bitcoin crash gambling

Your Guide To Bitcoin Crash Gambling 

Today we’re going to take a look at bitcoin crash gambling which is one of the most popular crypto games. It’s a game where you choose when to cash out or you risk crashing out!

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So What Is Crash Gambling?

First started in 2014 by Bustabit, this is an incredibly simple game to play and you’ll be involved in the game play within seconds. Although it may look a little mundane on the surface you’ll actually find it unexpectedly entertaining. Most people like it because it’s one of those games where you can simply turn off your brain and chill. If you want to take a break from something, or just want to embrace your lack of motivation, then bitcoin crash gambling is is a great diversion. And, just like other online gambling games, you could win the jackpot online.

Just like any other crash games, crash gambling with bitcoin works in exactly the same manner. At the start of a round, the line or bet will increase until it reaches a breaking point. At this juncture it will crash. Now, the name of the game is to hold on for as long as you can for maximum rewards. But without being too greedy. So if you are only focused on gaining as much as possible, then you’ll be in danger of missing the jump off, ending in a crash.

The House Edge In Bitcoin Gambling

If you go online looking for crash gambling games you’ll find that the typical house edge is between 1 and 3 percent.  Having said that, don’t be surprised if you come across some online sites which offer a 15% house edge. As you probably already know, the lower the house edge, then the more favourable it will be for the player. One of the best bitcoin casinos is without a doubt, King Billy Casino. They also offer all new cryptocurrency players a welcome bonus of 155% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 free spins!

Playing Crash Gambling

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As we previously mentioned, the idea behind the game of bitcoin crash gambling is to hold as long as possible before having to jump off the line and crashing out. Let’s have a look at how it works in greater detail. A player can join a round providing they have a predetermined bet. As the game proceeds, the line will continue to increase with the multiplier running alongside it. Because the line is increasing, it means that the multiplier is also increasing at the same time.

The art of the game play is knowing when to cash out your bitcoins without the line crashing. And so, though it might sound pretty basic, you’ll be surprised how much adrenaline will be running through your system as you play. The longer you hang on, the greater the cash prizes. But the greater the risk of crashing out.

Playing Is Easy

  • Choose a best-rated bitcoin casino for bitcoin crash gambling 
  • Register for your free account
  • Add to your crypto wallet address
  • Select your predetermined wager amount
  • Wait for the next round to start
  • Watch the line and pick your time to cash out
  • Most of these jackpot games will have unique aspects

Crash Games Features

We’ve made a list of features that you should look out for when choosing a site for bitcoin crash gambling.

  • Accepts different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to use interface
  • The ability to chat with other people in-game
  • Rewards programs or the ability to  improve your access to better features
  • Welcome bonuses and promotions both in-game and to boost your crypto wallets
  • Reliable and fair gambling software

Winning Crash Gambling Strategies

If you want to improve your possibility of winning then you can try and implement some different strategies. You an try out these strategies using free-play at King Billy Casino. You can practice playing casino games without spending a single penny. And only when you’re feeling confident, then you can start to play with real money. This may allow you to increase your rewards as you play. The winning strategies include:

Bitcoin Gambling Automatic Cashouts


The whole game can be automated in order to make it play faster and easier. Essentially, you’re picking your cash out predefined amount which will then ensure that you exit when the line reaches your predetermined figure. If you set the automatic cash out at two times, it means that you collect your profits at the predetermined level and at the same time win money. Yes, it will be lower than if you let the line run higher, but keep in mind that these lower wins will be more frequent. This will increase your jackpot winning chances and allow you to take greater profits over the long run.

The Martingale Betting Strategy

Here at, we are not that in favour of any online betting systems or so called, jackpot winning strategies. Nevertheless, if you’re playing a bitcoin crash gambling game, then the Martingale system might be perfect for you. Be warned though, that this type of betting strategy will increase your short-term risk. You’ll be setting your automatic cash out and then increasing your bets as you go along. 

The Martingale betting strategy works on the principle that for every loss, you will double your previous bet. After every win you will drop your wager down to the original starting amount. So if you start your bets at 100 Satoshi, and you’re going to cash out at 2 x, then a loss will take your bet to 200 Satoshi. Another loss could cause it to rise to 400 Satoshi. Gulp! But once you win, you can revert back to your original wager of 100 Satoshi. And off you go again.

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