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Introduction; Ways Casinos Take Advantage of Inexperienced Gamblers

Do you remember the very first time you all entered a casino, as typical inexperienced gamblers? The sights and the sounds? The smells and the ambiance? The sheer number of people playing at all those machines and sitting around games tables. The buzz of artificial lights and the legs of the cocktail waitresses? Yes, we’re sure that your first visit was certainly memorable. The feeling you had then, was the result of a huge amount of thought and effort in order for you to feel that way. Your feelings were is a direct product of casino management’s work.

In some ways, the casino is out to trick you with hypnosis. They want you to be transfixed on so many different things, that you’ll forget that you’re actually spending money. Until it’s all gone! Only then will you snap out of your trance and realize that it’s time to go home. Here are some ways that casinos take advantage of the inexperienced gambler.

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Casinos Overstimulate Gamblers

One way of viewing the way casinos sell themselves to potential customers is by looking at them as a form of the theme park. Think about it…there are casinos in Las Vegas with their own roller-coaster INSIDE the casino itself. There are any number of expensive and expansive shows with huge stars being paid equally huge sums of money to bring their own entertainment. In fact, in many casinos, there’s the same feeling you might get from visiting a fairground. Lots of flashing lights, loud music, and glamorous waiting staff and croupiers.

Even with all these distractions constantly stimulating all your senses, they even include your regular TV channels playing on a huge screen a few meters from your face. It’s as if the casinos are doing everything possible to manufacture a feeling of happiness. Obviously, the hope is that a happy gambler will gamble more. If there’s something in this environment that captures some of his senses in a positive manner, then he’ll stay longer. If your a new bettor or an inexperienced gambler, it’s important not to be to distracted by all this fluff. It’s so easy to lose excess amounts of cash or gamble money that you never planned on gambling, simply because you’ve been lulled into a trance-like state, oblivious to time.

inexperienced gamblers
Don’t let them trick you! – Image source: Flickr

Inexperienced Gamblers: Offer Free Alcohol

For the casino, this is a total win/win. Now it’s easy for customers to think that free drinks are a wonderful perk. But nothing in the casino is a gift. As they say, if you’re not paying, then the product is you! The thing is, in reality, you are paying. You’re paying for everything you see, hear, and taste. It all comes out of your losses. Yes, the casino could be seen as offering quality service and demonstrating customer hospitality. But that’s not the truth of it. For a start, what are the effects of alcohol? Exactly, they dull the senses. Your state of mind has become something they can toy with.

As you know, by playing a perfect strategy, you can beat the odds and the house edge to emerge as a winner. But it takes concentration and will power. Two things that alcohol will certainly dull. As you become tipsier and tipsier, the more your decision-making capabilities will fly out the window. It’s amazing how quickly those waitresses return with a new fresh drink. But that’s not by accident. Remember that you’re the “mark” in this situation. Their job is to squeeze every last penny from you. For brand new inexperienced gamblers, it’s so easy to be seduced by this. You’re not aware that you’re the one being played. It’s a sad situation to see a drunk gambler complaining that all the money is spent as security escorts him off the premises. Don’t be that guy!

They Create an Oasis Where Time Doesn’t Exist

It’s an interesting fact, that when the police want to “break” an accused person, they simply throw him into solitary confinement. With the lights on 24 hours a day and no windows or wristwatch to tell the time, it’s easy to become disorientated. Well, casinos use the same trick. You’ll notice that there are no windows and no clocks. No where is there any means of knowing the real current time? And that’s for a reason. With all the other distractions going on, plus the drinks and the games, you’ll quickly lose all sense of time passing. What was meant to be a few hands of poker before dinner, ends up being an all-nighter, with you emerging bleary-eyed into the dawn.

