Casino Scams

Introduction: Casino Scams

Going back 50 years or so, everything seemed so much simpler and easier. For example, going to the casino meant dressing up, finding some money, grabbing your cigarettes and lighter, and then jumping in the car to drive over to the gambling casino resort. Step inside, buy some chips at the cage and you’re good to go. Today, thanks to the internet and all the technology associated with it, now anybody with a portable phone can find a casino to play at and hope to win the jackpot online. All this technology has made the whole playing experience easier in that you don’t actually have to move from your sofa.

But it’s also created a sub-industry of those who are determined to part you from your money in nefarious ways. Online casinos offer all sorts of incentives and bonuses to try and encourage players to play at their own proprietary casino. With literally hundreds of online casinos, and more opening every day, this has created a huge need for new customers. After all, not everybody who turns 18, is going to suddenly start spending their money at the casino. One of the big problems within this ever-expanding casino industry is the fact that there are reputable casinos and there are all the other casino scams.

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If you’re a novice gambler, or new to gambling altogether, you have a very good chance of coming across a site that appears to tick all the right boxes, and yet has been cleverly designed to scam you. We’re not saying that you can go to any online casinos to win the jackpot and not expect to lose money, after all, it is called “gambling.” But there are fair and unfair practices. These casino scams will lead to inevitable disappointment in the player and turn them off online casinos completely. Today we’ve put together a pretty comprehensive guide of the things to look out for to help you avoid online casino scams at a future date.

Casino Scams: Licensing Information

Casino Scams

Probably the biggest red flag of a casino scam, and that it isn’t kosher, is the lack of a reputable gaming licence. If they were a serious business then they would make every effort to obtain a licence from a respected licensing authority. This is because the licence itself shows that the company has been willing to have all the games tested for fairness, as well as ensuring that their banking information policy is watertight, especially when it comes to online security.

A typical and reputable licence will be the types issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. They will have regular and strict audits, and the casino is obliged to be totally transparent to these government agencies. An example of a trusted and licenced casino is Casumo Casino. They have two licences, one from each of the above licencing authorities. 

Of course, once the casino has obtained the licence by jumping through many legal and financial hoops, they are justifiably proud of their achievements, and you’ll find them happy to show off their licence if you scroll down to the bottom of the front page of their website. As a fixed rule, only ever gamble on a site that is showing a reputable licence. If you’re uncertain as to whether the gambling licence is real, then simply go to the claimed licensing authority and check that the casino in question is listed.

Casino Scams: Secure Payment And Withdrawal Options

On the whole, you’ll find this section will be covered well, providing the casino has a proper licence. Part of the licensing procedure is to ensure that the customers’ money is always kept separate from the casino’s, and that data protection is taken seriously. When you go to any online casino you will be required to deposit funds into an account. In many cases, the casino requires both your personal and banking details. A properly licensed casino is obliged to keep an eye on the security of your data to ensure that there are no breaches affecting your privacy.

Another thing you should look out for is the payment and withdrawal options, be they PayPal, debit or credit cards, pay by phone, or shrill, or any of the other options. It’s a good idea to check whether the casino will accept cryptocurrencies as these can be moved without any fees or charges. 

Casino Scams: Always Check The Terms And Conditions

Casino Scams

In business, there are scams and then there is unethical behaviour. The former may be easier to spot, but the latter hides under the appearance of acting correctly when in fact you are being played. Many casino scams will hide certain details from the players. But by law, they will be legally required to list all of those rules in the terms and conditions of their website. The most common bait and switch tricks involve the various bonuses and incentives casinos offer new customers. In many cases, you will see brightly lit advertisements claiming “100% of up to €4,000”.

It’s easy and understandable for the novice gambler to see this as free money that has fallen from the heavens.

In reality, you will need to adhere to strict wagering requirements that the site will have in place for all bonuses. This is the number of times you will have to play through the value of the bonus with your own money before you can actually make use of that offer. High welcome bonuses along with high wagering requirements mean that the bonus is practically out of reach unless you spend an absolute fortune of your own cash first. In other words, if they advertise a great looking bonus, but then put rules into place meaning that you can’t actually get to it, then in effect, the bonus is a lie.

Casino Scams: Watch Out For Bonuses

Casino Scams
Many casino scams are offering fake cash prizes!

Receiving a bonus from an online casino can be a boon to your bankroll and allow you to increase your jackpot winning chances by simply having a bigger bankroll and being able to play for a longer period of time. But always remember that the casino is first and foremost a business, not a charity, and any money that might be perceived as given for free will actually not be so. In the online casino industry, there tends to be a movement towards offering larger and larger welcome bonuses. The idea is that the headline bonus of 400% or 500%, will bring more customers in through the door.

You’ll also find that there are many casino scams are offering fake bonuses and fake cash prizes in order to divert your attention from reading the terms and conditions of their site. It’s not uncommon to see huge welcome bonuses and incentives offered and yet after the player has deposited funds into the casino account, they are unable to find said offers. We suggest that before you go online and start playing at a casino, you look around the internet for reviews of the sites in question.

There are a huge number of forums and message boards dedicated to online gamblers who are looking for the same information as you. By reading these real reviews, you’ll be able to ascertain the level of honesty and transparency of the websites you might be considering opening an online account with. On the whole, casino scams are pointed out by other players the moment they try a dodgy move.

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Casino Scams: Trusted Software

Though it’s something that many novice players overlook, it’s equally important to look at the software providers who are responsible for the games that online casinos utilise. Many people don’t realise that most, if not all of the games available at online casinos, are not actually the property of the casino in question, but rather belong to the games providers who simply rent them out. As you have no idea whether the games are genuinely fair or not, we suggest you always stick with well-known providers who have their games in a properly licensed casino. The licensing authorities will perform regular tests to ensure the fairness of these third-party games.

And only the most reputable and the best jackpot game providers would allow their games to be audited in such a manner, as they have nothing to hide.

Casino Scams: 24/7 Customer Support

Casino ScamsWe believe that you can tell a lot about any business, whether an online casino or anything else when it comes to seeing how professional their customer support is. You really want to find a service that’s open 24/7 and can be contacted via email, snail mail, live chat, or an online form. Obviously, the live chat is the most important, and the operators on the other end of the line should be professional, courteous and prompt in their service. Most casino scams don’t have decent customer support, as it’s just too expensive to maintain.

Casino Scams: Safe Web Browsing

Casino Scams

This really involves the device and browser that you’re using to access the online casino. If you’re using, for example, Firefox or Google Chrome, then they automatically block any authorised sites, along with any pop-ups or cookies. Any site that is involved with securing your data must have SSL encryption, and you’ll be able to see this in the form of a “padlock” symbol in your browser address box. Having the correct browser will also protect you from viruses and malware. 

Conclusion: Casino Scams

Unfortunately, as the online gambling industry continues to grow at such an alarming rate, so does the shadow casino scams industry. By following the basic steps above you will certainly improve your chances of not meeting a company that will offer a service in order to simply steal your money. To avoid casino scams, always check the casino for a reputable licence, and though it may seem time-consuming, please make the effort to read through the site’s terms and conditions before you jump in and open an online casino account.

Though it sounds almost boring advice, it may be better to stick with the big brand named casinos. They already have built a reputation for safety and security, as well as offering their customers the best possible service. That’s why we stick with Casumo Casino. They have built up a fantastic reputation which they prize above all things. They also have a great selection of games and a bonkers welcome bonus of 100% up to £300 plus 30 free spins! This should probably be your very first jackpot winning strategy. Whoever you choose, be safe out there.

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