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The Best Way to Become a Casino Dealer in Las Vegas

Apparently, there are two ways you can make money at the casino. One is to gamble and cross your fingers. And the other is to get a job there. (OK…there’s a third but that involves cheating!). You can start a lucrative career in the gambling industry. But, as with all things, ain’t nothing for free. At least in the US. But on the whole, the limit to entry is set pretty low. Financially around $1,000 and around 1 month in terms of time. Oh…and we’re not talking about some stupid system you might have found on YouTube, that’ll allow you to make millions by learning how to manipulate the dice for a craps game.

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Become a Casino Dealer: Casinos Are Still Growing

In spite of all the new online options for gambling, the real bricks and mortar casinos continue to thrive and grow. Particularly as many states in the US are seriously considering joining the action. And casino dealers really are the backbone of the whole industry. So if you’re willing to learn the ropes, then Vegas will welcome you with open arms. Stand or sit at any of the table jackpot games in Sin City and you’ll quickly become aware of just how skilled a job it is to control the whole game-play, whilst at the same time making it all look so effortless. They have a way with inexperienced gamblers and can guide them to having a great time, with their jackpot winning tips and tricks. So there is any number of reasons to be a dealer today.

become a casino dealer
It’s a classy job

And if you’re a regular player, then you’ll of had plenty of time to see that up close and personal as they weave their magic. But, have you ever thought it might make an interesting exchange to swap places? Imagine all the knowledge you could acquire from being on that side of the table. Let’s have a look at the requirements to make the grade and start spinning the wheel or turning the cards at a casino in Las Vegas.

Become a Casino Dealer Is a Good Idea in Any Economy

This is a good point. Though an economy might bounce up and down, a gambler is going to gamble, with the gaming industry proving to be pretty unaffected by the stock market or other economic indicators. Looking at the figures put out y the job search website,, the demand for casino dealers has stayed in a positive upswing for over 15 consecutive years. On a year on year basis, vacancies are going up by about 3.48% per annum. That translates as roughly 23,000 new jobs each year. Though these numbers reflect a nationwide trend, with Las Vegas being the largest gambling hub in the US, any of these jobs are to be found in the casinos along the famous Strip.

In fact, The Strip alone has 28 massive casinos operating 24 hours each and every day of the year. If we widen the lens, we can find 104 casinos to win the jackpot spread over the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Each casino needs a sizable sum of employees to satisfy the needs of all those gamblers who come visit the city every day of the year. So there are always plenty of openings. Keep in mind, that even an entry-level dealer will be pulling in around a $38,000 base salary, and that’s without tips. The average daily tip across the board for dealers works out at around $138. This takes even the basic salary up to around $72,000 per year. Not bad for a starter.

Casino Dealer Training Courses

Without a doubt, the best way of learning a trade like being a casino dealer is via a dealer” school. As you can imagine, Las Vegas is home to any number of dealer schools. The top three in the city are Casino Education Group (CEG), Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI), and Crescent School of Gaming and Bar-tending. Now each of these schools will have its own curriculum, course-work, schedules and pricing plan. We would suggest that you take your time perusing their websites before making any decision. Here’s a typical example of what blackjack class will look like:

WPT BRASIL Dealer | World Poker Tour | Flickr
A happy casino dealer at the WPT – Image source: Flickr

Casino Education Group (CEG) Dealer School’s Blackjack Curriculum

2 Decks of Cards
Course Manual
Blackjack Class Orientation
The Game Mechanics
Check Cutting & Sizing
Bank Management
Game Protection
The Shoe
Making Change & Color
The Hole Card / Insurance
Fills, Markers & Credits
Payoffs & Color
Taking Side Bets
Practice, Rinse and Repeat
Peer Review x 3
An In-House Blackjack Audition

Keep in mind that the above list is for just one game. You’ll need to learn all the casino’s stable of games including, craps, baccarat, jackpot poker, and roulette. Also, they’ll be some more specialist games that have become popular over the past few years. Though it might appear to be a couple of years worth of work, you’ll be surprised to know that most of these courses are just one full month of full-on study. What…wait! Just one month! Yep, not even a full semester! With full-time study and practice, most students pass out, fully minted as dealers and croupiers, within just a single month.

You Don’t Need to Take on Loan

On the whole, these schools are there to create dealers. They are happy to have you come in the entrance and then fly out the exit, as a fully-fledged dealer. To that end, they offer all sorts of bundles or packages to suit every pocket. The idea is not to make a business fleecing students. It’s to offer the best education at an affordable price. Below is the pricing from one of these top schools.

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Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI) Dealer School Course Pricing

Multiple Game Bundle Courses

Roulette + Blackjack = $399.00
Baccarat + Blackjack = $399.00
Blackjack + Pai Gow Poker = $399.00
Dice (Craps) + Blackjack = $449.00
Poker (excluded from 3-game special) = $599.00
Dice (Craps) + Roulette = $699.00
Pai Gow Poker + Dice (Craps) + Blackjack = $699.00
Blackjack + Dice (Craps) + Roulette = $799.00

Single Game Courses

Carnival Games = $149.00
Blackjack = $299.00
Baccarat = $299.00
Pai Gow Poker = $299.00
Dice (Craps) = $399.00
Roulette = $399.00

As you can see, even if you’re an absolute beginner who wants to know it all, then that knowledge can end up costing you under $1,000. Though the actual sum of $1,000 might first appear steep, remember that you’ll earn this back within your first week of work. And then some! You don’t even have to go through the hassle of applying to different casinos. These top schools work closely with all the major casinos to place dealers the day they graduate. Below are some testimonials from former students of each of the top three dealer schools in Las Vegas.

become a casino dealer
It’s easy to learn the basic casino game rules

Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI) Dealer School

“This is the place where everything started in Vegas for me. Five years ago, I was new in town and knew nobody. Luckily, I found PCI Dealer School and spent two weeks here – and got a job soon after. I have been in the gaming industry ever since then, from dealer to floor supervisor and Operations Manager.”
-Angel S. from California

Casino Education Group (CEG) Dealer School

“Going to CEG is the best money I ever spent. If you are looking for an affordable, flexible, realistic way to get training for a job that you can get, I highly recommend CEG Dealer School. I just got my first paycheck from my first casino dealing job and it covered my cost. I got more out of CEG than I ever expected and will forever be grateful.”
-Joseph B. from Texas

Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

“With no prior poker experience and with the help of my instructor Tony, I am on my way to the WSOP audition. The mornings and evening classes allow for great flexibility. The team of instructors is very patient and friendly. The atmosphere is not intimidating at all for a newbie like myself. I highly recommended this school over the others as it is the only accredited gaming and bartending school in Vegas.”
-Rissa S. from Nevada

Conclusion: Become a Casino Dealer in Las Vegas

As these examples show, many students land their first gigs the moment they graduate. Many have gone on to climb the corporate ladder within these mega-organizations and so gone on to top managerial positions. Being a casino dealer might seem like a pipe dream and a dream job for many. But the cost of education is surprisingly cheap, with the guarantee of a great paying job at the end. And one thing to bear in mind is that you’ll always have that education behind you. So where ever you choose to go in life, they’ll always be a job waiting for you should you want it. Just pop down to the local casino.

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