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The Worst Types of Casinos For Beginners

Are there really casinos for beginners? Just like everything, there are better and worse types of casinos. Of course, most casinos are going to be great places to hang out and gamble. But there are certainly one’s that you might want to consider avoiding. More especially if you’re a beginner and are going to be traveling some distance to get there. The last thing any newly minted gambler wants is to have wasted hours traveling only to discover the place is a dump. Or unsuitable in many other ways. To that end, we’ve created a list of the factors to keep in mind when choosing a casino to play as a newbie.

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High-Stakes Luxury Casinos

Just because the place looks super swag in the publicity, doesn’t mean that you can afford to play there. Nothing is worse than the sensation of sitting down to play, only to realize that you’re out of your depth. Of course, if you’re the type of gambler that doesn’t give two figs about their bankroll, then go ahead and knock yourself out. If you’re in Las Vegas, then it’s only natural that you’re drawn, like flies to honey, to those huge glittering monuments to gambling like The Wynn, The Cosmo, and The Bellagio. Playing at these casinos to win the jackpot is every gambler’s dream. But these places are not for the likes of mere mortals. They are, quite rightly, regarded as some of the most exclusive casinos in the world. And if you’re a newbie, then you have zero reasons to be playing in any of these.

There are several reasons why you should keep your hands in your pockets with these types of establishments. For a start, the table limits are going to be a lot higher, which translates as seeing your bankroll disappear pretty quickly. Secondly, you’re going to be surrounded by, and playing against, players who are both experienced and much savvier than a beginner. And finally, if you’re starting your betting journey, then high-end tables will make you feel nervous. Other players will be quick to spot your weaknesses, as you’ll give so much away by being slower in the gameplay. And maybe you’ll even find yourself asking the dealer questions about things that your competition is ruthlessly competent about.

Casinos For Beginners: Run-Down Dumpster Fires

At the other end of the spectrum, we can find these trashy and run down gambling establishments. While it definitely true that they’re gonna be much cheaper than your uptown casinos, there’s much more to the gambling experience than just the price. One of the main considerations about gambling is that you need to feel relaxed in order to concentrate. That means that you’ll be needing at the very least, to have a pleasant time. If dirty tables and cards, drunk patrons, and horrible smells are your things, then you’ll find plenty of accommodating places.

casinos for beginners
Know your limits – Image source: Flickr

The problem with “bad” casinos, is that you’re not going to be learning anything from going there. Sure, the cost of gambling may be cheaper, but there’s a very good chance you’ll regret sitting down on a sticky seat whilst facing a smelly drunk. On the whole, you’ll see how well a joint is run if you spot any jackpot slots machines broken on your way in. Also if there are a whole bunch of vacant seats at the games tables during peak hours. We suggest that you stay well away.

Noisy Pits of Distractions

As you’re well aware, gambling is much more than just about winning. It’s the whole experience, the build-up to the reveal, and the subsequent revelation of the result. It’s about playing smarter than the guy seated at your elbow. But for all this to happen, you need to e able to concentrate and maybe lose yourself in the mechanics of the gameplay. If there are constant and irritating distractions, it’s impossible to settle in and start playing to the optimum of your abilities. As a beginner, you’ll need all the help you can get. You’ll need to be playing games whereby you’re able to learn more and understand in depth the gameplay. The idea being that each visit will leave you satisfied, that though you might of spent your self imposed bankroll, at least you came away wiser and therefore better prepared for the next battle

So the very last thing you need is a constant distraction breaking your concentration every few minutes. Yes, we all understand that the casino is, by design, making an effort to separate you from your cash. And having distractions in the gambling floor is one of many ways they try and achieve this goal. One example would be Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The music is blasting out so loudly you can’t hear yourself think. And then they put scantly clad go-go dances on pedestals between the blackjack tables. It’s impossible to focus under such conditions.

