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Cricket Betting: How To Bet On Cricket

As a child who was forced to play cricket at an English school, it’s not the writer’s favourite sport by a long way. The mixture of a rock hardball and the sheer boredom of waiting around for the batsman and bowler to do their job, certainly doesn’t make it a sport for everyone. But if you’re a professional sports bettor, then you’re not interested in the actual nitty-gritty of the game player as such. You are looking to see if there’s any long-term profit to be made. To this end, cricket is one of the easiest sports to bet on. Today that has a deep dive into how to bet on cricket, along with any cricket jackpot winning tips and tricks

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The Different Cricket Formats

Cricket was exported by the British to the Colonies. In fact, you’ll find that most of the World’s cricket team’s countries still have the Queen of England on their stamps. There are five different formats in cricket. 

Test Matches

Test matches take 5 days to play and are always between two International sides. There are two innings for each side and the match is normally part of a 3 or 5 match series.

Four-Day Matches

This consists of two teams playing over a 4 day period. The games are between two English county teams and normally form part of either a League or a Cup Competition.

50-Over Matches

These cricket matches have just one innings for each team and each side is limited to just 50 overs.  These games are normally International matches. They normally form part of a serious such as the Cricket World Cup.

40-Over Matches

This is a regular format for English county matches. There will be 1 innings for both teams and just like the 50 over matches, each team has just 40 overs each. Once again, these are normally part of a League or Cup Competition

20-Over Matches

This is a  relatively recent match format and each team has a bowling limit of just 20 overs. As you can imagine the formulation was really for television. Having so few overs certainly makes the matches much more exciting. You’ll find this format used in many televised cricket competitions such as the “Caribbean T20” and the “Big Bash.”

The Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets


Sports market bookmakers are constantly trying to create more betting markets within the sport to keep punters interested and spending their money. Having said that, most professional cricket bettors will simply stick to their own tried-and-tested markets in order to win the best sports betting jackpots. The most common of these is the “match-winner” markets. Here you simply pick which team is going to win the match. You may find some bookies that will offer the option of betting on a draw within this marketplace. 

It’s also possible to bet on the batsman who will score the highest number of runs in an innings or which bowler will take the most wickets. These markets are open to all types of cricket matches and that includes both series and tournaments. You’ll also find that bookmakers like 22Bet Sportsbook, will offer markets on either the number of runs or wickets that will be made in a complete season.

Cricket Betting: Know Your Cricket Players

Just as when betting in football, it’s important to know the individual players and their competencies. Well, the same applies to cricket. Many people have heard of Freddie Flintoff, but you need to know all the players in every team before you start your betting journey in cricket. Some players will do very well in shorter games than longer games. Whereas others are completely the opposite. You’ll find there are many fine batsmen who are great for 20 over matches while they simply don’t have the patience for test match cricket.

Because spin bowlers are relying on the amount of moisture in the air in order to spin the ball at greater curves, then you need to keep one eye on the weather conditions when you are thinking of betting. Swing bowlers tend to perform their best when the pitch conditions and the weather come together to form ideal bowling conditions. Also, you should note the state of the cricket pitch. If the wicket is “slow”, then fast bowlers are going to struggle to make any impact.

Know Your Cricket Pitches

Apart from the above, listen to what the punters are saying before the match starts. Especially when discussing the condition of the pitch. In fact, the ground’s condition can be a huge deciding factor on what bets you should place. When the Empire tosses the coin and invites the captain to call it, the condition of the pitch and how it will deteriorate during the match suddenly becomes a huge factor in which team you might want to consider betting on. 

Watch The Weather


In cricket, weather plays an intrinsic part in deciding the outcome of all cricket matches. If a match is rained off for example, then it may well be declared a draw. Especially if there isn’t time to complete all the innings.  When playing limited-overs cricket, such as 20, 40 or 50 over matches, then any delays caused by rain can reduce the number of overs that each side is able to face with their batsmen. Interestingly enough, there’s a specific algorithm that sets aside the reduced batting total. It’s called the “Duckworth Lewis Method.” Now you know!

The rain is not the only condition that can adversely affect a cricket match. If the weather conditions are overcast, then the ball is able to swing more. This makes it a much more difficult target for the batsman. In matches such as these, you’ll find that teams will score fewer runs than if they were playing under bright sunny skies. But again, this will be conditional on the captain picking the correct type of swing bowler. If you are betting online, then you can find all this relevant information at your fingertips by going to 22Bet Sportsbook. They also offer a tasty welcome bonus of 122% up to €100 to all new players.

Cricket Betting: Know Your Cricket Grounds

All cricket grounds vary in condition and size. We suggest that you have a look at some historical records especially when two County teams are meeting head to head. This will allow you to see how many different teams have played on different grounds. You’ll find that some cricket grounds regularly produce very high scoring cricket matches. Whilst, with exactly the same conditions, other cricket pitches simply don’t. So before you can start your betting, please get to know the cricket grounds. Take note that if the boundary rope has been moved up for a match, this could mean that they will be more sixes scored. It may be a good time to bet on a big hitter in the top batsman marketplace.

Ignore Professional Cricket Betting Tipsters

One word of warning. If you go online you will find hundreds of tipsters. Yes, these scammers are commonly selling tips in bigger betting sports such as football and horse racing. But there are a lot selling their tips online for upcoming cricket matches. They claim to have done all the hard work for you. Therefore all you need to do is buy their tips and follow their betting advice. Remember they are not winning from betting themselves. They are simply selling a scheme to lazy and ignorant sports bettors.

Making money in sports betting is ridiculously difficult. Keep in mind that the bookmaker always has a fixed percentage on every bet (the “juice”). It means that even if a bet appears to be 50/50, the bookmaker, because of his percentage, will drag the odds into his favour. We suggest that you only bet for fun. And don’t bother wasting your money on tipsters. They will certainly not help increase your jackpot winning chances. You’re better off spending your own time and energy doing as much research as possible and only then placing your bets.

Conclusion: The Basics Of Cricket Betting

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With this article, we’re trying to give you the most basic understanding of how cricket betting works. And, more importantly, what you should look out for. Obviously, if you’re into making a profit from cricket, then you need to put in a huge amount of homework. It’s a given that this effort should be one of your basic jackpot winning strategies. This should include studying all the different cricket related news and articles that relate to popular cricket betting markets, different cricket formats, and also in which games or formats each individual cricketer might excel at. Finally, on the day of your cricket match betting, you need to look up to the sky and check the weather. All of the above factors can affect whether your bets win or lose.

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