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How to Bet on Greyhounds

Around the world, you can find all sorts of animal betting. In the UK, Greyhound racing has been suffering a steady decline over the past decade or so, yet it still remains the UK’s sixth favourite spectator sport.

A Concise History Of Greyhound Racing

The first oval racing track was established during the depression of 1926 at Belle Vue in Manchester. Because of high unemployment, a “day at the races” proves to be an affordable day out. Within the next 10 years, new stadiums would open all over the country as the sport became more popular.  In fact, in 1936, over 90,000 spectators watched the Greyhound Derby.

Greyhound racing remained a firm favourite up until the dawn of television in the early 1960s. Also, there was more competition with the pastimes of bingo and dance halls becoming increasingly more attractive to the younger generation. The next decade witnessed a steep decline in the sport, with many tracks being shut down. Then in the early 2000s, sports betting companies started opening tracks to their customers. Yet this did little to stem the sport’s decline.

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The Sport Is In Decline

You can thank a greater awareness of animal rights, as well as many campaigns designed to turn the public sentiment away from greyhound racing for the continuing drop in interest. Nevertheless, there are still a number of greyhound racing tracks holding events today. And, just like horse racing, many punters still look forwards to betting on the dogs.

As such, it’s still a firm favourite betting choice for many sports bettors. The actual sport itself, with dogs racing against each other, allows for a number of different betting strategies which can help you win the jackpot online if you’re using an online sportsbook like 22Bet Sportsbook. If you’re new to betting on the dogs, then this concise guide is designed to give you enough information to be able to turn a profit with greyhound racing betting activities.

Betting on Greyhounds – How to Do It?


Whether you’re a professional player or just a weekend gambler, you’ll find that Greyhound racing attracts a lot of attention. And though you may be betting for fun, or even trying to turn a profit, you’ll find that there are many opportunities available for betting on Greyhounds. Presently that are around 100 races taking place at racing tracks every day in the UK. This means that you can place a wager on a race at virtually any time of the day.

In fact, it’s probably this option of constantly available races that makes Greyhound racing such an attractive proposition for so many punters. You’ll find that all the top most reputable bookmakers will have Greyhound betting options. These include such betting options as combined multiple bets on a single race, simple single beds, or being able to spread your wagers across any number of different races. Providing you know what you’re doing, then greyhound racing offers some great possibilities to increase your jackpot winning chances.

How Does Greyhound Betting Work?

Presently Greyhound racing is a legal sport that’s popular in eight different countries. All races use a track which features a mechanical hare that lures Greyhounds into chasing it, as it glides along a rail in front of the dogs. Most dogs themselves will race until they are between four and six years old. Probably the simplest and most popular bet at the Greyhound stadium is simply that you pick a dog and back it to win. You can also opt for place bets, where you’re betting on a dog to finish in first or second position. 

The Greyhound Grading System

It’s important that before you bet you understand that there is a “grading ladder.” Essentially, each track features a “grading office” which grades each race. This is identified by distance or by a letter at the beginning of the grade. The following are some examples:

  • ‘D’ races: Sprints over two bends
  • ‘A’ races: Standard trip over four bends
  • ‘B’ races: Shorter four-bend races
  • ‘S’ races: Staying races over six bends
  • ‘E’ or ‘M’ races: Extreme distance or marathon races

Next up, we have a number that follows these letters. This is used to identify the dog’s abilities, including pace, speed and stamina. This numbering system works with the system that the lower the number, then the faster the dog. In Greyhound racing, every time a dog comes home as a winner then it gets upgraded to compete with yet faster dogs. On the whole, when you’re watching a Greyhound race, then you’ll notice that the first dog to cross the first bend in the track, typically is the one that goes on to win the race.

What Affects the Outcome of Greyhound Races?


Just as in many competitive sports, there’s a seeding system in place. The general idea is that this will balance out the competition by assigning dogs to different traps from which they can perform best. These are the following positions:

  • Rails (rls, positions 1 & 2): Inside traps—the shortest track distance
  • Middle (mid, positions 3 & 4): Interior traps—best for maintaining maximum speed
  • Wide (w, positions 5 & 6): Outside traps—best for wet conditions

Because of the importance of position, it’s imperative that you understand in which position the dog you’re betting on performs best.

The Early And Starting Prices

When it comes to Greyhound racing, you’ll find that bookmakers will give two prices. These are known as “early” and “starting prices.” Now if you bet early, then you receive enhanced odds at any price. Or you can grab one of the many deals on offer. Such as “best price” or “best odds guaranteed.” If you find that the starting price is better than the provided odds, then you’ll find that all bookies are happy to honour the higher price.

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Greyhound Betting Types

Just as with horse racing, there are numerous different types of bets that can be placed on Greyhounds. Depending on your skill as a punter, or your appetite for risk, then you should choose one that suits your betting style. Below we list some of the most common bets in Greyhound racing. Go to 22Bet Sportsbook to find all these bets and more, as well as receive your new player welcome bonus of 100% up to 300 Euros.

