Gambling Etiquette

Introduction: Gambling Etiquette

If you’re a seasoned player, then there are few things more annoying than having a newbie sitting at your games table, constantly asking basic questions. The type that doesn’t have a clue and is having to be instructed by the croupier or dealer every time their round comes up. Here’s a tip if you’re that guy; when it’s quieter ask the dealer if the casino offers any sort of gaming instruction.

Tables For Practice

If you pay attention, you’ll also notice that nearly all casinos will give a tour of the tables every few hours. During this, they take pains to explain the games being played, along with the rules. And they’re happy to take any questions. Many casinos will offer a specific table where you can play with the chips to get the hang of the games. If your casino lacks these options, then just watch a few rounds of the game before you sit down and start playing. But please don’t bother the players. We have a list of basic rules for players who are unsure of themselves.

Understand the rules before you sit down

This is something so basic that it makes our brains hurt when we see someone sitting down at the table, among other players, and they haven’t a clue. Because most people are nice, no one really says what they’re thinking….which is probably better! Everyone has access to the internet with all the online jackpot rules. With so many casino websites offering free games, that’s where you should start your player journey. Not at the table. Only when you’re competent online, then come to the casino.

Gambling Etiquette: Be Patient

Remember that you should only buy or cash-in chips between the hands. If you happen to join a game still in progress, then just sit and wait for the hand to complete before talking to the dealer. Use this time to prepare your bankroll. If you want to play faster you must stay at the online jackpot sites.

Know Your Chips

In most casinos the red chips are $5, the green chips are $25 and the black is $100. This is really basic stuff. At the table, it’s perfectly fine to ask the dealer to break a large chip into smaller ones. But not the other way around. Now when it’s time to cash-out, it’s better for the dealer if he has smaller denomination chips than larger ones, just n the same way a shop needs a small change. So between hands, don’t be shy about giving the dealer a stack of chips and asking him to change them in. A happy dealer makes for a happy game.

Gambling Etiquette
Always keep your chips organized

Game Play Etiquette

Let’s talk about gameplay. In some games, the cards are dealt face up. Don’t touch these cards! Now if the cards are dealt face down, then only touch them with one hand. If you don’t you’ll be called out! Also, don’t be a slob. Don’t bend the cards or crease them. Worst still (it’s a sad state of the world we even have to say this) don’t put your drinks on the cards. There are always some players looking to game the system, and these guys commonly tend to crease the edge of the cards. Just don’t do it, as the dealer has seen every trick in the book, and will simply ask security to remove you.

Gambling Etiquette: One Hand Please

As for only touching your cards with one hand, if you can’t do it naturally, then we suggest that you simply sit on the other hand. Dealers get mighty tired of constantly telling some players that it’s only one hand allowed. There are some games, like Caribbean Stud Poker, where you can’t touch your cards at all until you get the say-so to do so by the dealer.

Once the first card has been deal, you can’t touch your first bet. Wait until the hand has been dealt out to everyone at the table.

Please refrain from getting drunk. Nothing is worse than a new player who can’t hold his alcohol. Don’t be that guy as it never, but never, ends well.

Smoking Etiquette

If you’re in a US casino, the chances are that smoking is OK. But please keep in mind that there are other patrons that don’t smoke. To that end, please refrain from blowing smoke directly across the table into the faces of others or the dealer. Also, when you’re done with your cigarette, please put it out properly in the ashtray, ensuring that it doesn’t continue emitting smoke from the ashtray. Simply put, if you’re a smoker then please respect the rights of non smokers.

Gambling Etiquette: Leave the Other Players Alone

When you’re playing blackjack, on no circumstances should you berate another player for the way that they’re playing? The belief that constant hitting is somehow detrimental for other players is evidently false, so leave the other players alone.

Leave The Dealer Alone

Whilst the game is in play, do not be that guy who is constantly asking the dealer for advice on what to play next or how you should play this particular set up. Dealers don’t want the blame because you happen to follow their advice. Dealers are nice people, they want to be helpful. But during the course of a game, you are on your own buddy, so leave the poor dealer out of it. The only exception is when playing pai gow poker when it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the dealer how he would play his hand in regard to the “house system”.

Gambling Etiquette: Suck It Up!

If you happen to receive a bad hand, just suck it up. Don’t ask for pity as this happens to everyone. We have all seen the player hit a stiff hand in blackjack and then get an additional small card, yet still, be in the 12 – 16 point range. At this point, they show the cards to the dealer, make a big sigh. Don’t go shopping for sympathy because no one gives a toss. Just play make your decisions quickly, shut up, and get on with the game at hand.

Tipping Etiquette

When it comes to tipping, this is more open to your own feeling as opposed to any rules of etiquette. On the whole, we suggest that you should tip 2/3 based on the attitude of the dealer, things like how friendly or efficient they were. Maybe the other 1/3 should be based on your winnings or losses. But even if you are losing, then tipping the dealer can help everyone feel better. You’ll often find that if you’re on a losing streak, the dealer will do his upmost to be positive and make the whole gaming experience more fun.

Learn Your Hand Signals

Many table games will involve the use of hand signals. This is especially true of blackjack. Now, remember that when you’re playing, you must use these hand signals as a mere verbal command will not cut the mustard. Please learn them before you take a seat at the gaming table, as this will save both yourself and the other players a lot of frustration. It really is basic gambling etiquette. It’s beyond annoying when a new player needs to be constantly instructed on something so basic.

Gambling Etiquette
Learning the hand signals are essential to keep the game snappy

Blackjack Hand Signals When the Cards are Dealt Face Up

A Hit: Just tap the table.
Stand: Wave the hand, palm open and upwards, parallel to the table.
Double/Split: Place the matching bet next to the original bet. Never on top! If you have a pair of 4’s or 5’s, then you should hold up one finger for doubling and two for splitting.

Hand Signals for Cards Dealt Face Down

A Hit: Lightly scrape the corner of the cards against the felt.
Stand: Slide your cards under your bet. Do not lift your chips in the process.
Double/Split: Place your cards face up on the table, just above your bet. Then place your matching bet next to, never on top of, your original bet. If you have two fours or two fives, you should hold up one finger if you are doubling, and two fingers if you are splitting.
If you bust then lay down your cards face up by your bet. Do not throw them down in disgust, with a fit of temper as it is very rude. If you can’t handle losing at cards, then maybe you shouldn’t play at all.

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