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A Concise Guide To Betting On Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing isn’t on par with the popularity of horse racing but it’s still a sport that punters in the UK and around the globe like to bet on in droves. And though greyhound racing isn’t a sport that comes to the foremost of the minds of sports bettors, you might be surprised as to the number of punters who both watch and bet on greyhound racing on a regular basis. Because many sports bettors know very little about greyhound racing, we thought we’d put together a concise guide so that you can understand the sport better. This will help you when you decide to punt on the dogs.

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Greyhound Racing

It’s a fair assumption to compare greyhound racing with horse racing. Do that, and it’s no surprise that both sports are a popular choice when it comes to betting, both online and off.  Of course, the racing of any form of an animal, be that with horses or dogs, is going to be very unpredictable. And it’s this unpredictability that makes betting on both the dogs and the horses so very exciting. Therefore it’s no surprise that punters around the world take such an interest.

The racing of greyhounds probably dates back to the Middle Ages. But the first proper race took place in the northern UK city of Manchester in the 1920s. Since that time, and in particular with the introduction of legal sports betting thanks to the Gaming Act, in the 1960s, the sport of greyhound racing has continuously grown in popularity.

Although it goes without saying that the sport is nowhere near comparable size to horse racing. Nevertheless, both types of racing are very similar. As far as betting goes, the bets are almost the same. In its simplest form, you bet on which dog will win. And if it does then you can cash out your winnings. If you head over to 22Bet Sportsbook, you’ll see that they cover greyhound racing with some great odds. Not only that, but they also offer all new players a great welcome bonus of 122% up to €100! This will really help you to get started.

greyhound racing

Greyhound Racing Tips

In the same manner that you would use across all sports betting, we suggest that you consider your betting strategies in order to find the maximum profits. Before you start on your betting journey, it’s only natural to wonder where exactly you should begin. Here at, we’ve compiled a list of important betting factors, along with some jackpot winning tips and tricks to help you beat the bookies at their own game.

Follow Greyhound Racing Tipsters

As you probably know, at, we are not so fond of paying for tips. But if you’re just starting betting in greyhound racing, then it might be a good idea to follow a reputable, high-quality, greyhound tipster. As a strategy for long-term profits in greyhound racing, this might be worth considering. So just what is a greyhound tipster? Simply put they are sports bettors, just like you, who are willing to share their betting tips and advice for a fee. Having said that, there are some sports tipsters who are happy to share their betting knowledge for free.

You can find sports tipsters in many different sports. In fact, there’s a whole industry of sports bettors who make a good living from selling tips to punters who are hoping to win the football jackpot and win at horse racing.  The thing to keep in mind is that not all of these tipsters will be of the same quality. And the same goes for their tips! To that and some of these tipsters will be worth following and others will certainly be not.

In an ideal situation, you need to discover which tipsters are more profitable. Although in truth it’s always a difficult feat to beat the bookies. They constantly change the odds to suit themselves, as opposed to the punters. And they take their juice off the top, meaning they are guaranteed to make money, whether you win or lose. But it’s still possible to win if you’re careful with your betting choices.

Carefully Examine Betting Tipsters

We suggest that you go online in order to research who are the best tipsters. Take a look at their records and then cross-check these against the bookmaker’s records. Many top tipsters will be transparent with past results. After all, these are probably the only methods by which they find new clients. If you go to the most reputable large online betting sites you will also be able to see the records of previous races run. Now you’ll need to use both common sense and some basic mathematics to be able to wade through all the bullshit that many would-be tipsters give out. Take a good look at their track record and see how well and how often they beat the bookies. You should be looking at their ROI (return on investment). 

greyhound racing

Make Use Of Social Media

Another great method of finding reputable tipsters is to search online for greyhound racing forums and greyhound racing Facebook groups. Here you’ll find ordinary punters like yourself. They will be looking for exactly the same things that you are. You’ll also find any number of tipsters who will be advertising their services. We suggest that you contact other sports bettors and compare notes to see who might give you the best chance of taking home some winnings. Be extra wary of paying for tips. Especially before you have done your homework. 

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Though we are loath to say it, we feel that using a quality tipster is probably one of the best means to make long-term profits. More especially if you’re going to be betting on greyhound racing. Once you’ve done your research, then it’s wise to only use a small amount of your betting bankroll to test them out. There’s no point in throwing away your money before you have developed confidence in a particular greyhound racing tipster.

Do Your Research

With all sports betting it’s not enough just to bet on the favourite. For one thing, betting this way will only bring very small rewards. The bigger wins come from successfully wagering on the underdog (pun intended!). Not only should you be looking at the individual dogs that are running, but also you’ll need a deep understanding of the sport of greyhound racing. You will need to know the racing industry inside out. When it comes to each dog it’s important to examine the dog’s racing history. 

Check Out Each Dog

Keep in mind that each race can be affected by a number of factors including injury, the race track, the age of the dog and its previous number of wins. We also suggest you keep an eye on the weather as this can have a detrimental effect on some animals. You really want to be doing the same research into greyhound racing as you would if you were taking a punt on the horses. The only difference is the lack of a jockey as another factor to take into account. On the face of it, greyhound racing is incredibly unpredictable. So the only way to win in your bets is if you are a walking encyclopaedia of the sport.

Each Way-Bets

When it comes to actually place bets, then you should always consider each-way bets. This is the same format as used in horse racing. Essentially, this means that you place two bets on the same dog. One of those is for the dog to win and the other half is for the dog to place. The placing of the greyhound is based on the number of other runners. Now if your dog wins the race, then each part of your each-way bet wins. The great thing about each-way bet is that they allow you to spread your risk. This can only serve to increase your jackpot winning chances.

greyhound racing

Best Greyhound Racing Bookmakers

A quick internet search will reveal literally hundreds of online bookmakers who take bets in greyhound racing. But that doesn’t mean that all of them are going to be a great fit for the sport. Here, we suggest that you look for a greyhound racing bookmaker who is more specialised in this sport. One of the first things you should look out for is the value odds. This will make a huge impact on the profits you are able to take when you win a bet. In fact, we should say it’s one of the most important considerations. One of the best greyhound racing bookmakers is 22Bet Sportsbook. They offer excellent odds and have all races live-streamed for your added convenience and excitement.

Look For Live Streaming For Greyhound Racing

At first glance, it appears that most online sportsbooks will offer almost the same odds today. Nevertheless, if you do some homework and look hard you can always find extra value.  There are some websites that aggregate the odds and so you are able to choose quickly and efficiently. Another important factor is that your ideal bookmaker should Livestream the greyhound races as they take place. This is because greyhound racing is not a sport that is commonly broadcast on television. Being able to watch the event live, knowing that you have money resting on one of the dogs, is something that elevates the sport to an immersive and exciting experience. And will also help you to win the jackpot online.

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