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Introduction: Casino Chip Color Variations

Now if you’ve only ever visited a casino in Atlantic City, in New Jersey, then you’ll be familiar with $1 white chips, $2.50 pink, $5 red, $ 25 green and so on. But here’s the thing: they are only that color in New Jersey. Nowhere else. In Nevada, where big-time gaming got its start, you’ll find mainly $5 red chips and green quarters. But in this state, there is no law stipulating the color of casino chips. Going back 30 years, you could find white $1 chips. There were even grey, black, brown and blue ones. Just a few years before this, most casinos used Eisenhower $ and then before that, most casinos used real silver $. By the way, if you would like to learn more about casino history or how to beat the house, check out our guides to win the jackpot.

Choose Your Chips

Today, for larger denominations, casinos can choose their own colors. For example, Harrah’s used white chips until the late 1980s. Today, just their $1 chips are white. In fact, with most casinos falling under the umbrella of large corporations, it’s no surprise to find that most of the casino chips in daily use all conform pretty much across the whole country. One very simple reason that casinos use colored chips, is that it makes life easier for both the dealers and the pit bosses. It’s easier to see the amounts being bet both the naked eye and via the many security cameras. Walking around a casino, you’ll also see that many establishments actually color their game signs to match the minimum bet allowed. It makes life easier for the customer, as they only have to look at the sign to see if the table is for them.

casino chip color
The most popular looking casino chips

Casino Chip Colors and Values

White or Blue chips are one dollar.
Red chips are five dollars and are called nickels.
Green chips are twenty-five dollars and are called quarters.
Black chips are one hundred dollars.
Purple Chips are five hundred dollars and are called Barneys.
Orange chips are one thousand dollars and are called pumpkins.

Table Sign Color For Minimum Bets

As we previously said, just a quick glance over to a table and you’ll know the minimum bet that game will take. On the whole, a red sign will mean a $5 table and a green sign, a $25 table. Convenient for all the staff and the players as well. having said that, there will always be exceptions. There will be some tables where the color doesn’t correspond with minimum bet requirements. Just make a note of these exceptions on your way around. In Connecticut, for example, they use yellow to signify $10 tables and orange for $15 ones. There are casinos which have the same color signs across all table minimums.

Casino Chip Colors: Black Chips

For some bizarre reason, a casino in Las Vegas issued chips that were black for $1. This was back in the late 1990s. But it caused a huge stir. This was because most casinos were using $100 black chips. For reasons of security, it was thought that a scammer could simply mix the $1 and $100 black chips together thus leading to confusion at the gaming table. There was a big fuss at the time. In the end, the $1 chips were discontinued.

Roulette Chips

When you hit the roulette tables, you can use the same chips from the other games. But, if you’re gonna be playing the inside numbers, then the croupier will offer to swap your chips out for the roulette table chips. This means that you’ll have your own chips. This is to make it easier for the croupier to distinguish one player’s bets from another, as players with the same casino chip color can make life very complicated! By the way, in roulette, the standard starting value is $1, but you can ask for whatever chips you require. Remember you can cash your roulette chips anywhere apart from the table you’ve been playing at.

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