Lottery Guide

A Lottery Guide

Here’s a lottery guide for all levels and all ages. To think, there was a time, before the advent of the internet, when buying a lottery ticket meant a trip to either the Post Office or the local lottery store. You could only buy a ticket for your national lottery for your country. It seems so quaint these days. Fast forward to today, and thanks to the internet, you can buy a lottery ticket from any country world-wide. Whether a State lottery in the US or a country lottery from Spain, you can now go to any number of websites in order to purchase these tickets. You now have access to the largest lotteries in the world, including Powerball, Euro-millions and Mega Millions. You simply choose your numbers and then wait for the draw. If you’re a lucky winner, the site sends you a notification of the good news. It’s like playing the lottery from your local convenience store.

Play Lottery From Your Laptop

One of the greatest things about playing the lottery is the entry price. On the whole, you can play to win millions for just the price of one coin, be it $1 or 1GBP. It means that any one can play and live the dream. Of course the odds are very different from playing roulette or blackjack. But the prizes are so much bigger. So to that end, your money is going much further. And no matter how many people might say that the odds of winning at so slim as to be non existent, remember that people are winning the lottery every single day! So, why couldn’t it be you? One things for certain, if you don’t play, then how can you hope to win? We suggest that you go through our list of best lotto jackpot reviews. This’ll help you find the best lottery to play.

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A Lottery Guide Play the Lottery Anywhere

Going back some years, buying a lottery ticket meant a trip out of the house. Maybe a walk or a drive to pick up your tickets. Today, armed with just your phone, you can buy your tickets from the comfort of your home, or wherever there’s internet access. All online gambling sites are fully compatible with your mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. You need never miss an important draw as you can request a reminder or even have the site purchase your tickets for you whenever you stipulate a time. Remember that online lotteries are not just limited to those huge prizes you read about. There are any number of secondary prizes up for grabs. Many sites offer instant win tickets or scratch games. For just a few dollars, you can have fun scratching your way to thousands of dollars. And it’s all so fast. Buy your ticket, scratch and then win real cash.

Guaranteed Lottery Prizes

Many of the biggest and most popular lotteries in the world have a guaranteed prize amount. For example, Powerball starts at $40 million and MegaMillions has the same $40 million. This is the minimum any winner will receive. Like wise there is often a guaranteed second prize. On point of note, that if, say, five people win the second prize of $ million, they they will each receive that prize $1 million. Though the outcome of the draw is random, there are certain lottery strategies that can help tip the odds more in your favor.

A Lottery Guide: Pari-Mutuel Jackpots

This is a French term that translates into English as “mutual betting.” In the 1870’s this was a common form of gambling, especially on the horses. Over time it became applicable to lotteries. With this system, the money from ticket sales is divided among the prize winners. There is no fixed prize amount. Euromillions is a great example of a Pari Mutuel lottery. Each prize category received a percentage of the lottery sales. Another example of this system is when the prize is split equally between the winners. For example, if ten people win a prize worth $60,000, then they would each receive $6,000.

Progressive Lottery Jackpots

This is where an unclaimed jackpot will carry over and grow for the next draw. Most world wide lotteries feature a progressive jackpot for both the main and the secondary prizes. The US Powerball is an example of this. Often the rollovers can result in astronomical sums. Conversely, EuroMillions has a jackpot cap set at €190 million. Once the cap is reached then any additional monies are added to the secondary prize. An example of a non-progressive jackpot is the New York Take 5. If there are no winners with this, then there’s no rollover and the jackpot doesn’t grow. Instead the amount is added to the next prize category in which there is a winner. The winners of that category then share the original jackpot along with the extra jackpot amount

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Non Progressive Lottery Jackpots

One final point to remember is that lottery prizes can come in all shapes and forms. A lottery can offer a progressive jackpot and at the same time have a guaranteed prize. Likewise, the prize can feature any combination of the above examples. Always read the small print to see what you’re buying.

Try Your Luck with Lotteries

Online gambling and lotteries are a perfect fit. The size of the prizes in comparison with the initial fees are huge. Not only that, but with many sites you can choose any number of Lotteries to take part in from all over the world. Use our guides to find the best progressive jackpot reviews. Sites like theLotter and Lotto Agent have access to over 50 huge lotteries around the globe and have paid out millions of dollars each year. You don’t even need a credit card to buy your lucky ticket, as both these sites accept a huge number of payment options. Once you’ve set up an account, then choose the lottery you want to play. Staff local to that particular country then purchase the tickets and send you a scanned copy. You get notified if you win and any prize money goes into your account. How simple is that!

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