Straight Bet

If you’re new to the sport of greyhound racing then we suggest you start with the simplest bet. This is the Straight Bet which is also known as the “Win Bet” or the “Single Bet.” Simply put, this allows you to bet on your prediction as to which dogs will win the race.

Place Bet


The Place Bet is another extraordinary popular Greyhound betting strategy. Essentially, you’re betting on which dog will finish in either first or second place. What’s interesting about this wager is that it’s not important whether the dog finishes in first or second place, as the punter will receive the same cash-out for either position. Though Place Bets have a higher chance of winning, they do tend to generate a lower return than Straight Bets.

Show Bet

You can look upon a Show Bets as another alternative to Place Bets. But instead of just covering the first two places, the Show Bet requires you to select the finisher in first, second, or third place. Once again, all winning bets from all three positions’ cash-outs offer the same return.


You’re able to combine two bets into one with the Win-Place Bet. With this, you’ll be backing the same Greyhound to win or to place. This means that if it comes first, then you’ll receive a payout for the Win Bet. Yet if the dog places, then you receive a prize for the Place Bet.

Across the Board 

If you want a combination which combines Straight, Win-Place and Show Bets on the same ticket, then the Across the Board Bet is what you’re looking for. It’s quite possible to receive all three payouts providing your dog comes first. If it comes in second, then you’ll receive a payout out for Place and Show. Finally, if your Greyhound comes in third, then you’ll only receive a smaller payout. As you can imagine, this bet does involve more risk. But on the upside, these represent the best sports betting jackpots because the payout is so much higher than if you’d made these bets individually. 

Exacta Bet

The Exacta wager is also known as the “Perfector.” It’s a popular bet for Greyhound racing and it requires that you pick two dogs that will finish the race in the exact order of first and second place.

Reverse Forecast 

You probably know the Reverse Forecast bet as the Quinella. For this single bet, you’ll need to choose two dogs that will finish in the top two positions. But unlike the Exacta Bet, there’s no need to specify in which order they will finish. Take note that the payout will be more if a dog with a lower odds won the race.



The Trifecta Bet is a multiple bet. You’ll need to pick the three Greyhounds that you believe will finish in the top three places. It’s important that they finish in the exact order that you specify. The Trifecta bet is one of the best bets to make at the Greyhound track, as it can land you some huge winnings. Providing you’re able to predict it with confidence.

Twin Trifectas

This is a multiple pools bet which is a variation on the regular Trifecta Bet. Essentially, it comprises two Trifecta Bets, but on two separate races. For the first race, you’ll select a combination and then exchange the ticket for another combination for the following race. Now, if your first pet wins, then you’ll receive a payout. But the remainder of the pool will be divided amongst those who guess the second bet correctly. If no one is able to successfully predict the second part of the bet, then the funds are carried over to the following race.


If you’re an experienced or veteran greyhound racing punter, then you’ll probably know these bets as the Straight Superperfecta. With this you’ll need to choose at least four or more dogs to finish in the exact order you’ve put down on your ticket. It goes without saying that the more dogs you choose, then the higher the odds of your jackpot winning chances. But on the other hand, this also translates to a more substantial return.

Daily Double 

The Daily Double is probably the best wager to make at the Greyhound track. Essentially, you can look upon it as an Accumulator Bet. You’re betting on the first two races of the day and the betting tickets will collect before the beginning of the first race.

Trap Challenge

With this bet, you’re not betting on the greyhound itself. You’re actually betting on which trap is likely to win across multiple races. 

Pick 3 and Pick 6 

For the Pick 3 wager, you’ll need to guess the winners on three consecutive races. The Pick 6, will require you to choose the winners of six consecutive races.

Greyhound Betting Strategies


We should point out that with all these bets there is no foolproof strategy that will guarantee you wins. Nevertheless, there are some in jackpot winning tips and tricks you should keep in mind. The first is you should get to know the dogs you’re betting on. That means obtaining as much information as possible. Including the breeding, age, pace, and recent performance. It’s important that you don’t put money on a dog without a regular racing history.

Track And Weather Conditions

Other factors to keep in mind include such things as the track conditions. Also, look up to the sky and try to predict what the weather might be doing during the day. Then there’s general knowledge about how dogs run during the races and under certain conditions. Such facts as that heavy dogs, and those running on wide rails, always have an advantage if the track is wet. Because racing takes place under all types of weather conditions, you’ll find that the dogs running on the inside rails will have an edge when the track freezes. 

Enjoy A Great Day At The Greyhound Track

We suggest you attend the Greyhound track for the experience as much as for the betting possibilities. With the evolving sentiment concerning animal welfare, it’s probably just a matter of time before the UK starts banning it. Yet Greyhound racing has a long history and is heavy with tradition. So it’s interesting to see how the owners prepare the dogs before, during, and after the races. The whole spectacle has an interesting ambience. And a certain timeless feeling. Whatever happens, whether you win or lose, you’ll come away with a unique and memorable experience.

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