We always insist that when you visit the casino you remember to wear a wristwatch. This might seem kinda quaint, but the casino doesn’t let you check your phones at the games tables. You see….everything is controlled for their own benefit. You’ll be knocked out at just how fast time can fly at the casino. If the gaming action is fast-paced, it’s easy to get caught up in the action and completely forget about the passing of time. Another good idea is to simply stand up every 30 minutes or so. Not only will this e good for your posture, but it’ll snap you back to reality and you can step out of the mental gaming zone and check the time.

inexperienced gamblers
Time is money friend!

Inexperienced Gamblers: There Are ATMs at Every Turn

Well, let’s be honest…why wouldn’t there be ATMs everywhere? It’s a casino for God’s sake! You may enter the casino with a mental limit set on your bankroll. Let’s say $200. That’s all you’re going to spend today. Yeah…that’s what you tell yourself. But within a few badly played hands all that cash is gone. Being a dude with integrity, you’ll say to yourself, oh well, it was good, but now it’s time to go home. Good for you we say! But on your way out you’ll pass a bazillion ATM’s all advertising the convenience of withdrawing some funds and continuing the action. Not only are casino encouraging you to overspend, but you should see the withdrawal fees they charge for you using these ATMs. It will make your eyes water.

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Slot Machines Dominate the Floor Space

By far the highest-grossing games for the casino business are the slot machines. In fact, the moment you enter, you’ll be faced with rows upon rows of these brightly lit, flashing, and noisy machines. We aren’t so fond of slot machines simply because we find them both boring and anti-social. You’ll also notice all the people sat on a stool in front of each slot. And that’s the main problem….once you plant yourself in front of one, it’s insanely difficult to move on to something else.

Of course, these machines are designed to use visual and auditory stimulation in order to keep you playing. It’s the old lizard brain risk/reward system in play. These machines use sounds and lights to keep you thinking that you’re won or are on the point of winning. They will make the best jackpot offers. Even if you can manage to steal yourself away from one machine, you’re still faced with hundreds more, all calling for your individual attention. You’ll notice that casinos situate these slot machines around the entrance and exits, hoping to draw you in when you arrive, and then keep you there when you want to leave.

Casinos Are Built Like Playgrounds for Adults

As we mentioned previously, all casinos are designed to appeal to the inner child. They are filled with entertainment, restaurants, bars, and TVs. That’s why the first time gambler, or the inexperienced player, will find them so inviting and breathtaking. If you love gambling, then it’s as if the perfect environment has been manufactured just for your benefit. But it’s important that you realize that the casino’s nothing more than a business and is designed solely to part you from your hard-earned cash. Remember that every single game has a house edge. That’s not there by accident. It’s important to remain aware of the business aspect of the establishment, lest you get too carried away and lose all your bankroll.

inexperienced gamblers
The playground of the night is the casino – Image source: Flickr

Inexperienced Gamblers: It’s Always Easier to Keep Playing

One of the main problems for inexperienced gamblers is knowing when enough is enough. As the games are being played continuously 24/7, it means that the gambling never ends. There’s no break or downtime when you can step back and snap back to reality. No way, casinos are designed to keep you playing until the funds have run dry. That’s why it’s very important for a beginner to set a limit before they enter the casino. And stick to it. And this is even more important when you happen to be winning. That’s because everything that’s going on in front and around you, is designed to make you stay until all those winnings have gone back to the casino. Don’t be that guy who overstays and ends up walking home.

Conclusion: Ways Casinos Take Advantage of Inexperienced Gamblers

At their heart all casinos are businesses. They are looking for ways to maximize their profits. Having said that, they are a ton of fun and if you’re a gambler, they are as close to gambling heaven you’re even gonna get. Part and parcel of making a profit means that they use all sorts of “tricks” to fool the inexperienced into spending both more time and more money than you might have planned before you walked in the door. All the decoration, the floor plan layout, those free drinks are all designed to help the business make more profits.

There is any number of visual as well as psychological tricks at play. Be aware of them, but don’t let them spoil your time there. Use your own jackpot winning tips and tricks. Just be sure that when you have decided that you’re going, you really are heading for the door.

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