Slot Machine Jackpots With The Wheel Of Fortune

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Step into any casino and these slot machine jackpots are probably the first thing that grabs your attention. They set themselves apart from the other slots machines. These are the best jackpot slot machines and often have a brightly colored spinning wheel above to attract your attention. The game is as old as the hills themselves. In fact it first came to public attention as a popular TV game show in 1975. Since then, the game has become a staple of American culture. So it was only a natural progression that saw the games move into the world of casinos gambling.

Introduction: The Wheel Of Fortune

Because the game was already very familiar with the public, it took very little to be able to sell the new casino games to willing punters. Many a fan of the TV show may of dreamed of spinning the wheel. Well, now can actually do so on the casino floor. These Wheel of Fortune slots machines are often the standard three-reel machines with multiple pay-lines. There’s also the novelty experience of have a spinning wheel.

Slot Machine Jackpots: The Wheel

With the standard three reel machine, you’ll be needing to keep your eye on the third wheel. This is where the prizes are! And this is where the excitement lies. No matter what comes up on the first two wheels, there’s a delicious suspense in waiting for the third wheel to stop spinning. On the whole, a spot on the wheel is worth between 20 to 1000 credits. Apart from the three reel machines, you’ll also see machines with five wheels. These generally have the tile of Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. Quite a mouthful but the game does provide more action and excitement. This is simply because there are more slot machine jackpot winning combinations possible. It’s a much more interactive experience and there are also bonus wheel plays. You’ll be needing at least three spin symbols to appear out of the five possibilities before you can activate the bonus games.

Bonus Games And Envelopes

Once the bonus game begins, you choose an envelope for each spin symbol that appears. It’s just as a winning contestant on the TV game show would do. So every time a bonus game starts, at least three envelopes will be selected, because we need three spin symbols to start the game. Now each of these envelopes corresponds to a result on one of each of the three wheels. Two of these have cash amounts for the winner, and the other contains multipliers. If more than three symbols activate the game, then the player can have access to even more multipliers. In this way, any player can win huge cash prizes which are then supplemented by large multipliers. No matter what machine you’re playing on the potential to win big is going to be one of the main draws. But, we have something even bigger in store: namely, progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots On Wheel Of Fortune Slots

If it’s massive prizes with life altering amounts of cash you’re after, then look no further than Wheel of Fortune’s best progressive slot machine jackpots. Amazingly, a 25 cent machine can pay out as much as $200,000. Many jackpots reach into the realms of $500,000 before a lucky winner hits. Normally $1 and $5 machines start the jackpot at $1 million. Progressive jackpot slot machines are linked together, either within a casino, a state or in fact the whole country. A small % of each wager is added to the overall total. As you can imagine, the amount can increase to huge proportions. And in turn, this will increase your jackpot winning chances. Once the amount is hit, then the machines reset themselves and off we go again.

Slot Machine Jackpots: Play With Maximum Bets

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be eligible for the best progressive jackpot slot machines. For this you’ll be needing to play with the maximum bets. For a 25 cent machine that means 3 x and for a $5 it means at least 2 x plays. Not all Wheel of Fortune machines are tied to progressive prizes But it’s what they’re most famous for as a brand. It’s a unique money making opportunity with very little outlay. So, as you can imagine, it attracts all jackpot hunters from far and wide. As the slot machine jackpot prizes get progressively larger, then more and more punters are playing the Wheel of Fortune slots machines in the hope of making that one big killing. That once in a lifetime encounter that’ll change the course of their lives forever.

What To Expect From Wheel Of Fortune Slot Games

Knowing that these machines offer so much for so little, then it’s of no surprise that players ebb and flow with their playing habits. It’s possible to sit down in front of a Wheel of Fortune slots machine with 30 or 40 credits and experience a long dry streak. But, as with all games of chance, there’s an equal possibility that you’ll turn $50 into $500 with the next couple of spins. That’s the beauty of it all. The fact that you never know what’s around the corner. Think of how popular the TV show continues to be after more than 40 years. That’ll give you some idea as to why Wheel of Fortune slot machine jackpots continue to hold sway over players all around the world. It’s all about the potential. The possibility that the spin of a wheel could change everything. That’s illusion makes them one of the best jackpot slot machines.