Las Vegas strip
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Things to Avoid on the Las Vegas Strip

Apart from bringing gamblers from all over the US, the Las Vegas strip is a popular tourist destination for everyone. Being home to more casinos to win the jackpot than anywhere else on the planet, means that gamblers are naturally drawn to the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re visiting for the purposes of gambling, or just as to see the sights, then you’ll still find that the city has plenty to offer.

But as with many cities which are dedicated to tourism, there’s always going to be an underbelly of less than savory characters waiting to take advantage of the new folks in town. To ensure that your trip is hassle-free, we’ve compiled a list of things you should avoid when visiting Las Vegas.

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Don’t Fall for a Scam

It’s unfortunate that we have to list this one first. The trouble is that where ever there is tourist, then there is a legion of con artist waiting in the wings to fleece them. On the whole, the city is pretty family-friendly. But as with all cities in the US, there are some areas that we recommend you don’t venture into. Even if you stick with the Las Vegas strip, you’ll still be pestered by any number of vendors, street photographers, and hard-nosed salespeople. And all trying to push some product or another onto you. If you happen to stop by the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, you’ll immediately be surrounded by photographers who will bug you for a photo or two.

Yes, we know that many of these people are just trying to make a living. But among them, there will be a contingent of scumbags who are determined to ruin everyone’s day. Super pushy and very rude and insulting when you decline their services. Then there are the club promoters who offer tourist worthless but expensive VIP passes for trips that the tourist could easily make themselves.

The Las Vegas Strip: Blowing Your Budget on a Hotel

A quick glance up and down the Las Vegas strip and you’ll see literally ten’s of high-class hotels, often belonging to well-known hotel chains. While these hotel rooms are going to be pretty luxurious, maybe it’s a good idea to look for accommodation slightly back and away from the expensive strip. Though luxury room prices offer a huge number of extras, the price point might not be worth it, more especially if you don’t have the funds to partake in these hotel and spa offers.

Las Vegas strip
Hotels are super expensive in this quarter

Whether you’re on holiday with the family, or you’ve come to Vegas to gamble, your money will go further if you seek out the middle tier hotels. Though the Las Vegas strip does have it’s peak seasons, on the whole, it remains a year-round destination. This means that hotel prices don’t fluctuate as much as many people believe. It’s just another myth that the city is somehow more expensive than any other US city destination. Booking a middle-tier hotel will not only be a considerable saving over those luxury palaces on the strip, but you will be pleasantly surprised as to what good value they really are. At the end of the day, you’re visiting as a tourist to play jackpot games and will not be spending the time in your hotel room.

Trying to Visit Every Casino

If you are a gambler who’s visiting Sin City for the first time, then there can be a pressure to visit as many casinos as possible. But this is a basic mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Essentially, you want to find a casino that will work for you. The reality is that Vegas has too many casinos and you can’t possibly see or play in them all over the course of a month, let alone a short long weekend holiday. Before visiting, you should make a list of possible casinos where you might fancy playing. One reason for this is that the Las Vegas strip isn’t as small as photos might lead you to believe.

Overpaying for Entertainment

There’s so much to see and do, that you have no exclude to overpay for anything. Nearly all tourist destinations will feature intense competition between tourism companies. This is the perfect opportunity to get the price down. Remember that whatever type of entertainment you’re after, there’s always going to be one that’s cheaper. Many tourists have been conditioned to think that more expensive equals better quality. Maybe most entertainment is worth the price of admission. But you’ll find plenty of options for something more spontaneous, by simply walking down the strip in the evening.

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The Las Vegas Strip: Blackjack Tables

If you’re a hardcore blackjack nut who’s looking to park themselves at a blackjack table and then play jackpot winning strategies to their heart’s content, then this is for you. If you’re looking for cheaper tables where the minimum bet is, say, $5, then you’re going to struggle to find anything that low as you walk the streets. You really should do some research before setting foot in the city. These cheaper tables do exist. Though admittedly, not many of them will be found. Maybe you’re in luck and score a table. But don’t sit down just yet!

That’s because the table is fixing on you being an inexperienced amateur. And that’s because the table only pays out at 6:5. This translates to you getting paid $6 for every $5 you bet. Provided that you score a blackjack of course. Now most tables will payout at 3:2. This means that you’ll bet $3 for every $2 you wager. So keep your wits about you when looking for cheaper blackjack tables. As we pointed out at the very beginning of this article, Las Vegas is a scam town.

Las Vegas strip
Blackjack is the heart of Vegas

Don’t Walk Everywhere

When you see a photo of the Las Vegas Strip, everything appears to be within easy walking distance of each other. But it’s a photographic trick. The perspective has been compressed by a longer focal length lens. So you’re going to be in for quite a shock if you imagine that you can easily walk everywhere. You’d imagine that we would encourage walking. In particular in view of the fact that so many visitors are chronically overweight. But there’s walking and then there’s walking. Under a scorching Summer sun, no one in their right mind should be walking anywhere. Remember that Nevada is actually a dessert.

We suggest that you order an Uber for getting around. It’s fast and cheap and will drop you off at the front door. Before you come to the city, you should allow yourself to budget for local transportation.

Conclusion: Things to Avoid on the Las Vegas Strip

Whether you’re a big fan of gambling at the jackpot slots or just a tourist, the Las Vegas strip has enough and more besides to offer even the most particular of tastes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how little hotels can cost, along with very good rates on travel as well. But as with a touristic trip anywhere, it always pays to do some research before you set off. Just be aware that in Vegas, there are many “tourist traps” which are cleverly designed to get your money off you. It’s a sad side effect of the city life that it’s so blatantly in your face for so much of the time.

When you book your first trip, we recommend that you stay well clear of any of the luxury resorts. It really might feel sumptuous, but as you’re only going to be sleeping in the room, then why not pay for something cheaper. Providing that it’s clean, then what more do you want? Once you’re on the street, don’t try and hit all the casinos at once. Rather, shop around before you visit. It’ll give you the chance to whittle down the number of gambling casino options.

And finally, remember that the city is bigger than it looks. If you do decide to walk everywhere, then please bring along a pair of sturdy walking shoes.

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