Bingo Glossary

A Bingo Glossary

The game of bingo is full of a rich and colorful language. It can appear quite strange and intimidating to the uninitiated. But using this bingo glossary should help you quickly come to grips with all the bingo jargon.

A – E

90 Ball – UK bingo using 90 balls. Played at most bingo sites

75 Ball – American style bingo with 75 balls.

80 Ball – Internet bingo uses 80 balls.

Admission: The number of tickets you need to buy in order to take part in a bingo game.

Bingo Card: This is what you play with. If you’re playing 75 Ball Bingo, it will have 24 numbers on it and a blank space in the middle. The numbers are randomly placed on the cards and each card is different. A card for 90 Ball Bingo will have 6 boxes with 15 numbers placed throughout each.

Buy In:How much it costs to get into the bingo game.

Chat Room: Most bingo games have a chat room running alongside them in the bingo room. It’s a great means of chatting to other players,helping each other and enjoying a sense of community.

Chat Games: Side and mini chat games during the main bingo game.

Dauber: The dauber marks off your numbers on the bingo card automatically, so you don’t have to mark off the numbers on your card yourself.

Early Bird Game: A game played before the regular bingo game scheduled.

F – L

Fair And Square: Everyone must buy the same amount of tickets so no one has the advantage of multiple tickets.

Full House: When you have marked off all the numbers on your card.

Games Room: Players are divided into different rooms. This ensures any one room doesn’t get over populated.

GTI/TED: An electronic dauber system to play multiple packs of cards simultaneously.

HB: This means ‘Hurry Back’ in chat room lingo. It’s used by chat moderators to build up excitement to keep the players engaged in playing games and coming back for more.

House: The online bingo site.

Instant Bingo: These are becoming increasingly popular. They don’t need a chat moderator. The biggest benefit is that the game takes just seconds to reveal.

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Jackpot: The prize you win either a share or all of for getting certain amounts of lines or a Full House.

Late Night Bingo: Games played later on in the evening – usually from 10pm.

M – P

Max Bet: The maximum amount of money you can buy a ticket for in any game.

Max Tickets: The maximum number of tickets you can buy in any one game.

Min Buy In: The minimum fee for a bingo ticket in any particular session.

Multiple Winners: When more than one player gets bingo at the same time. The prize will usually be divided between the winners.

No Deposit: The bingo site gives you money to start playing immediately, without you spending any of your own money first.

Payout: Amount or % that the winner of the game receives.

Progressive Jackpot: This jackpot keeps increasing in amount until it is won. It can build daily, weekly or monthly. You usually have to buy special tickets for these games.

R – W

RNG: Random Number Generator which ensures fairness.

Redeem Points: Turning bingo points into credits for playing bingo.

Speed Bingo: Numbers are called out every 2 seconds,as opposed to every 4 or 5. These games are much faster and more exciting.

TG: This means ‘To Go” into chat room usage. Players will normally type 1TG, 2TG, 3TG etc, to say how many more numbers they need in order to win.

VIP Scheme: This is a program of special offers, points and prizes for those players who have regularly deposited on a site and have shown loyalty.

Welcome Bonus: Free money that a site will offer new players for them to try out their site. Or it can be a fixed sum of money the site will give on top of any money already deposited. Learn more about these by reading our ultimate jackpot guides.

bingo glossary
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Online Chat Lingo

Playing bingo online has a wonderful community feel thanks to having chat enabled. This way you can chat with other players via a chat window in one corner of your device. Here are some of the common shorthand codes used in chat:

AFC – Away from computer
AWK – Away from keyboard
AYT – Are you there?
ATM – At the moment
BB – Bye Bye
BBL – Be back later
BBS – Be back soon
BLNG – Better luck next game
BRB – Be right back
BTW – By the way
CM – Chat master | Chat monitor
COI – Come on in
DK – Don’t know
DTS – Don’t think so
EMML – E-mail me later
GG – Got to go
GGA – Good game all
GL – Good luck
GLE – Good luck everyone
IMO – In my opinion
JJ – Just joking
LOL – Laughing out loud
NP – No problem
PLS – Please
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
SYS – See you soon
TTYL – Talk to you later
TY – Thank you
WTG – Way to go
YW – Your welcome

Conclusion: Bingo Glossary

Now it’s up to you to make use of this bingo glossary next time you enter a room, virtual or real. Alternatively, you can study more gambling terminology with our Jackpot glossary too. Once you’ve done that then head on over to our Bingo Guide for all things Bingo related including the best sites to play Bingo and where you can win playing jackpot Bingo. Finally, we have some well played Bingo Strategies for you to learn.

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