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Introduction: Keep Your Personal Information Safe Gambling Online – 7 Awesome Tips

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of kicking off your shoes, making yourself comfortable on the sofa, and then opening your favorite online casino with your tablet or phone, ready to play your favorite jackpot games. At some point, you’re going to be needing to send some personal information in order to transfer funds into your casino account. And it’s at this moment, the fun stops and you need to be serious. That’s because the safety and security of both your funds and your personal information are about to go on the web.

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And you might be surprised as to how many people are waiting for that personal information to take a less than secure path so that they can access it for themselves. Provided that you take some pretty basic steps, then there’s no need for any of this personal information to end up in the wrong hands. But you’ll need to stop thinking about playing casino games for a moment and concentrate on getting all your financial ducks in order.

We suggest that you have a dedicated account, just for the purposes of internet gambling, which covers your bankroll. This way, if there is any form of a data breach, it will only affect that one account. Of course, we don’t want you to think that there’s a criminal lurking behind every internet browser. There’s no need to be paranoid. Most people are not out to get you. But there is always a small contingent who wants the world to burn, and it’s these types who we have to be wary of.

So, whether your game of choice is poker or blackjack, or you love playing the online slots, here are seven ways that you can make yourself more secure when it comes to sharing your banking and personal information.

Keep Personal Information Safe: Play exclusively at licensed casinos

This is a no-brainer. When you scroll down the casino’s front page, you’ll see a link to their license at the bottom of the page. For an online casino to obtain a license takes a lot of work. They will need to demonstrate to the gambling authority that they are absolutely reputable and upstanding in all technical and legal aspects. And this includes have the most up-to-date security features. If you notice the license comes from the UK Gambling Commission, then that’s considered to be the creme de la creme for all casino licenses.  One of our favorite casino sites, Bet365 Casino has four licenses, including one from the UK.

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All licensed casinos are obliged to implement top-level security with regards to both your personal information and banking details. They will have the latest encryption technology in place meaning that third parties cannot snoop on the traffic going between yourself and your casino of choice. We suggest that you do some research about the types of licenses which come from various locations around the world. Though some have much tougher hurdles for the casino to jump, any licensed casino is still a thousand times better than an unlicensed one. Playing at a licensed casino will increase your jackpot winning chances.

Carefully consider your login credentials

Again, this sounds obvious. But you might be shocked by the number of people whose username and password combination are simple “1,2,3,4,5” and “a,b,c,d,e.” Don’t make the basic mistake of thinking that your username/password combination has no importance. There are many programs that can easily break a basic password in seconds. You have the opportunity to use upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks. So mix them up! The username isn’t the important one here, as that’ll be displayed anyways. However, having a super-strong password is essential. Also, don’t use any of your personal information, like date of birth, as this will make hacking you even easier.

It’s a good idea to constantly change your password at regular intervals. Oh…and never, ever, write down your password. These pieces of paper, notebooks, or whatever you wrote it down on, always have a habit of going missing. You have to concentrate and commit it to memory. Though this isn’t any jackpot winning tips or tricks, it will help you stay safe.

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Keep Personal Information Safe: Be wary of prying eyes

In the same way, you use your body to shield the input pad when you’re using the ATM at the bank, then you need to be equally vigilant when it comes to input your details into the login page of the online casino’s website. Make sure that there’s one around who might be able to catch a glimpse of your login information. One of the main reasons we will advise against writing down your login credentials is because you’re going to take out this written personal information, the next time you log in, and other people could well read it.

This is especially true when you’re out and about. If you happen to be in the coffee shop, then any customer could watch you log in, watch exactly what you enter, and then replicate it at a later time. Remember that we’re talking about your finances along with your personal information, so it’s not something light and of no consequence.

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Avoid public internet connections

For most internet users, wi-fi is simply wi-fi, and when used in public is a great convenience. And though all those things might very well be true, not all internet security, something that you can’t see, is the same across all networks. On the whole, many public networks are totally un-secured. This means that someone could easily take a look at the router logs and see your username and password. using an unsecured network is just begging for trouble. In fact, anyone else on the same network could easily monitor your every action on your portable device.

Every hacker worth their salt knows that open networks are a great starting point when it comes to going on a fishing expedition. It’s just so easy to call up people’s personal information this way. To that end, we strongly suggest that you avoid using any login’s whilst in a public place. On another point, always ensure that the Bluetooth is turned off. Otherwise, someone sitting close to you could have access to your device with a simple Bluetooth connection. This happens a lot more than most people realize.

Keep Personal Information Safe: Using the right payment methods

Providing that the casino you’re going to be paying into has a solid license, then you should have no fears when it comes to making your online deposits into your casino account. Nevertheless, there are payment methods that are inherently safer than others. For example, paying with crypto-currencies is probably the safest method as they are absolutely anonymous. Then we have the various E-Wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Probably the least safe, and one you want to avoid due to the time taken for the transaction to take place, and that’s the good old-fashioned bank transfer.

Most online casinos will offer a huge number of depositing options. We suggest that you stick with the tried and tested methods. many will come with insurance, that should your personal information fall into the wrong hands, leading to a loss of funds, then you’re covered and can get your monies returned. With our recommended site, Bet365 Casino, they have every depositing method known under the sun. Coupled with a generous welcome bonus and free spins, they make a great first choice for any gambler.

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Keep an eye on your accounts

More often than not, many customers don’t notice something is amiss with their accounts until much later after the event. That’s because criminals are not stupid. They never will empty an account, but rather skim off the top, taking small amounts in the hope that most punters will not notice. And, most of the time it works very well indeed. So make a habit of scrutinizing your online accounts on a regular basis. This will allow you to spot any strange or unaccounted for activity as quickly as possible. If you don’t understand some charges to your account, then contact customer support straight away.

Keep Personal Information Safe: Use VPNs with caution

Many people swear by the use of VPNs to keep them safe on the internet as they search for how to win the jackpot online. But when it comes to online gambling, they might not be your friend. There are a couple of reasons why we cannot recommend them. The first is that many VPNs are not secure in themselves. This means that the companies running them can access all the data running through their system, including your personal information. Yes, we know that some of the better VPNs will have better security in place, but any third party between you and your casino account should be treated with caution.

As we all know, not all gambling is allowed in all parts of the globe. To that end, many people look towards VPNs to hide their true location, thus allowing them to join an online casino and have a flutter. But this behavior could end up costing you dearly. For a start, nearly all online casinos forbid the use of VPNs to hide your true location. It’s written in the terms of service, and if you contravene these rules, then expect to face the ban hammer, and lose all your deposited funds in the process.

On another related point, be wary of playing in countries where gambling is forbidden. The police go to great lengths to detect users using all the latest technology. They are constantly scanning for the use of VPNs. So we suggest that if there’s no gambling allowed in the country your visiting, that you simply follow the law and refrain from gambling. Easy.