offer a full credit on all picks that they’ve made to date. With the most expensive tips, keep in mind that the guarantee is only on the money you spent with the tipster for that tip, not on the betting amount, which could be thousands of dollars. So when you end up losing, the tout isn’t going to give you a sympathetic ear. But what they will do, is commiserate with you and then make you another offer of how to win the jackpot. And you simply can’t refuse.

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Alternative Methods for Making Selections

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. but behind every scheme, there stands a schemer. These sites are just getting rich quick schemes and certainly remember the old saying; if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. The bottom line is that you don’t need these charlatan methods to do well at sports betting. yes, we know, everyone wants to be an expert without putting in the work. A wildly successful sports bettor like Billy Walters never called a 900 number and asked for tomorrow’s horse racing tips. He built his wealth slowly and steadily by creating a system for himself, that actually worked slightly more than 50% of the time.

As a sports bettor, you’re not living in a vacuum. There are thousands of other people just like you, trying their hand at sports betting and trying to make at least a small profit. In the age of the internet, there are literally thousands of online communities and groups all dedicated to the same interest. here you’ll find valuable information about strategy and other formulas for success. But be certain, that no one who has developed a sure-fire method of being right more than, say 55% of the time, is going to be willing to share that information. It’s unrealistic to be thinking any other way.

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When Are Sports Betting Prediction Sites Worth It?

Well, the only way it’s worth going into this business is if you’re the actual owner. All you need to get started is a website, an email address, and get a credit card processing account. It’s that simple. Of course, you’ll need to provide tips. As we’ve seen, whether these tips actually work or not is beside the point. The only thing left to do is find a cheap and effective means of marketing your venture. If you’re a full-time sports bettor, who is able to make a decent living from it, then there can be no harm in sharing the love. It’s not like you’re dependent on these suckers. But the trouble starts when you start to view your customers as suckers, who will buy more or less anything you throw their way. e imagine that this can be an extremely profitable venture.

Conclusion: Are Sports Betting Prediction Sites Worth It?

Sports betting can be a hugely frustrating activity. On the one hand, you don’t want to be betting blindly, without at least some knowledge of the sport and the players. But on the other hand, the more information you collect, the more that’s needed. It’s as if you’re always falling slightly short of knowledge and therefore failing at the last hurdle. These sportsbook tipsters appear to have done all the heavy lifting for you. So if, for example, you want to win the football jackpot, then all you have to do is to send some money their way, and those winning tips will fall into your lap. Really? Nope! It’s really a scam. All of it.

Think it through logically and you’ll begin to realize that no one gives away their secrets if they’re making good money from them. The money for them is in the selling off the tips. Not in the results. Take some time to study a sport that interests you. Even armed with a small bit of knowledge, you’ll make more money than by buying tips from these charlatans.

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