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A Concise Guide To The Craps Horn Bet

If you’re a casino craps player, then you’ll know that there are a huge number of bets to play from. One of these is the craps horn bet. This is one of a series of bets that are very misunderstood by novice gamblers, even though it offers a very high payout. To help clear the muddy waters, we thought we take a look at some of the craps horn betting strategies available. This is to help enable you to incorporate them into your next craps game plan. And hopefully increase your jackpot winning chances.

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What is a Horn Bet In Craps?

Simply put, a horn bet is a wager on one roll of the dice for a specific number. In other words, you’re betting on the next number to come up. Keep in mind that any bets you make will only count for one roll. This means that you either get winnings placed on the table where you make the horn bet, or you simply lose the money you wagered.

Craps Horn Bet Numbers

Horn bets are put on all of the following numbers; 2, 3, 11, and 12. By doing this, your horn wager will be evenly split among the four. So, if for example, you place a $100 horn bet, then you’re going to be putting a $50 on each of these numbers. If you’re a craps veteran, you’ll know that these numbers go by the name of “Horn Numbers.”

Types of Horn Bets

As a craps player, you can bet on any set of 2 horn numbers. In order to receive a higher payout then you’ll need to find the lower probability of that particular number occurring. It’s also possible to make a craps horn bet that covers all four of the above whole numbers. Depending on where you’re playing, you’ll find that at some crap tables, the whole wager on two numbers is called “prop number bets.” As a given, a horn bet will always be a wager that is split four ways and covers four different numbers.

Betting Horn Bets By Factors of Four


As previously mentioned, you must always place the horn bet that’s divisible by a factor of 4. As a matter of fact, that should be part and parcel of any basic craps horn bet strategy. If your winnings aren’t divisible by 4, then the casino will round down to the nearest whole number. For example, let’s say you place a $25 horn bet covering four numbers, then $25 / 4 is $6.25. Now imagine you managed to win on a 2. You’ll therefore receive 30:1 winnings. As such, your winnings should total $187.50. But with the casino rounding down you’re winning total, then you’ll receive $187. 

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Horn Bets On Individual Numbers

Any bet that’s not placed on four individual properties can no longer be referred to as a horn bet. By nature, horn bets are high-reward, high-risk bets. Nevertheless, they have a better chance to payout on a single roll than the 4 numbers individually.

The Craps Horn Bet House Edge

To be frank, you’ll find at the horn bet has probably the worst house edge of all crap bets. There’s a 13.9% house edge on the 2 or 12. And an 11.1% house edge on the 11 or 3 horn bet. Even though they might offer some very high payouts, veteran craps players referred to these bets as “sucker bets.” This is purely down to the strong house edge. In reality, horn bets are difficult to win. Though some players may claim that they have a consistent horn betting strategy, we are rather doubtful.

What Does A Horn Bet Pay In Craps?

If you take a look at the table below, you’ll see that it features proposition bets and includes both the payout and the probability per roll. 

Horn Number        Probability     Payout     Payout on $100 Horn Bet 

Proposition 2                    2.78%               30:1                             $750

Proposition on 3               5.56%               15:1                              $375

Proposition on 11              5.56%               15:1                             $375

Proposition on 12             2.78%               30:1                             $750

Horn Bet WIn (all four) 16.66%        30:1 or 15:1             $750 or $375

2 or 12 Horn                      5.56%               30:1                           $1500

3 or 11 Horn                      11.12%                15:1                             $750

Probably one reason why horn betting is so popular, in spite of that terrible house edge, is that it offers one of the largest payouts in the game of craps. For example, a horn bet on all four proper numbers will give you the same odds, 16.6%, as rolling a 7 on a single roll.

Craps Horn Bet Strategy


You’ll find that many of the craps horn betting strategies available are useful, both in brick-and-mortar casinos as well as playing at online casino sites like Bodog Casino. To be truthful, many of these craps betting jackpot winning strategies are also applicable to other types of bets and other types of casino jackpot games, like roulette and blackjack. Before you start, we should remind you at horn bets are one of the most high-risk craps betting options. Having said that, it’s still possible to win the jackpot online with this bet.

Martingale and Levels Progression Craps Horn Bet 

Though on paper, the Martingale looks like a winning strategy, take it from us, it’s not. Essentially, the Martingale strategy means that you need to double your bet each time you make it wager. For example, if you start at $8, you place a horn bed on all 4 numbers and win or lose, then double your horn bet to $16. If you lose, your double your bet again to $32. You just keep doubling your bet with each hand until you manage to win. 

Levels betting Strategy

Just like the Martingale system, level betting takes a look at your total wallet and decides how to split it up for each round. Let’s imagine that we have $40 to spend, and regardless of whether we win or lose, we continue gambling up the chain. The table below illustrates the process.

Levels Betting Table

It’s important to keep in mind that as you win, you have the strength of character not to reinvest your winnings. Now, if you were playing a live game, this could be an incredibly annoying strategy. But as you’re playing online craps, it’s really easy to split your horn bet into two different specific amounts. For example, you could have $1 on two numbers and $2 on two other numbers.

Betting Level      2        3         11        12   Wallet Invested

           1                      1         1           1           1                 $4

          2                      1         2           2           1               $10

          3                      2         2           2           2              $18

          4                      2         3           3           2              $28

          5                      3         3           3           3               $40

Whirl Betting and Hedging 


If you make a horn bet with a single wager on the number seven, this is known as a “Whirl Bet.” The payout for this is 4:1. Take note that the 7 prop bet has one of the worst house edges in the game of craps. Coming in at a shocking 13%. Nevertheless, you’ll still find there are players who like to utilise the Whirl Bet. This is because they claim the 4:1 winnings will cover their losses on the horn bet.

When it comes to this horn bet, what you’re really doing is trying to hedge the rarest and highest paying numbers by utilising the horn bet. But if you take a closer look at the odds, you realise they are not really in favour of this strategy. The truth of the matter is that by hedging with a come-out bet, you’ll be better off.

The Craps Horn Bet Strategy Of $4 Betting

Probably this is one of the most common bets you’ll find on the craps table when it comes to horn bets. A player will simply place a $4 horn bet with $1 on each of the chosen numbers. If it happens to win, then they collect either $15 or $30 on this wager. You may well see many players horn betting like this on each round. 

If we look into the odds, we’ll see that at 16.66% on the horn bets, then every 1 role in 7 will result in a payout. This means that you’ll get either all or half of your invested money back on every 7th roll. But keep in mind this is just in theory, not necessarily in practice. It’s a given that this will not always happen. Nevertheless, if you are an optimist, then the horn bet could allow you to double your bankroll very quickly.

This Bet Isn’t For Regular Players

In truth, the horn bed should only be utilised by players with deep pockets. This means it’s going to be more favoured by casino whales and high rollers. Those players are able to bring big amounts to the game’s table. and are willing to swallow the losses until they hit a big win. We suggest that if your regular player, with a normal-sized bankroll, then you shouldn’t use the horn bet as a foundation for your craps betting strategy.

On the whole, the horn bet can be part of your craps betting repertoire. You can use it every once in a while, adding to your overall enjoyment at the craps table. Why not head over to Bodog Casino? They have a great craps setup, along with generous welcome bonuses and every casino game under the sun.

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