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Common Pieces of Blackjack Advice to Ignore

The problem with blackjack advice is that everyone and their cat wants to give it. If you tell a fellow gambler that you’re starting your casino games journey with blackjack, then stand well back to give them some room. As sure as eggs are eggs, they’ll have a huge amount of advice to give you, whether you want it or not. Included within this knowledge base will be a lot of old chestnuts or knowledge based on superstitions as opposed to those based solely on facts. Of course, it’s not as if there’s only one way to play the game of blackjack. There are all sorts of variations. On the whole, you should always be playing basic strategy or advantage play in order to maximize your profits.

Most players are really nice guys (and girls) and all they want to do is help you grow and become a better gambler. But you’ll need to be on the lookout for old wives tales that are masquerading as real knowledge. So, though you might find some benefit in heeding all the blackjack advice that comes your way, just be careful and be wary, as it’s your bankroll that’s going to be most affected here. Let’s have a look at some of the most common pieces of dubious advice that get thrown out there, without too much thought.

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Split 10’s to Increase Chances of a Blackjack

Look, though it might not be the blackjack advice you want to hear, the game of blackjack is about playing perfect strategy and grinding out wins. Those are truly the only jackpot winning strategies. If you’re dealt a 20, then there’s zero reasons to split up those 10’s. Now, as you well know, the only hand that can possibly beat a 20 is a 21. If you play for long enough, you’re going to come across this scenario. And there will always be gamblers who want to try their luck. but the problem with this approach is that all you’ll achieve is to alienate the other players at the table. In fact, by doing this you’re actually decreasing your chances of winning. We would go so far as to suggest that if you’re sitting with someone who does this, then look to finding another table.

Blackjack Advice: Increase Your Bet After a Loss

We can see this strategy across the whole spectrum of casino games. Yes. we get it….everyone wants to win back what they’ve just lost. But the world isn’t structured like that. Chasing losses is a big no-no, as it’ll lead to the inevitable loss of all of your bankroll. If you experience a tough or large loss, please ignore the advice of other players who will suggest that you double up for the next hand. It’s not a pretty picture to see someone chasing losses. It smells of desperation. And betting with this emotion is a sure way to end up broke and having to walk home at the end of the evening.

blackjack advice
Bankroll management is the key to success

Gambling should be done when you’re calm. You’re making decisions with real money here, and so a cool and level head is essential. That’s why you should never even contemplate gambling if you’re not relaxed. From a practical point of view, betting big after a loss is just plain silly. That’s because the outcome in blackjack is random. You have no idea what cards you’ll be dealt with next. OK…counting cards can help, but only up to a certain point. Keep in mind that the odds of winning a hand are the same for the next hand as well as they were for the last one.

Only Split Eights and Aces

One of the rules and jackpot winning tips and tricks that are always taught in blackjack is that you should always be splitting either 8’s or Aces. If you’re dealt 2 x aces, you’ll have either a 2 or a soft 12. These are both terrible. But you do have a great chance of improving your hand, as splitting aces gives you the chance of getting 2 x 21’s. As for splitting the 8’s, that a certainty. But some blackjack players just stick with splitting 8′ and aces. This is foolish. There is any number of equally good card combinations for splitting. And it’s not just down to the hand that you were dealt, as the dealer’s cards should also be taken into consideration.

Blackjack Advice: You Can Occasionally Deviate From Basic Strategy

No, you can’t! Look, if you’re a for-profit player then you want to minimize the house edge. And to be able to achieve that then you’ll be needing to be playing basic strategy full time. Sure, you might of gotten a lucky break from deviating from basic strategy, but it was more down to luck than anything else. We highly recommend that you put in the hours and learn basic strategy along with some “cheat sheets”. This is some of the best blackjack advice we can give.

Sometimes you’ll see a player who appears to be going their own way as far as game-play methodology goes. It’s as if they were playing to their own set of blackjack gambling rules. We’re sure that they feel as though they’re being innovative and clever. But you can’t play better than by playing basic strategy. Unless you’re able to count cards, then this is the only gateway to winning.

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You Should Always Take Insurance

If you can count cards, then taking insurance on the dealers ace is a profitable bet. But for us mere mortals for whom counting cards is a dark art, then taking insurance is one of the very worst moves you can make in a game of blackjack. After all, you have no way of knowing the dealer’s card he has under the initial ace. To that end, it’s always better to just let it ride with your existing hand. Of course, it’s maddening to see the dealer deal himself an ace, and then subsequently deal himself to hit blackjack. But keep in mind that the odds that the dealer has a 10 under that ace, are not high enough to take out the added insurance.

blackjack advice
Be the clever one

Blackjack Advice: Learning to Count Cards at Casinos Isn’t Worth It

Most people seem to think that you need to be some sort of genius big-brain in order to count cards. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just need to set aside some time to practice. In fact, with it’s simple and repetitive nature, learning to count cards is easier than you think. Of course, there are different methods, which can become quite complicated. But the basics remain the same. Essentially, you’re assigning a value to each type of card. You’re then using this information, contained within this final tally, to ascertain what’s left in the pack.

One thing you will need to know, and that’s the number of packs being used in the game. And that’s because it’s much easier to count cards when only one pack is in play. But as casinos caught on to card counters some years ago, you’ll be hard pushed to find a casino that doesn’t swap out the card decks on a regular basis. But no matter, as before you would start on a card counting journey, it’s important that you have a complete grasp of basic strategy.

In blackjack, there’s only one way to swing things into your favor, and that’s counting cards. Now, if you happen to be able to play blackjack with a perfect basic strategy, then your chances of winning are just below 50%. Now, when you compare this figure with other casino games, then it’s actually not that bad. But if you’re able to count cards, then you can increase those percentage points to make the sum fall within your court. So, if someone says to you that counting cards is for nothing, then just ignore them and move on.

It’s Just Money, You Can’t Take It With You

Winning at the casino, and winning on a consistent basis is very, very difficult. If you’re not a professional gambler, then it’s not impossible, but rather, you’re going to be needing some considerable luck in your favor. These are salient points to be kept in mind before you venture into any real live casinos to win the jackpot. Remember to only apportion a small percentage of your bankroll for each bet. Without a bankroll, then you have zero reasons to be in a casino.

blackjack advice
Learn your limits! – Image source: Flickr

Never become lax or throw all caution to the wind. This a sure-fire recipe for disaster. If you’re having a “bad” night and everything appears to be going against you, then simply pack up and leave. Come back on another day. Remember the old adage: “he who in battle is slain, will never live to fight again”.

Conclusion: Blackjack Advice

Because blackjack is such a universal game, then there’s a lot of blackjack advice and information available. Many players want to help out a “newbie”. But always be wary of any advice that comes your way. It’s not coming from a bad intention. But more often than not, it comes from a place of hearsay or ignorance. Try to block out any bad information, as it will make your question perfectly formed opinions.

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