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How to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur Baccarat Player

With the casino floor always bustling with people, nobody wants to stick out like the proverbial saw thumb. After all, if you look like an amateur, then there’s a good chance you will not have an enjoyable social experience. You’ll find there are some games which will show up your lack of knowledge and experience more than others. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to playing a game like baccarat. Even though the game is not pretentious, it does come with a certain degree of decorum. So knowing how to conduct yourself at the baccarat table, rather than acting as an amateur baccarat player can make a huge difference to your overall casino enjoyment.

In this article, we thought we’d give you some tips on how you can look like a professional baccarat player for when you next visit casinos to win the jackpot. Or more importantly, ensure that you’ll not look like a novice insecure player who’s unsure of the gameplay or how they should bet.

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An Amateur Baccarat Player Should Be Friendly

The first thing you should note is that it’s not a game that should be taken too seriously. So there’s no need to come across as snobbish or stuffy. You’ll see that the baccarat crowd is not an antisocial one. As soon as you stroll over to the baccarat table on the casino gaming floor you’ll notice that the crowd is friendly and boisterous. As a result, the conversation flows easily. So making friends and being sociable should be second nature.

Now we’re not saying that there will not be some more serious players. You can see them sitting around, lost maintaining a steely silence. It’s obvious that they don’t want anyone to disturb them. So the easiest way to be friendly is to let them be. You’ll find it’s the same story with the dealers at the baccarat tables. Everyone has a different personality. Some may be extremely chatty and funny. Yet others may be absolutely stony-faced and silent.

The Amateur Baccarat Player Should Dress Appropriately

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Dressing appropriately doesn’t mean that you need to hire a penguin suit for the occasion. What it does mean is that you know the difference between casual and formal attire. Before you head out to the casino, it’s a good idea to look at its website. Here you’ll be able to check if any dress code is required. If none is necessary, then we still recommend that you try and look the part. There’s no need to dress up like James Bond, but it will definitely make a difference in how comfortable you feel if you are at the same fashion level as other players when it comes to how formal your clothes are.

If you were to turn up in a tuxedo looking like Sean Connery, then many of the bystanders may fight it hard to take you seriously. At the other end of the scale, if you come sporting flip flops and shorts, then that’s probably not a good idea either. A complete lack of decorum shows that you’re a real amateur baccarat player. The most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself. That’s why we suggest you think along the lines of smart, yet casual.

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Amateur Baccarat Player: Familiarise Yourself With the Game

Nothing’s going to make you look quite like a novice or an amateur baccarat player than if you don’t understand the rules of the game. Without having a good grasp of the basics, you’re going to ruin the evening, not just for yourself but for those around you. When you consider all the how-to-play videos of can be found on YouTube, then there’s no excuse for not knowing how the games work. We suggest that before you head out to the casino you spend some evenings mastering the rules, betting and gameplay of baccarat. Only once you’re feeling confident about your understanding of how the game functions, and understand the jackpot winning tips and tricks, should you attempt to approach the baccarat tables in earnest.

Having said that, in truth, is not as if baccarat is a difficult game to play. After all, you simply bet on your hand or the dealer’s hand and await the outcome. There are no complex rules, gameplay or jackpot winning strategies to follow. The whole game is simply one of chance. So what you need to learn is not so much about the rules, but rather the process of playing. These include such things as how the game plays out and when it’s time to place your bets. So studying some videos online for a couple of hours can make a huge difference to your first baccarat casino experience. After all, no one wants to be stood, frozen to the spot like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do next.

If you head over to an online casino like Bodog Casino, you’ll e able to play all their games, including baccarat, as “free play.” This means that you can practice to your heart’s content, without spending a single penny. It’s a great means of learning about the gameplay, strategies and rules. And it’ll give you all the confidence you need to stand at the real live casino and play like a pro.

Avoid Focusing On the Previous Results

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At one end of the baccarat table, you’ll often see a display featuring the previous results. If you understand anything about the Gambler’s Fallacy then you’ll know that though this looks informative, it serves no purpose whatsoever. That’s because each and every outcome is not dependent on the outcome before. This display is nothing more than a clever trick on the part of the casino. They know that a certain subset of gamblers will be superstitious. Or have some wild crazy ideas about how to beat the system. They will often think that because a number has appeared a certain number of times, then it can either appear again or not. This can lead to some appalling baccarat strategies.

As such the casino is playing a psychological trick on the gamblers. It wants them to think that they can find patterns within the previous results. And therefore by “understanding the underlying pattern of these previous numbers, the gambler should be able to predict what comes next. But if you start placing bets based on this scoreboard, then your actions are totally illogical. We suggest that, as an amateur baccarat player, you ignore the display completely. Someone who bets based on the numbers shown is a sure sign of a player who has no idea what they’re doing.

Place Your Bets When Called 

You’ll find that at the baccarat table there’s a certain order in which things happen. If you want to get on with the dealers and other players, then it’s best that you follow the etiquette associated with the game. For example, if you jump the gun and place bets before they are called, then you’re likely to rub the dealer up the wrong way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a genuine mistake, as it just looks incredibly amateur. There are a couple of points you need to be aware of when it comes to placing bets. 

The first one is that you must never place your bets until the dealer has called the stakes. Believe us, he will make it very clear when the time has come to place your bets. To this end, keep a firm grasp on your chips until the dealer instructs you to do otherwise.

The second point is that you must keep your hands off your chips whilst the game is taking place. You can touch your chips again, but only once the hand is complete. And the winning bets have been paid out. This is a very important rule. Knowing this separates the professionals from the newbies.

An Amateur Baccarat Player Doesn’t Touch the Cards


In the same way that you shouldn’t touch your chips whilst the game is in play, you must also never touch the cards when playing baccarat. It’s the dealer’s job to handle the cards and oversee the game. Therefore it’s expressly prohibited or players to touch the cards whilst at the baccarat table. Though it may not be clearly indicated, take it from us that touching the cards is an unforgivable sin.

The problem for any novice amateur baccarat player who has played other card jackpot games is that a form of muscle memory kicks in. So without even being aware of it, they’ll reach over and touch the cards. You cannot touch, tap or move the cards in any way. In fact, it’s a very important point that you learn to keep your hands away from the gaming table. If you do touch the cards, then there’s a good chance the dealer to you will give you a warning. Obviously, if you’re a little shy then this can be a mortifying experience in front of all the other gamblers.

Keep Your Emotions in Check As An Amateur Baccarat Player

One of the most notable hallmarks of any gambler is how they keep that cool under pressure. The same goes for the amateur baccarat player. If you want to appear more professional than you really are, then we suggest you keep firm control over your emotions. That’s because baccarat is a game that consists of many highs and an equal number of extreme lows. No matter how much you win or lose, it’s important that you refrain from looking smug or angry. Someone who throws a tantrum when on a losing streak will give away the fact that they are nothing more than a rank amateur. Don’t let this person be you.

So you don’t have to dress like James Bond. Yet it’s not a bad idea if you behave like him at the baccarat table. Cool, suave and sophisticated at all times. The same goes if you’re playing online at a casino like the excellent Bodog Casino.

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