UK gambling commission review
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If you’re interested in starting a gambling-house or online casino in the UK, you’ll certainly need a license to begin with. A UK Gambling license is the most difficult to obtain. Within this UK Gambling Commission review, we look at the history and the pros and cons of having a license.

To begin with, the UK license is the hardest to come by. But, when an online gambling site has one, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. The Gambling Commission are the ones who hand out the license and control all online gambling activities in the UK.

UK Gambling Commission Review: History

Originally, the UK Gambling Commission was established in 2005, when the Gambling Act law was passed. This gave the commission full remote gaming and some brick-and-mortar segments. However, it was only in 2007 that the UKGC came into full power. However, offshore casino operators could still target the UK gambling market without paying taxes.

Gambling Commission Expansion

In 2014, the UK Gambling Commission received a boost in power after an expansion law was introduced. This would enable the organization to warrant licenses to any casino operators. Hence, unlike before, it would be illegal to operate in the UK without a UK license.

The Gambling Commission would have tasks to hand out licenses to gambling firms for each segment. Separate licenses would be required for poker, bingo, casino games, sportsbook, lotteries and so on. Moreover, the UKGC set up a 15% tax rate on gross gaming revenue.

What Perks does a UK Gambling License Offer?

Aside from having a legal right to operate in the UK. Ultimately, these perks benefit the gambler himself. Therefore, players who look for an online gambling site with a UK license are going to have the best time.

So, as a player, what can a UK Licensed online casino give you?

First and foremost, the UKGC monitor all online casinos and players. By doing so, this supports vulnerable gamblers. The main reason for doing so is to prevent them from falling into the problem gamblers danger zone.

Another benefit for players is that the UKGC checks all software’s and policies for fairness. This will guarantee that players are not going to miss out on any promotions or bonuses because of the small print.

Moreover, if a player has a dispute with an online casino, the license ensures that they can hold the gambling firm accountable. Unlike many other licenses, playing at a UK licensed online casino is a safe choice.

UK Gambling Commission Review: Responsibilities

The UK Gambling Commission does not act as the all-ending power for all the Commonwealth countries. In fact, it does not even act for all of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland has its own regulatory body which leaves the UKGC only operating in England, Scotland and Wales.

The UK Gambling Commission is a non-department body which belongs to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The primary reason for establishing the UKGC was in order to set some fundamental rules for casino operators. The tasks at hand are immense.

One of the responsibilities of the Commission is to keep gambling fair and crime-free. Similarly, the Commission is set up to establish a protection layer towards children and vulnerable gamblers. It’s true, that in the past few years, more and more cases of gambling addiction in the UK has risen. Therefore, one of the key functions of the UKGC is to lower that figure.

Aside from those duties, the UK Gambling Commission can warrant licenses. And, just as easily, the Commission can revoke licenses, ban operators or even issue penalty fees. For instance, if an online casino is thought to be manipulating its randomness, the Gambling Commission may penalize it.

All in all, the UK Gambling Commission wants to create a safe, fair and legal gambling market in the UK. Hence, the Commission will not permit operators who are not proven tested by independent audits a license. Likewise, online operators must have an SSL encryption in-place in order to demonstrate a secure system against cyber-theft.

UK Gambling Commission Review: Overall

The UKGC regulates all online gambling activities in the UK. The primary task at hand is to review casinos before warranting licenses. The Commission may also strip licenses from operators who do not follow the rules.

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