buffets in Las Vegas
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Introduction: The Best Buffets in Las Vegas

As every gambler worth their salt knows, the best buffets in the world are in Las Vegas. For every glutton and overfed lump of lard, their all-you-can-eat buffets are liker culinary heaven on earth. If you’ve never been to a Las Vegas buffet, then you’re missing out on something really special. Vegas buffets do bill themselves as the best buffets in the world. (We’re not so sure, as the majority of American have never traveled and don’t even own a passport). But it’s true that they are to be found inside most of the larger casinos.

Here are some of the best buffets in Vegas.

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street

Interestingly enough, this buffet isn’t as well known as many others on this list. Yet it has a stellar reputation as being one of the very best in the whole of the city. Prices range from a very reasonable $15 – $30 ahead. It’s situated inside the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino, which makes this buffet court smack bang in the center of the city. So when you’re tired of playing jackpot slots, then make your way over to the Garden Court. And since it’s downtown, it takes in many visitors who happen to be around in the historic center. It’s also a great place to mix and mingle with other patrons. The atmosphere is light and airy and the food is said to be some of the best in the city. We suggest the crab or getting a prime rib.

At the end of the meal, you’ll feel satisfied without having to break the bank. And when you’re done, then it’s but a tiny walk to Fremont Street for another Vegas experience.

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas: Veranda at Four Seasons

We should start by warning you that this isn’t going to be the easiest on your wallet, with prices starting at $30 and going up to well over $100 per person. But, now we’ve got that out of the way, we should point out the Trip Advisor 4.5 rating, making it the most highly-rated buffet in the city that never sleeps. Also, we should point out that there is quite a price discrepancy depending on the time you choose to visit and dine. But one thing for certain, that whether you’re taking breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food is excellent. They do have a bonkers breakfast with smoked salmon, toasted bagels and omelets.

buffets in Las Vegas
Four Season’s Pool in Las Vegas – Image source: Flickr

All the reviews make a special point of mentioning the waiting staff, how attentive and careful they all are. And the last point is to see the wonderful view which is complemented by the warm tones used in the decor.

Cravings Buffet at The Mirage

Well, we guess that everyone must have heard of the Mirage. They also make the claim to having the best buffet in the whole city, though their Trip Advisor 4.0 rating says otherwise. So, let’s settle for great, but not outstanding. One major point is that the buffet has a reasonable price, with cost per person starting at $15 and going up to around $35 putting it firmly in the mid-tier price range. Another great thing is that this buffet is located right on the Las Vegas strip. So once you’ve had your meal, you can take a wander along the bust causeway before going to see a show or go and play some jackpot games. This buffet probably has the widest selection of different foods from around the world. There’s American, Chinese, Latin, Mediterranean, Greek, and Mexican to name some of the delicious choices.

Whether you’re after a tasty salad, a plate of seafood, or some tacos and re-fried beans, here you’ll find pretty much everything you can dream of.

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The Best Buffets in Las Vegas: The Bellagio

We’ve put this in fourth place on our list. Not because there’s anything wrong with the Bellagio. It’s just that it can get pretty pricey. Trip Advisor gives it a 4.0, just like many others we’ve covered. Though there’s a huge array of foods, the menu prices start at around $18 and can go up to and beyond $80 per head. So, though this buffet might be a little too expensive for many people, if you do happen to go for it, then you’ll not be disappointed. They also make a show of things, having live cooking stations so that the chefs cook at the table. If you have the bucks, then this is probably one of the very best dining experiences in Vegas.

buffets in Las Vegas
Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada – Image source: Flickr

The Buffet at Aria

Though this buffet scores yet another 4.0 with Trip Advisor, we can say that it’s a very well deserved 4.0. Like many of these buffets in Las Vegas, it sits in the mid-tier price range of between $25 – $45 per head. Or, you can get yourself an all day-pass for $60. If you want space for yourself and your friends, or business partners then they have private dining. Another interesting point is that, unlike any of the other buffets mentioned here, make a big deal out of the allergy-free menu. In fact, more than half of the menu is gluten-free. So, if you have any food allergies or hangups, then Aria is the place to go.

Carnival World Buffet

This one is at the Rio Casino. Unfortunately, it’s around a 20-minute walk from the main strip, being on the wrong side of the highway. It’s not an ideal location, which along with a pretty mediocre menu sees it granted a 3.5 rating from Trip Advisor. The buffet price range is between $26 – $32 per head. It’s best known for its seafood, which some customers rave about. But the rest of the menu is pretty meh.

Cannery Row Buffet

The Cannery Row Buffet suffers from being light-years away from the strip. This means that your entertainment options after eating will require an UBER. Getting a 3.0 from Trip Advisor shouldn’t put you off. The actual buffet itself is pretty good, though they tend to push the soup and salad bar pretty hard. As far as pricing goes, it’s one of the cheapest options in the city. You should expect to pay out between 10 – $20 per head. When you think about it, and compare it with the cost of a McDee’s, then it’s a clear winner in terms of bang for your buck. The actual interior decor creates a very calm and pleasant atmosphere and they really put the effort into room design and table layout.

buffets in Las Vegas
Cannery Row in California

Also, we should point but that all the reviews stated that the food was great. So, for those among you looking to get a fill-up without breaking the bank, then Cannery Row Buffet sounds like the perfect recipe for you.

Conclusion: The Best Buffets in Las Vegas

It’s not surprising that Las Vegas would bill its own buffets as some of the best in the world. And they can get away with the hyperbole because very few Americans have traveled outside their own borders. From a worldly perspective, the food is just about passable. It’s buffet food after all, which unlike restaurant food, will spend some time sitting after cooking whilst waiting for a customer. The buffets seem to sell themselves not so much on the quality of the food, but rather the quantity. In order to make a profit with an all you can eat establishment means that there’s no choice but to cut every cost back to the bone. And that’s because of the sheer amount of wastage.

Though we found the buffets in Las Vegas able to fulfill their reputation as monster dining areas filled with food, there’s something quintessentially American about them. And it goes without saying, they could be nowhere else but in Sin City.