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Introduction: Casino Coupons

These offer things like gaming discounts and free spins. But they’re not given away willy-nilly, and you’ll have to do some digging to find them. Let’s have a look at their benefits and here to look for casino coupons. As most gamblers tend to converge on the city of Las Vegas at some point in their gambling journey, we’ll start our search there. Casinos there offer probably the best coupon programs that you’re likely to find anywhere in the US. For the savvy gambler, you can certainly take advantage of these.

Players Clubs

Most casinos will offer what is essentially a “rewards program”. They don’t call it that. It’s simply the “Player’s Club”. There, that sounds much better. More upmarket! The idea is to reward someone who’s spending a discount which normally comes in the form of a freebie. This instills loyalty in the player and hopefully will keep them playing for longer.

Casino Coupons
Some coupons worth a lot

Casinos Want Your Business

People visiting from out of town tend to go to the casino, go for broke and then go home. Though they’re good for business, no casino makes a living from them. The most important customers are the locals, who visit on a regular basis. They keep the light on and so the casino likes to reward them. To that end, just like an online casino, the players club will offer you a welcome bonus. Just like an airline might offer you free air miles for signing up, so it’s the same with casinos. You’ll receive a certain number of rewards points or casino coupons that you can redeem in various ways around the casino.

After signing up, you’ll normally get a single point for every game you play. It the same whether you’re hitting the slots or seated at the games table. After accumulating a number of these points, you can use them for things like free meals, hotel rooms, shows, and more. Players clubs are designed to make the player feel more like a super-star. It’s a different scenario than having the pit boss come over while you’re playing. If you become a regular at a certain casino, you can view the players club as a kind of VIP service. Once in, you can then ask for comps, and because you’re already a players club member, the casino will do whatever it can to keep you happy.

Most of the major casinos will have a players club. Go ahead and sign up. You’ll receive unique bonuses and comps. A great idea is to find out of town casinos, sign up and then play those bonuses as fast as you can.

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Casino Coupons: LVA Membership

The Las Vegas Advisor gives out fantastic offers in the form of casino coupons when you become a member and sign up for their Member Rewards Book. Everything from rides, buffets, shows, and gaming bonuses, it offers it all. The actual sign up fee is a paltry $40 which you’ll earn back in no time at all. But the real value is not in the dining or entertainment offer. You’ll find this in the gambling bonuses, with their free plays and match plays. For some of these you’ll still be needing to join the casino’s players club….but it’s just a simple form to fill out.

The difference between the two types of offers is that free play allows you to hit up various games or slots for free for a set time limit. Matchplay casino coupons work in a similar fashion except you need to present the coupon to any table you fancy playing at. The big negative about match play coupons is that they get used up whether you win or lose.

Casino Coupons: More Than Just Gaming

Though we’ve tended to focus on casinos, Las Vegas understands that often, it’s a trip for the whole family. And whilst dad is throwing away the kid’s inheritance in a slot machine, the wife and kids need to be entertained. And that’s where casino coupons come in handy to save the day. Most activities in a town like Vegas have the prices jacked up. Using coupons can mitigate this and allow them to have a great time without breaking the bank…as dad already doing that!

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For these more family-oriented types of casino coupons then look no further than There you’ll find any number of coupons for things like shows, dining, and nightlife. Also, they cater for things like discounts on shopping, hotels, and spas. Even weddings! In reality, these casino coupons are not for the likes of visitors. Businesses want the average tourist to be paying tourist prices. But for the people actually living in Las Vegas, the city can be very expensive. So these casino coupons are really to help those people by design.

Las Vegas Fun Books

We’re already touched on the casino’s Player’s Clubs, but many also offer a Fun Book. This is often given out along with your Players Club membership, though not always. We suggest that you ask for it. All the major casinos will be giving out these. This is essentially just another book containing casino coupons. There will be some free play tickets as well as the expected discounts from hotels and restaurants. As you’re walking down the strip, you’ll have people thrusting these into your hands for a tip.

casino coupons
A pile of coupons

Discount Cards

One of the drawback with casino coupons is the fact that you need to take them out, search through until you find the right one, and then hand that over. They tend to be pretty random with regard to the activities they cover. So though you might well save some money here and there, you have to put in a bit of effort to make use of them. Discount cards are a completely different kettle of fish. It’s true that you have to sign up for these and that there’s a fee. But then again, the offers are much broader and worth a lot more.

Unlike Players Club coupons, having a discount card is going to grant you cheaper prices all over the city. You might find that there are separate cards for different activities. For example, there might be one type of discount card for rides and attractions and another for restaurants on the strip. If you’re visiting with the whole family, then purchasing a discount card will be a saving in the long run.

Casino Coupons: Conclusion

Las Vegas is expensive. But by carefully utilizing casino coupons and discount cards, you can make the trip without breaking the bank. Even more, with coupons and promotions at the online jackpot sites, you can make a neat profit without taking a sweat.

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