Blackjack Players

Introduction: Blackjack Player Stereotypes

We’re constantly told that we shouldn’t do it and that it’s lazy and unkind. But nothing quite beats stereotyping people! Especially people who go to the casino. It’s interesting how each type of game attracts a certain type of player. On the other hand, we can imagine there are a number of reasons why someone goes to the casino in the first place. Between the dreamer hoping to strike it rich and the casual player who’s just there to entertain himself for a few hours, there are 101 other types of gambler in between.

When it comes to the game of blackjack, because its numerous variations comprise of both skill and luck, it tends to attract a certain type of individual. As we’re talking about stereotypes in this article, then we can break this group down into 6 particular types of blackjack player who regularly go to casinos to win the jackpot. So without further ado, let’s insult every blackjack player, and have a look at the 6 types of blackjack player you’ll find in any casino.

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The Poser

It’s said you should look good when you’re having a good time. But the poser takes the looking good part to the extreme other levels. You’ll be able to spot this character from a km away. The way they sit at the table is as if they have a TV camera trained on them at all times. They like to dress up and will have to wear sunglasses, even though it’s pretty dark inside the casino. Though as a blackjack player, they are certainly entertaining characters to watch and to play with, we must say that they are very difficult to take seriously. Still nothing beats the tantrums and hissy-fits thrown by a poser when they take an unfortunate loss.

The Socialiser

Blackjack Players

Here’s a guy who’s more interested in making friends than winning any money. Our type of guy! Within this type of blackjack player there are those who know how to play blackjack and those who really don’t give a fig about the game, but just enjoy the social occasion of being at the blackjack table. Now, on the whole, these can be great people to spend time with, especially if you’re the type who likes socialising at the casino. When you want to chat with a blackjack player as someone who enjoys a drink, share some jackpot winning tips and tricks, or makes a light-hearted conversation, then these are great companions.

But if your idea of playing casino jackpot games is something more serious, and you’re looking for peace and quiet and maybe solitude, then the socializer blackjack player will quickly rub you up the wrong way and become nothing more than an annoying irritant. On the other hand, it could be argued, what on earth you doing at the casino if you’re not willing to socialise? If you want peace and quiet, then head over to True Flip Casino. They have a huge selection of Live Dealer blackjack games.

The Mathematician

When you ever want to see someone suck all the joy out of an activity, then just look at the way the mathematician or statistician plays the game of blackjack. Of course, for them, it’s a serious business and their joy, even though it doesn’t show, comes from understanding the numbers and odds. These people probably have a huge amount of knowledge and enough skills to make the odds in their favour, but they are horrible to play against. So if you see someone who has a large pile of chips in front of them, and yet looks miserable, you can guarantee this blackjack player falls into this class of player. 

The Newcomer

Blackjack Players

Now, most serious casino blackjack veterans can’t stand being around a newcomer blackjack player. In the same way that drivers hate to be behind a learner driver, a veteran player can’t stand sharing a table with someone who doesn’t have the knowledge yet to know exactly what they’re doing. This blackjack player will tend to have no real understanding of the blackjack rules and will ask a never-ending stream of mundane questions, which they could have found the answer to before they actually arrived at the casino. You really want to shout at them “that’s what the bloody internet is for!” 

Nevertheless, here at, we actually like to be around these people. This blackjack player is the new blood coming into the casino, and even though they may have a wobbly nervous voice, are unable to control their chips on the table, and miss their turn when it’s time to place a wager, there’s still something very entertaining and attractive about their enthusiasm. Even though this blackjack player may be lacking on the knowledge front, he certainly makes up for it by being incredibly entertaining, whether he means to be or not. We feel that if you’re the type of blackjack player who finds these new gamblers to be irritating, then you probably take yourself a little too seriously.

The Lucky Streaker

Blackjack PlayersThis is the guy everyone wants to be. Namely, the guy who cannot lose. Whatever he touches, whether a dice or playing cards, for some reason he always seems to come up a winner. We’re still sure that, especially for veteran players, this blackjack player guy appears to have no idea what he’s doing. he has absolutely no jackpot winning strategies. In some ways without realising it, they are rubbing the faces of seasoned veteran casino players into the fact that they’re being beaten by a happy ignoramus.

They can be inspiring, entertaining, and annoying, all at the same time. Though that would also depend on your own personality. They are upbeat, happy and naturally lucky. And great people to be around.

The Grumpy Blame Gamer

Nothing’s going to ruin your day or suck all the joy out of your good mood, than coming across this type of personality. On the one hand, they are very committed players and appear to know all the strategies and rules. Yet, on the other hand, they are constantly losing, and in a fit of pique tend to blame everyone and everything for their losses. This is like dealing with a whiny 4-year old child. Every time they lose, they become very agitated, start shaking and rattling things around, and then off they go with their sad blame game.

Something over there distracted them, the deck is wrong, or worse, the dealer is wrong. Some people just naturally have a very punchable face, and the blame gamer is one contender for a huge haymaker between the eyes. We guess that at the end of the day, they are deeply unhappy with themselves, and have to project this onto other people. Having said that, they are incredibly entertaining to watch if you are of that bent of mind and enjoy kindergarten behaviour.

Get Your Blackjack Player Game in Order

Blackjack Players

How many novice players going to the casino are sitting up at the games table with other veteran players, and found the whole experience something akin to terrifying. Now thanks to the internet, we have a simple solution. All you need to do is visit any half-decent online casino and you’ll be able to practice without spending any money until you’re feeling confident, using their free play option. Try our favourite, True Flip Casino. Not only do they have a huge selection of casino games, including many variations of blackjack, but even better they offer new players a fantastic welcome bonus of 275% up to €1000 plus 50 free spins!

Yes, we know there’s a massive difference between playing at the online blackjack casino and playing in real life. It’s all part of the ambience, the feeling, and the sensation of being in a huge glamorous location, compared to your tiny living room. We suggest for the best feel of a real casino in your own home, then you should head over to any of the many live dealer online games. Not surprisingly this is becoming one of the fastest-growing facets of the gambling industry.

Keep in mind that playing online blackjack is exactly the same as you would experience playing in the casino apart from the ambience, and those awful weak comped drinks. We suggest that you use online casinos as a method to build your confidence. Who knows, you may even win the jackpot online. And once you have got to grips with the fundamentals of the game of blackjack, then you should put on your smart clothes, grab your bankroll and head off to the casino.

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