Keno Glossary: Learn the Terms and Win Big

Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Undoubtedly, Keno is one of the casino games gamblers tend to avoid because of its insanely low odds of winning. However, there no denying that the prizes on offer on Keno are irresistible. Thanks to our Keno glossary, players will be trying their luck on the casino game in no time. 

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Keno Glossary: Introduction

Overall, Keno is one of the most challenging yet fun casino games available on the market. Unfortunately, the lottery-like game is infamous for it’s high-house advantage. All in all, beating the odds with Keno on the casinos to win the jackpot are extremely low. 

However, just like any other lottery game, one can reap some serious rewards with the right guide and lottery strategies. Additionally, with a Keno glossary in hand, players can gain more confidence on their best lottery to play Keno and win big. 

Keno Glossary: A

Aggregate Limit: This is the maximum amount of money a casino pays out for a single round of Keno.

All or Nothing: This is a Keno tick in which a player wins if they hit all their selected number or none of them

Keno Glossary: B

Balls: These are the white balls in a game of Keno used to determine the winning numbers numbered from 1 to 80.

Bank: The casino’s funds in a game of Keno.

Bankroll: The available funds a player has set aside to play Keno. 

Blank: An unused Keno ticket.

Buy-in-Tournmanment: This a Keno tournament which requires a participation fee from its players. 

Keno Glossary: C

Call: The act of announcing the balls that have been drawn as winning numbers. 

Caller: The casino employee who announces the Keno numbers. 

Catch: A number marked on a Keno ticket is referred to as a catch if it’s called during the game. 

Catch All: A Keno bet where a player has to catch every number on their ticket.

Catch Zero: A Keno bet requiring a player to catch none of the numbers marked on their ticket. 

Close: This refers to the short period of time between the beginning of a draw and when the casino stops taking wagers. 

Combination Ticket: A single Keno ticket a containing several different bets. 

Keno Glossary: D

Deuce: This refers to the two numbers on a Keno ticket which are next to each other and marked by a player

Draw: This term refers to the 20 numbers that a drawn in a single round of Keno. 

Draw Sheet: A list of the numbers drawn in the previous rounds of Keno. 

Keno glossary
Filling a Keno Ticket – Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Keno Glossary: E

Edge Ticket: A Keno ticket with 32 numbers marked around the edge of it. 

Enhanced Payoff: This refers to the opportunity a player has to receive a higher payoff by playing multiple bets on a single Keno ticket. 

Exacta Ticket: A ticket which can be played over two rounds offering special payouts if the numbers selected on it are drawn in both rounds. 

Keno Glossary: F

Field: This refers to the numbers players mark but leave uncircled on a Keno ticket.  

Keno Glossary: H

Hit: The chance of a player’s selected numbers being drawn in a game of Keno. 

Keno Glossary: I

Inside Ticket: A marked or completed ticket which a player hands over to a Keno writer. 

Keno Glossary: K

Keno Writer: A casino employee responsible for issuing tickets and winnings to Keno players.

King: This is a single number circled on a Keno ticket and works with other numbers to complete a bet or way.

King Ticket: A Keno ticket containing one or more kings circled on it.

Keno Glossary: L

Left-Right Ticket: This is a Keno ticket in which numbers are divided down in the centre. Players can then bet on the winning numbers occurring on the left or right side of the Keno ticket.

Keno Glossary: P

Pay Any Catch Ticket: A payout is given when a player hits any if their marked numbers. 

Payoff: This refers to the amount of money a player wins if their numbers are hit in a game of Keno.

Push: This occurs when a player’s winnings match that of their initial bet

Keno Glossary: Q

Quick Pick: A Keno ticket containing computer-generated random numbers. 

Keno glossary
Good luck!

Keno Glossary: R

Race: Another word to describe a single keno draw. 

Replayed Ticket: A winning or losing ticket from a previous round that it re-used in the next draw.

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Keno Glossary: S

Sleeper: This is used to refer to a player who doesn’t claim their winnings in a game of Keno.

Split Ticket: A bet in Keno where two or more groups of numbers are played on the same ticket. 

Spot: This refers to the numbers that are marked on a Keno ticket. 

Straight Ticket: A regular ticket used in a game of Keno.

Stud: Similarly to a progressive jackpot, stud is a variation of Keno where the top prizes will continue until it’s won by a player. 

Keno Glossary: T

Ticket: This a standard Keno ticket containing 80 numbers for players to mark their selections.

Keno Glossary: W

Way: This is one of the separate bets on a ticket with multiple bets.

Way Ticket: A Keno ticket with multiple active bets placed on it. 

Winning Numbers: These are the 20 numbers drawn in a round of Keno.

Hopefully, you’re now set to take on the challenge of Keno on the sites to win the jackpot. Furthermore, players can learn how to play keno like an expert with our keno system and way tickets guide. 

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