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Online Betting Offers Explained

Whenever you go in search of online betting, and then you find a new casino site to join, we’re sure one of the very first things you look at is to see what welcome bonuses or new sign-up features might be coming your way. And why not! If these companies are so desperate to get new customers that they promise the earth, and then some, why shouldn’t you take full advantage of this. The thing is that every company seems to have a different offer. Yet they all appear to boil down to the same thing. Those are either free bonuses or extra funds in addition to your original deposit. So let’s have a look at what these offers are. And whether you should be taking advantage of them or running away.

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Online Betting Offers: Free Bets

These are probably the most common offering from online casinos for new customers. In fact, they’re not just for new sign-ups. But they are also used as an incentive for existing customers to load up their deposit accounts and win the jackpot online. The main point with them is that you feel that you can wager without any risk. After all, it’s someone else’s money that you’re betting with. But it really doesn’t matter how you came to receive this extra bonus, whether as a new customer or as a reward for your regular online betting activity. Because these funds provide a great building block to get your toe in the water, betting wise, so to speak.

One thing you should keep an eye out for with free bets is that they will all come with some conditions. Yes, it might be called a “free bet” for marketing purposes, and it may feel like something is given for nothing. But as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! There will often be some sort of wagering requirement, even on the best casino sites to play. This means you’ll first have to bet up to a specific amount before you’re able to cash out any winnings from your bonus. There may also be minimum odds for the bets that you place. It’s the same story with bonuses. Yeah, it sounds great that you’ll receive a bonus equivalent to your initial deposit. But often the terms and conditions attached to it make it very difficult to play with and/or cash out.

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Be mindful in every cases

In other words, the betting company would ideally like you to cover the cost of your freebie.

Acca Offers

Accumulator bets or Acca’s as they’re known within the betting industry, are very popular forms of online betting. Punters are hoping for a big win at the end of any number of combined wagers. For many punters, it’s all just too frustrating, as if only one of your picks misses, then you can say goodbye to the whole Acca bet. Hence we have “Acca insurance”. More and more bookies are offering a scheme whereby punters get back a portion of their stake if only one bet misses. An example would be a series of bets on, say, five teams in the Premier League for the football jackpot. Because just one team loses over the weekend, you’ll receive either part of your stake back or the whole amount, but as a free bet.

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Then there are the “Acca Boost” or enhanced winnings. With this, the punter can claim additional winnings on their successful multiple bets. Some bookies may offer to boost your bets by as much as 75%. But you will have to place an almost impossible 15 x selection bet. So though there does appear to be a move towards Acca Boosts, the strings attached to it make it very difficult to touch and will not increase your jackpot winning chances.

Online Betting Offers: Extra Places

This relatively new practice sees the bookies paying out for more than the usual placings when each-way bets are placed. Say, for example, they normally payout for the top three placed horses, well, with extra places, they’ll payout for the top five placings. You’ll come across this more and more. It’s now common with motor racing, horse racing, and golf. These extra places have had a huge impact on many sports bettor’s strategies, and in turn, this has affected the sports betting industry across the board. But the feeling is that this move will only help attract more punters towards online betting in the long term.

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Early Payout

Because bookies are always on the lookout for new ways of taking punts, the early payout is just one of many new and diverse ways bookmakers can cash in. Essentially, you get a payout when a particular event or series of events happens. Even if they have little to do with the final outcome. An example would be a football match, where the online betting would be for the first team to score 2x goals, irrespective of the end result. These have become very popular bets and are hugely profitable for all sportsbooks.

Conclusion: Online Betting Offers Explained

One thing to keep in mind when you’re visiting a new online casino or sportsbook is to look beyond the offers. Yes, it’s great to receive a bonus equivalent to your deposit or a whole bunch of free bets. But you have to remember that these companies are businesses. They are not in the business of helping you, only of helping their own bottom line. Remember the adage: if something is free, then you’re the product! So make sure that you read the terms and conditions that come with these offers. Many of them have been cleverly designed to make you spend more than you planned to.

This is particularly true with their wagering requirements. Often you’ll need to wager so many times the bonus in order to receive a possible payout IF you happen to win. So our advice is that you should always tread carefully to avoid needlessly throwing your money away.

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