Playing Slot Machines
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Why Do Slots Take Your Money So Quickly?

There’s no other game in the casino that can drain all your hard-earned cash faster than a slot machine. here are some reasons as to why slots are a lot riskier than other forms of gambling.

Playing Slot Machines: Fast Play Rate

If you take a seat at the blackjack table, you are lucky to play more than 100 hands in each hour. Also, this game gives you the least exposure to the house edge. But you can put an awful lot of coinage into a slot machine in the space of an hour. We reckon that anyone could easily perform around 500 spins within an hour. Yes, of course, that’s down to the individual player. You could slow down and thus conserve some of that bankroll. but it’s just boring waiting between spins.

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Low Hit Frequency

The “Hit Frequency” is how often a slot machine will hit a prize. Now baccarat, poker, and European roulette offer some of the highest hit frequencies. These games also pay even money. So the casino can afford to have you win more at these types of games. Slot machines offer a huge variance in the scale of prizes on offer. Winning a progressive jackpot can amount to over seven figures of cash. Because the casino makes this offer of bigger jackpots, then it’s of no surprise that they lower the hit frequency a lot.


The Return To Player (RTP) from a slot machine is much lower than you might find on other casino games. This is most prevalent in bricks and mortar casinos. For example, land-based penny slots offer an RTP of between 88% – 91%. Single dollar games only pay up to 95% at most. Most online slots have an RTP value of around 96%. For comparison, baccarat has an RTP of 98.94%, craps 98.64%, blackjack 99.5% and finally European Roulette 97.3%.

Playing Slot Machines
Roulette has a quite high RTP

So knowing all of this, how on earth do casinos convince players to constantly return to the slot machine. let’s have a look at the tricks they use.

Playing Slot Machines: Exciting Features

Going back a few years and slot machines were pretty boring in their design. fast forwards to today and you’ll be able to find all sorts of bonus features such as infinity reels and unlimited win multipliers. By offering more juicy bonuses, the casino is encouraging you to play more, whilst at the same time ensuring that you’re having a great time.

Big Jackpots

It was back in the 1990s that some casinos started to roll out those massive progressive jackpots. The same prizes are still on offer today. For example, IGT’s MegaBucks has paid out $39.7 million in a 2003 jackpot. In 2018, Microgaming gave away $21 million. Just keep in mind that these types of prizes are the exception as opposed to the rule.

Losses Disguised As Wins

This is entering the realms of psychological games. Losses disguised As Wins (LDW’s) are a pretty nefarious means by which to keep you hitting the slots spin button. An LDW is when you get a prize worth less than the money you spent in order to get in the first place. So you might bet $1 and only win back $0.25. If you actually turned on your lazy brain you’d realize that equals a 75% loss. But the game developers have the machine behave like those you’re a real winner, with sounds and flashing lights to distract you from your real loss. LDW’s are there in order to separate you from reality.

Video Game Style Graphics

Probably the biggest change in slots technology over the past 10 years has been the development of computer graphics on these machines. These days no one wants to play on an old and boring slot machine with just 3 reels and not much more. Slot machine producers are largely allied to the efforts of game designers. So coming to a slot machine after playing Fortnight or Call of Duty, you’ll be expecting the same sort of feel to the graphics. As an added attraction the programmers also include an in-depth story to go along with the slot game.

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What Are the Benefits of Slots?

Well, having read through the above, you have to wonder as to where the benefit lies with playing slot machines. let’s make another list….

Playing Slot Machines
Slots can be real fun

Playing Slot Machines: Sheer Entertainment

Thanks to technological innovations, playing slot machines is an all-encompassing experience these days. With those fantastic graphics and sound design, it’s no surprise that we gravitate towards them in the casino.

Easy to Get Into

There’s no need to learn anything or read an instruction manual before starting to play. Just put your money in and you’re good to go. There can be more bonus features, but the instructions for these and their workings will always be clearly displayed on the screen in front of the player. So there’s absolutely no time wasted before you start to play.

Playing Slot Machines: Chance to Win Big

To be frank, the odds are really high as to the chances of winning one of the big life-altering prizes. But, that’s all part and parcel of keeping the dream alive, and in doing so, keeping you spinning those reels. Right now, there are 7 online slots offering seven-figure jackpots. And you don’t even need to find specific jackpot slots machines in order to win big.

Earn Bonuses & VIP Rewards

If you’re playing at the casino, then you’ll be entitled to the various comps and bonuses that are given out to regular players. You’ll get these both at land-based casinos and online as well. But remember that they are based on how much you’re playing (read that as losing). So don’t go expecting a free 5 start hotel suite after you’ve only spent $20 on a slot. Obviously, if you’re a high roller with pots of (normally someone else’s) cash to burn, then they’ll be a big competition for your patronage between the different casinos in that area. So you can expect even bigger rewards and much more generous comps.

Do the Good Outweigh the Bad with Slot Machines?

So, as you can see, there’s both good and bad about playing at the slot machines. So, no, you’re not an idiot for playing. But you are if you’re spending more than you have. If the rent money and the kids’ school fees are going into a slot machine, then it’s time to stop gambling altogether and go home. Every gambler should have in place a method for dealing with their bankroll. In fact, bankroll management is the number one skill you’ll be needing to gamble and have a good time doing so. We suggest that you predetermine the amount you’re willing to spend before you set foot into a casino.

Also, keep in mind that the whole building and everything within it is designed to get you to part from your money. Ever offer, every interaction has but one purpose. But now you know them, you certainly don’t have to fall for their tricks. If you’re going to play the slots machines, Just be aware that the lower RTP, coupled with a reliance on LDW’s means that you may be losing cash faster than you realize. Still, you can find many excellent slots at the online jackpot sites.

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