A Guide on How to Play SuperEnalotto Online

Nowadays, there’s no denying that SuperEnalotto is one of the biggest and most popular lotteries to play online. What’s more, players can get up to speed with the lottery that’s making waves in Europe by learning how to play SuperEnalotto online. 

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How to play SuperEnalotto online

Every week, players are jumping at the chance to win big on SuperEnalotto and it’s not difficult to see why. SuperEnalotto gives players the chance to win huge jackpots offline and online on top lottery sites like theLotter

This is a major factor that makes SuperEnalotto a popular lottery in Italy and in Europe. However, that’s not all! SuperEnalotto is a relatively easy game to learn and play. 

After learning how to play SuperEnalotto online, players will soon be able to have a go on the lottery on the online jackpot sites.

How can players play SuperEnalotto online?

First, let’s look more closely at how to play SuperEnalotto online. As mentioned before, the SuperEnalotto is an easy game to play. Together with theLotter, players can easily navigate their way around the popular Italian lottery. 

At first, players can head over to theLotter’s main page to find the latest SuperEnalotto jackpot on offer. 

Then, to play, you will need to fill out your lottery ticket by picking six numbers from 1 to 90. Overall, this process is exactly the same as you would do at a retailer. However, when playing online, there are many exciting features when selecting numbers

For instance, players can either select their numbers manually or use the Quick Pick option or their Lucky Numbers. Furthermore, with SuperEnalotto, you can play with a standard for or with systematic forms to better your chances of winning. 

Afterward, when the numbers are drawn, every ticket is assigned a bonus or “jolly” number for a boosted secondary prize. Next, SuperEnalotto has three draws per week every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 19:00 GMT. 

In case of a public holiday, the schedule will change either to the previous or the following day. 

The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot

How to Play SuperEnalotto Online

Next on our guide on how to play SuperEnalotto, we will see what the odds of winning a jackpot on the lottery are. Unfortunately, the odds of winning the lottery are generally pretty low, and SuperEnalotto is no exception. 

Nevertheless, this also means that there are bigger jackpots and secondary prizes at stake. First thing to remember is that in order to win a SuperEnalotto jackpot, players need to match all six numbers to the numbers drawn. Before, we also mentioned the SuperEnalotto Jolly Ball. 

In essence, this is a bonus ball that helps secondary prize winners win a SuperBonus. As we will later demonstrate, the SuperBonus is a boosted secondary 5+1 prize. So, you can win a SuperBonus prize if five of your chosen numbers and your Jolly Ball matches the numbers drawn. 

Let’s see how the odds of winning this prize stand against the other prize divisions: 

Division  Match   Odds
First Prize/ Jackpot 6 1:622,614,630
Second Prize 5+1 1:103,769,105
Third Prize 5 1:1,250,230
Fourth Prize 4 1:11,907
Fifth Prize 3 1:327
Sixth Prize 2 1:22

How to increase your chances of winning on SuperEnalotto 

Now, that we’ve covered the basics of how to play SuperEnalotto online, you might be wondering how to increase your chances of winning the popular lottery. Undeniably, the odds of winning SuperEnalotto are pretty low. Nevertheless, players can increase their odds of winning SuperEnalotto with the best jackpot winning strategies

For instance, players can consider playing SuperEnalotto with multi-draw packages and subscriptions. Additionally, with theLotter, players can also boost their odds of winning with bundle packages or by playing in a lottery syndicate.   

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Why play SuperEnalotto online?

Lastly, let’s see why it is important to learn how to play SuperEnalotto online. First, although players can still purchase SuperEnalotto tickets from retailers, it is safer to play the lottery online. 

For example, if you play on the sites to win the jackpot, your SuperEnalotto ticket is kept safe in your account. Meanwhile, there are plenty of risks that come with purchasing physical tickets like misplacing them or accidentally damaging them. Or worse, having a potential winning ticket stolen. 

Another advantage of playing SuperEnalotto is that players will always get an alert about a win. Furthermore, it is much more simple and easier to select numbers when playing SuperEnalotto online. As mentioned previously, there are also more ways that players can improve their chances of winning by playing online. 

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