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Casinos For Beginners: Ones With Free Booze

Here at Jackpotfinder, we are more interested in how to help gamblers become successful for-profit gamblers. That’s why we preach so fervently about learning basic strategy and how to look after and stretch your bankroll. We want you to have an enjoyable time, but without wasting your hard-earned cash. And it’s for this reason that we advise you to shy away from places that are over-generous with the comped alcohol. Keep in mind that the casino is not doing anything for your benefit. So all those drinks that keep appearing as if by magic at your elbow when you’re sat at the games table are not free. They are paid for thanks to your losses And having a befuddled brain is going to see you making some awful decisions. And these will end up costing you dearly.

casinos for beginners
Concentrate on the game!

Of course, we are human. It’s a very nice feeling to have a pretty cocktail waitress constantly offering you “free” drinks whilst you’re playing. You feel like a king! But before the night is over, you’ll end up a pauper. If you have the self-restraint to turn down the comps, well, good for you. But if you do start to drink, then we recommend that you also slow down your gambling or stop altogether. Alcohol and gambling only mix well for the casino. Not for the customer.

Casinos With Obnoxious Regulars

This is really a problem of casino management. On the whole, most establishments are run as tight and secure ships, making sure the customers have a great time but also allowing some give and take when it comes to behavior. Yes, there are always going to be some folks who are louder. But that’s just their nature, in that their volume control is set very high. But then there’s the other type of “loud”, which is normally followed by the word “obnoxious”. Whether drunk or just uncouth, these types of players can ruin an evening for everyone. As you’re a beginner, coming up against this type during a game can be both frustrating and slightly threatening.

Most casinos are quick to spot this type of behavior and show it the door. But there are other establishments, particularly some smaller ones, that rely on the spend of these idiots. For that reason, they are slow to throw them out, as technically they are throwing out money from the casino’s bottom line. To stereotype them would be describing a man, overweight, sitting at the jackpot games table with a glass of whisky and a cigar. He’s been gambling at the same establishment for years, so he gets a pass for awful behavior. He looks down on everyone and is rather quick with his obnoxious opinions about the other players around the table. We suggest that you choose another table.

Casinos For Beginners: Untrustworthy Online Casinos

Because of the ever-rising number of online casinos, we feel that they are also an important consideration for your options. Just like their real bricks and mortar brethren, there are going to be some casinos for beginners that are better than others. Of course, you’re going to be looking for the best online casinos with jackpots. But the most important aspect for the gambler to consider is just how secure are your funds and how accessible are they as well. Virtually all online casinos will offer the new customer a nice joining bonus. Of course, you have to make a deposit first. So now they have your funds, let’s how that you read the small print before wiring them over.

casinos for beginners
Stick to trustworthy sites

The internet is your friend. So, before you join any online casino, make sure you do a search for blacklisted casinos, along with those who are less than honest or transparent about these funding strategies. Always heed negative customer reviews.

Casinos With Disinterested Dealers and Employees

A decent and well-trained dealer will spot the fact that you’re a new gambler within a couple of minutes of watching you play. Your gameplay and betting patterns are an instant indicator of a newbie. If the dealer is cut from the right clothing, he’ll be only too happy to guide you and help you improve. It’s in his interest that you win. Why? Because winners give bigger tips! He wants you to return to his table whenever you visit the casino. Pleasant, courteous, and helpful. What more can you want of a dealer?

On the other hand, you’re going to come across dealers who are really the polar opposite of the above. They can be lazy or careless when they deal or have to show their cards. Sometimes it’s down to a bad attitude. Don’t get us wrong, of course, everyone can have a bad day. We’re not talking about that. We’re pointing to dealers who deliberately belittle or confuse the new gambler. If you come across this, we suggest that you wait out the game until his replacement arrives. On the other hand, a really terrible dealer indicates that the management doesn’t care, and so it might well just be a bad casino.

Conclusion: The Worst Types of Casinos For Beginners

The more you gamble, then the more casinos you’re going to be visiting. And with that come all sorts of experiences. After all, there are as many different casinos as there are different gamblers. But before you visit any casinos to play, we suggest that you thoroughly research them on the internet. You don’t want to be stuck in a place that you can’t afford. Likewise, you don’t want to be stuck in a dump. Follow the pointer above, stick to casinos for beginners, and you’ll have a much more satisfying experience than if you blustered in without foresight.

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